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1) Never insult fallen entrepreneurs
2) Governement debt is worse than private debt because absence of skin in the game

— ThinkerView (@Thinker_View) May 1, 2019

@nntaleb Typos and explained the inequality pic.twitter.com/uMIqGjehWd Permalink 11:20 AM – 15 May 2019

@nntaleb A familiar argument https://twitter.com/noamchomskyt/status/1128700073611792384   Permalink 10:10 AM – 15 May 2019

@nntaleb QUESTION This friend of mine is writing a blurb for Stephen Wolfram. Wolfram is a genius but that’s the least uncommon of his attributes. Are there other successful living scientists who are so fully independent that they do everything on their own terms? Permalink 9:38 AM – 15 May 2019

@nntaleb One possible approach pic.twitter.com/R5xZTiObNY Permalink 5:34 AM – 15 May 2019

@nntaleb MATH RIDDLE DU JOUR. Since my name is on it, I am obligated to solve. pic.twitter.com/EKNkppK3fO Permalink 5:29 AM – 15 May 2019

@nntaleb NUDGE SINISTER: How Behavioral Economics is Dangerous Verbalism. A project that will end up putting Nudgevillain @R_Thaler in his place. Filling in the math progressively. pic.twitter.com/zhJcYOyrZj Permalink 5:16 AM – 15 May 2019

@nntaleb Note that Fleishman Hillard boasts “balancing 80% of interactions on Twitter”, which includes …this feed. pic.twitter.com/aQjr7PkH4w Permalink 4:41 AM – 15 May 2019

@EnlivenmentNow See this thread for details on this clear attempt by French intelligence services to intimidate journalists revealing information about links between France and Saudi Arabia. Seems to follow on intelligence agreement between the 2 countries https://twitter.com/oliviertesquet/status/1128351519907176450   CC: @nntaleb Permalink 4:17 AM – 15 May 2019

@mikeharrisNY Another interview of @nntaleb that must become mandatory course material in business schools. I will write something based on it from past experience about friends that lost nearly everything in previous market turmoil periods while the #IYI look at longer-term charts. $SPX https://twitter.com/nntaleb/status/1128289415871258625   Permalink 12:55 PM – 14 May 2019

@nntaleb It appears that the Nudgevillain Richard Thaler @r_thaler blocked @blackswanman. https://twitter.com/black_swan_man/status/1128296265178124289   Permalink 10:24 AM – 14 May 2019

@black_swan_man #blackswanman #theblackswanman @paulkrugman @R_Thaler #IYIs #expertproblem pic.twitter.com/VifnmTYDeg Permalink 6:49 AM – 14 May 2019

@nntaleb INTERVIEW WITH ERIK SCHATZKER 1) Do not insult fallen entrepreneurs 2) Governement debt is worse than private debt because absence of skin in the game 3) The imperative of tail risk hedging 4) Make money at your job, not in the markets https://youtu.be/4OfnsOT1ys8   Permalink 6:22 AM – 14 May 2019

@nntaleb Fleishman Hillard is under French government investigation in the Monsanto Roundup affair for having a “hit list” of people to discredit and smear. I was on their US list. My response to them. If you work for a lobbying firm, get out. Your job is unethical. pic.twitter.com/KqPdokNfTJ Permalink 5:19 AM – 14 May 2019

@nntaleb Imagine if we locked up warmongers… This is why I am supporting @TulsiGabbard even if I disagree with here socio-economic orientation. Just via negativa: avoidance of war is of yuuuuuuuuuuge benefits. https://twitter.com/EricSchmittNYT/status/1128086354708107264   Permalink 5:11 AM – 14 May 2019

@nntaleb Friends, thanks for the comments. The intro to @spyrosmakrid’s M4 competition is complete. pic.twitter.com/TTDthRXCTd Permalink 5:00 AM – 14 May 2019

@GeertNoels Roundup is harmful for the environment and for your stock price… #monsanto #Bayer #Roundup @nntaleb pic.twitter.com/XCkEYjLsh7 Permalink 3:46 AM – 14 May 2019

@nntaleb Monsanto lost another case. I would love the chance to tear apart their epidemiological claims. pic.twitter.com/1Dml305mLX Permalink 2:19 PM – 13 May 2019

@nntaleb Never complain about people, no matter how justified. Just drive them to complain about you. Permalink 1:33 PM – 13 May 2019

@financequant What can I say but that everyone needs to take this advice seriously. If it makes you uncomfortable or if you can’t seem to accept it, then you must consider that those feelings may arise precisely because you have exposed yourself to unacceptable levels of tail risk. https://twitter.com/nntaleb/status/1127960959576940548   Permalink 1:19 PM – 13 May 2019

@nntaleb https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2019-05-09/taleb-says-fed-should-do-minimum-harm-and-expresses-his-concerns-about-deficits-video   Permalink 8:37 AM – 13 May 2019

@black_swan_man https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2019-05-09/taleb-says-fed-should-do-minimum-harm-and-expresses-his-concerns-about-deficits-video   #blackswanman #theblackswanman @ErikSchatzker @wef #Davos #IYIs ” target=”_blank”>http://pic.twitter.com/Cfv9JnxkLo”>  pic.twitter.com/Cfv9JnxkLo Permalink 6:54 AM – 13 May 2019

@spyrosmakrid Thanks Nassim for your great Introduction. The Special Issue of the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FORECASTING devoted exclusively to the M4 Competition will be available in digital form in the middle of June and in printed form at the end of the summer. @nntaleb https://twitter.com/nntaleb/status/1127912576543875072   Permalink 6:15 AM – 13 May 2019

@nntaleb Intro to @spyrosmakrid M4 competition pic.twitter.com/gdOzYzoCdO Permalink 5:24 AM – 13 May 2019

@MaxAbrahms The US has a history of escalating against adversaries based on pretenses that turned out false. Pay attention to allegations of Iranian belligerence that are short on detail & walked back. This is one of the most critical functions of media it won’t do. https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/12/middleeast/uae-cargo-ship-sabotage-intl/index.html   Permalink 2:41 AM – 13 May 2019

@nntaleb Plus add the ?000,000 dead foreigners… Yet nobody addressed the source of Wahabism that spread AFTER 2001 thanks to the US support across madrassahs. Or Obama’s support to AlQaeda in Syria. Etc., etc. https://twitter.com/johncatsjr/status/1127692084021010434   Permalink 3:00 PM – 12 May 2019

@nntaleb 101 BS THINGS TAUGHT TO STUDENTS, 10 (not 9) Permalink 2:46 PM – 12 May 2019

@nntaleb 101 BS THINGS TAUGHT TO STUDENTS, 9 + That IQ tests measure “intelligence”. They mostly measure 1) obedience, 2) the unintelligence of IQ psychologists/psychometricians. https://medium.com/incerto/iq-is-largely-a-pseudoscientific-swindle-f131c101ba39   Permalink 1:41 PM – 12 May 2019

@nntaleb 101 BS THINGS TAUGHT TO STUDENTS, 9 + That GMO (Genetic Modification) is “scientific”, that it is just “accelerated breeding”. It is scientism & not in the same class as breeding. http://www.fooledbyrandomness.com/PrecautionaryPrinciple.html   Permalink 1:24 PM – 12 May 2019

@nntaleb 101 BS THINGS TAUGHT TO STUDENTS, 8 + That Modern Portfolio Theory (Markowitz) is imperfect. It is not imperfect, it is wrong, in the sense that you are better off not using it than using it. https://www.academia.edu/37221402/STATISTICAL_CONSEQUENCES_OF_FAT_TAILS_TECHNICAL_INCERTO_COLLECTION_   Permalink 1:22 PM – 12 May 2019

@john_f_hamer The opposite of a networker: a person who’s habitually nice to people who won’t be useful to him in the future. Permalink 7:11 AM – 12 May 2019

@nntaleb If you need to post a screenshot to back-up your tweet (or aphorism), you’ve already lost the argument. Permalink 5:01 AM – 12 May 2019

@nntaleb This makes sense! https://twitter.com/fareedzakaria/status/1126163836665511936   Permalink 4:20 PM – 11 May 2019

@jadabdala Heights of Canaan – Ehden under. Ampi, Chekka, Tripolis and the Mediterranean on the horizon. Bcharreh & Qodisha valley on my left. Arados on my right. Baal above. pic.twitter.com/eMPvWa09lt Permalink 8:22 AM – 11 May 2019

@nntaleb Ρωμιός εγώ γεννήθηκα, Ρωμιός θέμα να πεθάνω Permalink 5:12 AM – 11 May 2019

@nntaleb A rebirth of Hellenic identity among the North Syrian/North Lebanon “Rums” (My tribe). pic.twitter.com/HBTe3iGYxy Permalink 5:11 AM – 11 May 2019

@normonics All things considered, wild release GMO poses much vaster uncertainty and therefore risk than does increase of CO2 Not to trivialize the latter, just a reasonable assessment given the additional complexity when the released agents are novel and historyless living organisms Permalink 6:06 PM – 10 May 2019

@nntaleb Weapon makers used to rely on the naturally militaristic right for shilling. They got smarter and figured out it’s more effective to use the so-called “center-left” such as the NYT, CNN, the despicable Thomas Friedman, and the democratic party. Why is why we NEED @TulsiGabbard ! Permalink 2:20 PM – 10 May 2019

@nntaleb Weapon makers used to rely on the naturally militaristic right for shilling. They got smarter and figured out it’s more effective to use the so-called “center-left” such as the NYT, CNN, the despicable Thomas Friedman, and the democratic party. Why is why we NEED @TulsiGabbard ! Permalink 2:20 PM – 10 May 2019

@nntaleb To explain LOCALISM: On August 6, 1806, the Holy Roman Empire was abolished. Goethe noted that day that the people staying in the same inn as him were far more interested in the quarrel between their coachman and the innkeeper than in its demise. #Lindy Permalink 1:13 PM – 10 May 2019

@nntaleb 2-Napoleon wrote (dictated) 10-30 letters a day; he was maximally into micromanagement. While emperor, on the campaign before Austerlitz, he wrote to the governor of Genoa asking him to stop taking his mistress to the opera because of a prostitution record. Yet he did think big! Permalink 11:31 AM – 10 May 2019

@nntaleb This is to express my warm support to @TulsiGabbard as a noble democratic candidate and the bestfor Peace. Only she has the guts to stand up against the sinister militaristic lobby! #Tulsi2020 #SALT2019 https://twitter.com/TulsiGabbard/status/1125746099900141569   Permalink 10:16 AM – 10 May 2019

@nntaleb 2/ while Mandeville, Smith, and complexity theory have shown that a good system is one that, by scale transformation, turns individual vice, biases, and quirks into collective virtue. Permalink 8:15 AM – 10 May 2019

@nntaleb What socialists, academics, neocons, and other idiots share is the belief that it is the intentions, and not so much the results, that matter. Permalink 7:52 AM – 10 May 2019

@nntaleb The Book Jacket Description https://www.academia.edu/37221402/STATISTICAL_CONSEQUENCES_OF_FAT_TAILS_TECHNICAL_INCERTO_COLLECTION_   ” target=”_blank”>http://pic.twitter.com/fjDBYfOvVT”>  pic.twitter.com/fjDBYfOvVT Permalink 6:37 AM – 10 May 2019

@nntaleb J’ai été fiché par Fleishman Hillard. https://twitter.com/20hfrance2/status/1126555600501059584   Permalink 5:25 AM – 10 May 2019

@EconTalker My new animated video on how economists and journalists have distorted the evidence on growth and how it treats the poor and the middle class: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_i8Tq032JQ   Permalink 2:54 PM – 9 May 2019

@nntaleb For every successful entrepreneur you hear about on TV, there are 999 failed one eating canned sardines for dinner. Permalink 10:05 AM – 9 May 2019

@nntaleb 7) Probabilistically risk takers earn LESS than salarypeople, particularly when you consider CEOs as nonrisktakers acroparasites. Permalink 9:35 AM – 9 May 2019

@nntaleb 7) Probabilistically risk takers earn LESS than salarypeople, particularly when you consider CEOs as nonrisktakers acroparasites. Permalink 9:35 AM – 9 May 2019

@nntaleb The Marxisto-Leftophrasts IYIs have lived under the narrative that employees are weak pple exploited by employers. Now we have robots, some made by robots. Why do they complain about the absence of exploitation? Permalink 7:02 AM – 9 May 2019

@nntaleb 6) Socialists managed to drill in people’s heads the illusion that the money that pays for services is ultimately generated in Mars, that the industrial revolution was a British government project, & that … schoolteachers know anything about anything. https://twitter.com/nntaleb/status/1126290004223750144   Permalink 6:09 AM – 9 May 2019

@nntaleb Where did the money come from? Transfers from Mars? We need to find a cure for financial illiteracy. https://twitter.com/sailorupper/status/1126289023478136834   Permalink 5:57 PM – 8 May 2019

@nntaleb 5) Show me how a salaryperson can lose net money. Negative salary? https://twitter.com/CryptoPsyop/status/1126232433467301890   Permalink 4:43 PM – 8 May 2019

@nntaleb 4) With civil servants, what you see is what is there. With entrepreneurs, what you see is the subset of successful ones, not the entire cohort, which includes a huge majority of failures. Yet we need this risk-taking. Permalink 4:37 PM – 8 May 2019

@nntaleb 3) The CEO of the company is not the entrepreneur w/skin in the game, but often some acroparasite actor milking the system. Permalink 4:03 PM – 8 May 2019

@nntaleb 2) And remember that it is risk takers and the mechanism of risk-taking that pulled more than a billion people out of poverty, not the design of some NGOer, civil servant, or some other acroparasite on a steady salary. Gabish? Permalink 3:03 PM – 8 May 2019

@nntaleb A short quiz in memory of Alexander Bogomolny @SvetlanaBogom13 pic.twitter.com/L3XCdurmq5 Permalink 2:46 PM – 8 May 2019

@nntaleb If there were no entrepreneurs and risk takers … (I am getting idiots commenting on salaries without thinking in higher order terms.) Permalink 1:58 PM – 8 May 2019

@nntaleb ATTENTION SALARYPEOPLE Next Friday when your guaranteed monthly paycheck is deposited, take a moment of gratitude for the entrepreneurs who took the risks so you get this risk-free income. Shaming an risk-taker for losing money is like shaming a soldier for losing a limb. Permalink 1:31 PM – 8 May 2019

@black_swan_man #blackswanman #theblackswanman @RayDalio #OceanX #allweather #riskparity #riskyparity pic.twitter.com/r7BZUNiWVY Permalink 12:09 PM – 8 May 2019

@nntaleb You don’t show on your tax return the losses of others. [Should I lose patience with NYT-induced financial illiteracy? ] https://twitter.com/aledussaillant/status/1126182246459875330   Permalink 11:06 AM – 8 May 2019

@PaulMMCooper Breathtaking aerial photography of the Roman ruins of Baalbek in Lebanon, by @rami_rizk. pic.twitter.com/LarhOPXaaK Permalink 7:58 AM – 7 May 2019

@nntaleb This is to show @spyrosmakrid How someone’s small miscalibration in probability translate into miscalibration in forecasting the corresponding deviation. Something Phil-the-Rat Tetlock @Ptetlock has been trying to hide. pic.twitter.com/TiMcN77qpk Permalink 6:00 AM – 7 May 2019

@nntaleb Medicine is for the very ill, never the healthy. In #Antifragile, there is the assertion that there has been practically NOTHING made by humans to “improve” on nature or help with shortcuts that did not end up harming with UNSEEN side effects. #HiddenRisk https://twitter.com/yaneerbaryam/status/1125725279090032640   Permalink 4:37 AM – 7 May 2019

@nntaleb In Antifragile… https://twitter.com/ryanpflynn/status/1125647039365148672   Permalink 4:11 AM – 7 May 2019

@nntaleb Getting close to finishing my paper for the very patient @spyrosmakrid showing why the “prediction” and “superforecaster” theories (@PTetlock-style) business is BS (but in polite words). https://www.academia.edu/38962327/On_the_Difference_between_Forecasting_and_Real_Life_Payoffs   ” target=”_blank”>http://pic.twitter.com/CNxSLCc0tI”>  pic.twitter.com/CNxSLCc0tI Permalink 3:48 AM – 7 May 2019

@trishankkarthik .@nntaleb recommends buying six copies of this book, just in case you need to bribe someone https://www.amazon.com/Elements-Information-Theory-Telecommunications-Processing/dp/0471241954   Permalink 3:07 PM – 6 May 2019

@nntaleb Today is my 14th and last lecktshur for 2019. Back next Feb. pic.twitter.com/aTUb9ksEpu Permalink 1:08 PM – 6 May 2019

@NonMeek Today’s #Offshorecomic is yet again about #IQ for this I put the blame on @nntaleb, who sparked off my current “obsession” This strip was also inspired by @normonics and @paulportesi [defining intelligence, 1 of 2] For more visit http://www.offshorecomic.com   ” target=”_blank”>http://pic.twitter.com/SjgFWfuMFb”>  pic.twitter.com/SjgFWfuMFb Permalink 11:03 AM – 6 May 2019

@GregorySMcMurry People used to accept this up until recently https://twitter.com/TalebWisdom/status/1125301469488517120   Permalink 7:22 AM – 6 May 2019

@antifragi7 If you wanna learn more about this idiotic fragilista read @nntaleb ‘s Antifragile. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antifragile   https://twitter.com/TheBlock__/status/1125370104521330688   Permalink 6:47 AM – 6 May 2019

@nntaleb If you let people think that you’re a total a**hole, you’ll never have to be one. Permalink 4:14 AM – 6 May 2019

@nntaleb BYZANTINE REAL HISTORY: Debunking Myths about the Arab Invasion of the Levant https://www.facebook.com/ByzantineRealHistory/posts/835964876782564?__xts__[0]=68.ARCSTgFrFlpkQnvfzyoA6NGRetEXm_bbubp_ihAOyIpmLEBW_k3Y2OqmIXhLckOhy6gvNxJUEqtX7skC75VjIs6fsTsDSjShkxtkvWzn4BEg8kSAAzXs_oYORlvY9GdBNZQnjxQP-9Imzm5faVzED474SEjhpkgltYPhRom4_rkHctURNVWJg8KAo-xERehaaZrZfisnzirgxdKLE4nzXpKLEDPa0ALUeyJQItAXJVGF19PduJ7hIsmj9rR4cYbg89KpIHi7IC2h6qOIHbFQbp9P49w1GN04ukvSIjMIBSEmNGNIiPq-GKZ_MfVSlGOiLb7shVuiEtR4UyaVWCuKA0o&__tn__=-R   Permalink 2:55 PM – 5 May 2019

@nntaleb https://twitter.com/horrdorr/status/1125116447305265152   Permalink 12:22 PM – 5 May 2019

@nntaleb 2/ It is much easier for a criminal to fake being an honest person than for an honest person to fake being a criminal. Likewise it is easier for a fat-tailed distribution to fake being thin tailed than for a thin-tailed distributions to fake being fat tailed. Permalink 10:29 AM – 5 May 2019

@nntaleb EXCELLENT QUESTION FROM A READER pic.twitter.com/lECfkVeABM Permalink 10:25 AM – 5 May 2019

@_benoux_ Nice! Κρατοπαράσιτον. Κρατοπαρασιτικόν. Κρατοπαρασιτικός. Looks so natural it feels it already exists in greek. Permalink 9:55 AM – 5 May 2019

@AnarContrarian “The story of the nation-State is that of the concentration and magnification of human errors. Modernity starts with the state monopoly on violence, and ends with the state’s monopoly on fiscal irresponsibility” -@nntaleb Permalink 9:37 AM – 5 May 2019

@nntaleb Fundamentally, the word shd be about parasites without #skininthegame Permalink 8:53 AM – 5 May 2019

@nntaleb Which is why tipping is dynamic not static! https://twitter.com/vergilden/status/1124765420106473472   Permalink 8:39 AM – 5 May 2019

@nntaleb OK, July 30: Incerto Box Set https://www.amazon.com/dp/198481981X/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_U_x_H6VZCb19XZK37   via @amazon Permalink 8:18 AM – 5 May 2019

@nntaleb Parasitism is the clearest @JoshHochschild. We can alter it or find synonyms. We need @_benoux_’s Hellenicism. Permalink 5:29 AM – 5 May 2019

@bpaf was thinking about that passage the other day as it extends in the prophetic footnote cfr https://twitter.com/nntaleb/status/1114184010551496705   ” target=”_blank”>http://pic.twitter.com/Y10aJgH6Cm”>  pic.twitter.com/Y10aJgH6Cm Permalink 5:24 AM – 5 May 2019

@nntaleb We need a Graeco-Roman sounding name for “rent seeking” and “rent seekers”; something that one does not have to translate into French as “rent seeking” can be ambiguous. https://twitter.com/nntaleb/status/1014119297835257857?s=21   Permalink 4:51 AM – 5 May 2019

@nntaleb 2/2 Being hated by the rentseeker is equivalent to being loved by the righteous. (A confirmation (here @WGoetzmann) I am doing something right.) pic.twitter.com/xukzi93vi0 Permalink 12:49 PM – 4 May 2019

@nntaleb Actually, I can be mean. Very mean. With some. But angry? Rarely. 1/2 https://twitter.com/ryanstephens/status/1124740868488015874   Permalink 12:44 PM – 4 May 2019

@jstarklefkowitz “In the classroom the ruler measures the table in the real world the table measures the ruler”. Sans skin in the game, critics opinions only tell you about the critics themselves never about the thing they are criticizing. Permalink 11:50 AM – 4 May 2019

@nntaleb NAPOLEON THREAD, seen w/modern eyes. 1-Napoleon & the English talked past one another. Napoleon liked glory, administration, image, ideas, top-down nations, top-down code. The English liked commerce & wd have left him alone if he didn’t heavily tax their good for pass through. pic.twitter.com/kYHE6ybzrS Permalink 11:34 AM – 4 May 2019

@nntaleb 3) Easy to deconvert someone from State worship via Martin Luther’s argument that “God & clergy are different “tings””. Show them that bureaucrats-cronies-nudgeboys-virtue merchants & “State” aren’t the same “ting” & “the State is among us”. Keep the State distributed! #Localism pic.twitter.com/lmgVMXYQY7 Permalink 5:59 AM – 4 May 2019

@nntaleb The problem isn’t inequality, it’s RENT SEEKERS without skin in the game. https://medium.com/incerto/inequality-and-skin-in-the-game-d8f00bc0cb46   Permalink 5:23 AM – 4 May 2019

@nntaleb RENT SEEKERS We need to make pple aware that discontent related to inequality is mainly discontent about rent seeking and rent seekers. Prevent rent seekers from exploiting this discontent by making it look like society need more IYIs like them to solve it. #GiletJaunes Permalink 5:20 AM – 4 May 2019

@Jaffer22915438 Joe Rogan!!! I am also hopping on the Tulsi train. I thought I would never vote again… but she will save lives and not surround herself with neocon assholes. https://twitter.com/mtracey/status/1124353541953474560   Permalink 1:28 AM – 4 May 2019

@TalebWisdom “To establish societal symmetry: The bigotteer needs to be penalized the same as the bigot. The false accuser needs to be penalized as if he committed the crime himself (Hammurabi). etc.” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb #symmetry Permalink 12:43 AM – 4 May 2019

@mark_terlesky I’m a fmr journo. Hold a “MJ” fr UC Berkeley. I recently made @nntaleb ‘s above quote the lead pic to my alumnus profile. Hope I don’t get dis-owned by Cal’s SOJ. If I do, fine. I went on to making lots of $ in the law, HR, small biz, & on @Nadex. Thx @nntaleb for all you do! https://twitter.com/TalebWisdom/status/1122704840659013639   Permalink 6:41 PM – 3 May 2019

@nntalebbot “A mathematician starts with a problem and creates a solution; a consultant starts by offering a “solution” and creates a problem.” – @nntaleb Permalink 4:31 PM – 2 May 2019

@awells10000 Unequivocally my absolute favorite graphic. Of all time. EVER. Brilliance by @dhavalpanchal @nntaleb @financequant #realworldrisk #bonds #longvol #convexity pic.twitter.com/T67LdksQHA Permalink 3:33 PM – 2 May 2019

@FattestFatTony Not knowin crapola is better than knowin alotta crapola… Permalink 3:25 PM – 2 May 2019

@TulsiGabbard Neocons/Neolibs & MSM all sing from the same songsheet: War war war!!! Trump never gets positive media unless he’s threatening war/carrying out military action. Today, Venezuela. Tomorrow, Iran? Cuba? Who’s next? No wonder NK won’t give up their nukes. https://tulsi.to/support   ” target=”_blank”>http://pic.twitter.com/K4zAIk5WhN”>  pic.twitter.com/K4zAIk5WhN Permalink 5:00 AM – 2 May 2019

@Jaffer22915438 Fat Tony nails it again… with plenty of characters to spare https://twitter.com/fattestfattony/status/1123753823254847493   Permalink 2:45 AM – 2 May 2019

@nntaleb Great news: @spyrosmakrid’s M4 competition replicates real life by evaluating Abs[forecast-out of sample realization], not probabilities in {0,1}. Replicates accuracy in getting real life payoffs. Will revise as there is verbalistic “forecasting” (a la @Ptetlock) and M4 price. Permalink 3:31 PM – 1 May 2019

@nntaleb “If my enemies knew me better they’d hate me even more” [Bed of Procrustes] https://twitter.com/bryan_caplan/status/1123683202525216768   Permalink 1:24 PM – 1 May 2019

@JeanDmello Most of us are non-violent, only because we are outsourcing our violence. Permalink 11:39 AM – 1 May 2019

@nntaleb Bayer’s stock is not higher on the news. The market knows the EPA is full of balloney; it is aware that Monsanto wrote too many EPA memos. https://twitter.com/RobertKennedyJr/status/1123593364467793920   Permalink 11:13 AM – 1 May 2019

@Wolfram_Alpha Let’s kick off our anniversary with some cake! Can you figure this out? RT and reply with your answer. #WolframAlpha10 pic.twitter.com/fegGhj4kwL Permalink 10:13 AM – 1 May 2019

@nntaleb The ability to read the Economist is the reason some people get poor. “The ability to digest milk may explain how Europe got rich”… The Economist pic.twitter.com/PAOn52rRHi Permalink 8:51 AM – 1 May 2019

@Thinker_View pic.twitter.com/DmGkrVLH6n Permalink 8:30 AM – 1 May 2019

@nntaleb Celebrating the resurrection with some #skininthegame https://twitter.com/kritikopoulos/status/1123488943905955845   Permalink 6:19 AM – 1 May 2019

@nntaleb MISSPECIFYING HAYEK: Prediction markets are not commercial markets. pic.twitter.com/Fq6Ns2psbO Permalink 6:13 AM – 1 May 2019

@justinowings A case study in unintended consequences with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th order effects: 1950s: Killing mosquitoes in Borneo solved malaria problem but led to typhoid and collapsing roofs—by killing roaches, lizards, and cats, which helped caterpillars and rats. https://m.sfgate.com/homeandgarden/article/Take-a-lesson-from-Borneo-go-easy-on-the-bug-2546186.php   ” target=”_blank”>http://pic.twitter.com/ViIwztIRHz”>  pic.twitter.com/ViIwztIRHz Permalink 5:54 AM – 1 May 2019

@Thinker_View On vous aime ! Merci ! pic.twitter.com/Yxtkeso5cO Permalink 4:49 AM – 1 May 2019

@nntaleb Presenting the paper in 5 min at the NY quant seminar and need a new title… pic.twitter.com/orR4nq8YgO Permalink 3:52 PM – 30 Apr 2019

@ladyinmedicine Remember when twitter suspended my account for saying “the MB is a terrorist organization”? https://twitter.com/imamofpeace/status/1123228044947120128   Permalink 9:05 AM – 30 Apr 2019

@ladyinmedicine Remember when twitter suspended my account for saying “the MB is a terrorist organization”? https://twitter.com/imamofpeace/status/1123228044947120128   Permalink 9:05 AM – 30 Apr 2019

@Jonassibony #Protosemitic *ḥimār ‘donkey’ #Akkadian imēru , #Ugaritic ḥimāru #Phoenician ḥmūr #Hebrew #Samaritan ‘émur ࠇࠌࠅࠓ #Tiberian ḥămōr חֲמוֹר #Aramaic #Syriac ḥmārā ܚܡܵܪܵܐ #Jewish ḥămārā חֲמָרָא #Arabic ḥimār حِمار #Sabaic ḥmr #asemiticwordaday Permalink 5:50 AM – 30 Apr 2019

@nntaleb Syrian refugees at ~ 25% of the pop. in Lebanon. Syria is now SAFE. But the US State Dept’s Satterfield opposes their repatriation as “it would legitimize Assad”. IYI Satterfield shd take some in his house. Shd Lebanese pay the price for HIS bone w/Assad? #SkinintheGame #Ethics pic.twitter.com/mwlramce34 Permalink 4:50 AM – 30 Apr 2019

@digvijoy_c A concept @nntaleb dedicated his life to. https://twitter.com/then_there_was/status/1122542048689524742   Permalink 9:47 PM – 29 Apr 2019

@nntaleb Which title is better? A +One Does Not Eat Forecasts B +Where are the Great Forecasters’ Yachts? Permalink 7:04 PM – 29 Apr 2019

@nntaleb Which title is better? A +One Does Not Eat Forecasts B +Where are the Great Forecasters’ Yachts? Permalink 7:04 PM – 29 Apr 2019

@nntaleb Now after the lamentations, the Great Doxology, bilingual by chanted by Greeks and Lebanese. https://youtu.be/COwJtmZ6z8Q   Permalink 8:14 AM – 29 Apr 2019

@NonMeek It’s so insightful that I had to draw a rare [for me] Sunday comic strip about it. Hopefully it does your piece justice … can’t help you with the math though ;-) (0, 1) ≠ (-∞, ∞), #LudicFallacy pic.twitter.com/lHwwTF6oOg Permalink 8:06 AM – 29 Apr 2019

@kivil Ancient wisdom resonates with @nntaleb https://twitter.com/UnwobblingPivot/status/1122874664634785794   Permalink 7:51 AM – 29 Apr 2019

@nntaleb 101 BS THINGS TAUGHT TO STUDENTS, 7 +That you need to be a good “forecaster” to perform well. In fact you may NEED to be a bad forecaster to survive, get rich, etc. +Probability is a nonseparable kernel inside an integral. Most of the psych lit is BS https://www.academia.edu/38962327/_One_Does_Not_Eat_Forecasts_On_the_Difference_between_Forecasting_and_Real_Life_Payoffs?source=swp_share   Permalink 5:47 AM – 29 Apr 2019

@nntaleb 101 BS THINGS TAUGHT TO STUDENTS, 6 + Lebanese is a standalone Semitic language; it and Arabic are separate languages, not mutually understandable, no matter how much the “Arabistas” try to smoke you with pseudoscientific claims. https://medium.com/east-med-project-history-philology-and-genetics/no-lebanese-is-not-a-dialect-of-arabic-e95320c164c   Permalink 5:34 AM – 29 Apr 2019

@LeesSebastian “Administrators everywhere on the planet, in all businesses and pursuits, and at all times in history, have been the plague.” – @nntaleb Re-reading SITG – This quote is fucking awesome, and rings very very true. Permalink 2:55 PM – 28 Apr 2019

@nntaleb Hanaia is Aramaic for “Abdallah” or “Ovadia” or “Theophilus” or “Amadeus”, no? https://twitter.com/RichardHanania/status/1122577518320467969   Permalink 1:50 PM – 28 Apr 2019

@nntaleb FRIENDS, the first draft for comments. “One Does Not Eat Forecasts”: On the Difference between Forecasting and Real Life Payoffs @spyrosmakrid https://www.academia.edu/38962327/_One_Does_Not_Eat_Forecasts_On_the_Difference_between_Forecasting_and_Real_Life_Payoffs?source=swp_share   via @academia Permalink 12:49 PM – 28 Apr 2019

@nntaleb FRIENDS, the first draft for comments. “One Does Not Eat Forecasts”: On the Difference between Forecasting and Real Life Payoffs @spyrosmakrid https://www.academia.edu/38962327/_One_Does_Not_Eat_Forecasts_On_the_Difference_between_Forecasting_and_Real_Life_Payoffs?source=swp_share   via @academia Permalink 12:49 PM – 28 Apr 2019

@nntaleb THE GOOD NEWS OF MACHINE LEARNING: How we can replace the verbalistic “prediction” (or, worse “belief”) with a more rigorous payoff function and how ReLu or call options can express ALL nonlinear payoffs (universal approximation theorem) pic.twitter.com/Pw6PkVVP3F Permalink 12:24 PM – 28 Apr 2019

@RichardHanania The university is now an institution run by and for administrators pic.twitter.com/KxYfStgFTy Permalink 12:05 PM – 28 Apr 2019

@aaronjmate 1/ If YouTube were to recommend your show, it’d be recommending the leading purveyor of now debunked Trump-Russia conspiracy theories, falsehoods & innuendo of the last 2+ years. Here’s a sample: Permalink 10:23 AM – 28 Apr 2019

@nntaleb How to commit statistical BS-vending and not realize it. Please keep journos out of “slopes” and “trends” (as well as other things) (The slope is a random variable with high variance) https://twitter.com/ritholtz/status/1122441842719481857   Permalink 8:09 AM – 28 Apr 2019

@TalebWisdom “AN ENEMY is someone in a zero-sum game, the representation bureaucrats, geopoliticians, journos & low-IQ pol “scientists” have of the world. A COMPETITOR is someone who helps the system stay non-zero sum & prevents monopolies.” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb Permalink 4:33 AM – 28 Apr 2019

@amaltaash (34/35) General Two gems from @nntaleb: -Never compare thin-tailed variables with fat-tailed ones: e.g. # of ppl dying in their bathtubs vs killed by terrorists per year. -IQ is a filter at the low end, to help figure out if someone has a learning/thinking disability. That’s it Permalink 2:12 AM – 28 Apr 2019

@Jaffer22915438 Guru, this is exactly my point about Fake News. Bottom up fake news is better than authoritarian top down fake news… Permalink 2:57 PM – 27 Apr 2019

@nntaleb Meanwhile how Orthodox Christians in North Syria celebrate the resurrection: https://youtu.be/Z1aQKTqVpeY   Permalink 2:32 PM – 27 Apr 2019

@nntaleb SECOND DISCLAIMER: The victim was arrested at 16, beheaded at 21. Permalink 2:22 PM – 27 Apr 2019

@nntaleb And Saudi Barbaria beheaded a total of 37 people, one of whom was crucified. Permalink 10:54 AM – 27 Apr 2019

@nntaleb DISCLAIMER: It appears that the picture comes from a different execution (perhaps ISIS, another Wahabi group). But Saudi Barbaria effectively executed a 16 y.o. Shiite by beheading. Permalink 10:06 AM – 27 Apr 2019

@nntaleb A Shiite 16-Year-Old https://twitter.com/RonPaulInstitut/status/1122177096456048641   Permalink 9:43 AM – 27 Apr 2019

@nntaleb Χριστός ἀνέστη! Permalink 6:35 AM – 27 Apr 2019

@nntaleb Some have serious reading comprehension. The point is not that Obama did nothing scandalous. The point is that he was NOT caught or the media did not make a big deal. (Sorry, but I block idiots to avoid degrading the discussion. Nothing personal). Permalink 6:32 AM – 27 Apr 2019

@nntaleb Obama had no scandal, behaved w/dignity & extreme decorum. But -Increased centralization, bureaucratism, faught federalism -Crony capitalism, bankers > $$ than 2006 -Intrusive state w/evil nudgeboys Sunstein/Thaler, IYIs -Blew up Lybia, Syria, exterminated Syrian Christians… https://twitter.com/TheDailyShow/status/1113523235503706112   Permalink 6:01 AM – 27 Apr 2019

@nntaleb A book is summarizable degree n when the 2nd, 3rd,…, up the nth reading reveal things you did not get at the first reading. (A book is summarizable degree 0 when the first reading reveals nothing you didn’t get by not reading.) Permalink 5:17 AM – 27 Apr 2019

@nntaleb AXION ESTIN! Good Friday Chants in Graeco-Arabic, the 3 Stasis. At 7:44 the Generation chant that ancestors have been reciting for almost 2 millennia, promising to pass on to the next generation. https://youtu.be/6QWhBaQ25Kk   via @YouTube Permalink 1:18 PM – 26 Apr 2019

@nntaleb (Today is Orthodox Good Friday) Another Greco-Arabic chant from Lebanon https://youtu.be/_-EB6g5pIbA   Permalink 11:27 AM – 26 Apr 2019

@nntaleb Megali Paraskevi in Greco-Arabic. Fairuz- Η ζωή εν τάφω https://youtu.be/xiE-biR9USU   via @YouTube Permalink 10:17 AM – 26 Apr 2019

@nntaleb Which also explains why Mr @WGoetzman (a “finance” professor) has a severe technical flaw in almost all of his work involving tails & investor “belief”. Among other problems of course. https://twitter.com/WGoetzmann/status/730379452169867264   Permalink 7:36 AM – 26 Apr 2019

@black_swan_man #blackswanman #theblackswanman #Bastiat #SeenAndUnseen pic.twitter.com/KxSzxJfAvI Permalink 6:56 AM – 26 Apr 2019

@thackerpd .@Reuters editor @williamsmjw says he stands behind Kelland’s reporting, as does “Ethics Editor” @AlixFreedman This is a joke. @duffwilson @AmandaBecker @aterkel @cgseife @charlesornstein @CharlesPPierce @sfoucart @jackshafer @mlcalderone https://twitter.com/thackerpd/status/1121766540372791296   Permalink 6:25 AM – 26 Apr 2019

@mikeandallie A happy accident this morning as @nntaleb shares a paper on the exact topic I’m staring at my screen thinking about. pic.twitter.com/OYM6NReNCx Permalink 6:08 AM – 26 Apr 2019

@nntaleb You don’t see much of the snow from Beirut itself, you need to be >½ mile away from the Phoenician coast. Permalink 5:57 AM – 26 Apr 2019

@nntaleb (cont) pic.twitter.com/id9nVTVQm9 Permalink 5:50 AM – 26 Apr 2019

@nntaleb Renamed the paper: “One Cannot Eat Forecasts”. New version. pic.twitter.com/BLRxp3Wzsv Permalink 5:50 AM – 26 Apr 2019

@nntaleb Religio as counter to superstitio https://medium.com/incerto/we-dont-know-what-we-are-talking-about-when-we-talk-about-religion-3e65e6a3c44e   Permalink 1:26 PM – 25 Apr 2019

@jeitoapp Bar in London that won “just about every award going” closes less than 1 year after. Where did I hear this before? #SkinInTheGame @nntaleb pic.twitter.com/9KERqJSnCV Permalink 10:49 AM – 25 Apr 2019

@NonMeek Circular reasoning is still reasoning. The inherent circularity of #IQ scores captured in a cartoon strip and a @nntaleb tweet [IQ correlates, part 3 of x]. #psychology #psychometrics pic.twitter.com/EelH5YSidV Permalink 9:59 AM – 25 Apr 2019

@nntaleb Scientific papers should be written like car manuals. No prose, just precision. Showing psychologists have NO IDEA about “overestimation” of tail probabilities, (technical version of my lecktshur at the great @spyrosmakrid’s M4 competition). pic.twitter.com/DXUbsMTV4F Permalink 8:52 AM – 25 Apr 2019

@nntaleb Beirut seen from the water. The Phoenician coast below Mount Lebanon. pic.twitter.com/S7YAGWqpsF Permalink 8:26 AM – 25 Apr 2019

@JamesMarsh79 Proves @nntaleb point. Large caps skewed to downside and small to the upside https://twitter.com/charliebilello/status/1121395240257097728   Permalink 8:11 AM – 25 Apr 2019

@nntaleb Our precautionary principle tried to show this possibility to GMO idiots who believe that science=scientism. https://twitter.com/nature/status/1121227592475000832   Permalink 4:24 AM – 25 Apr 2019

@nntaleb No kidding? https://twitter.com/nature/status/1121227592475000832   Permalink 1:37 AM – 25 Apr 2019

@nntaleb No butter! Permalink 5:45 PM – 24 Apr 2019

@nntaleb Two more days of Orthodox lent: vegan. Antonio Spadaro does wonders with the basic ingredients. pic.twitter.com/QYs4MPD282 Permalink 5:44 PM – 24 Apr 2019

@TarekMilleron Muilenburg’s denial of fault is hollow. Would he put his family on the “old” #737max, with randomly-selected 737-rated commercial pilots, bust off the relevant angle-of-attack sensor and take off? Repeat x10? No #skininthegame yet he subjected passengers and crew to that risk. Permalink 5:25 PM – 24 Apr 2019

@normonics This is enlightening. In fat-tailed domain conditional expectation is greater than conditional threshold K this drags one’s exposure even further into the tails, breaking the simplistic assumptions that provide pseudo-sophistication of recipe-users https://twitter.com/nntaleb/status/1121033494623334400   Permalink 12:08 PM – 24 Apr 2019

@nntaleb For example: why we humans do NOT overestimate small probabilities as stated in most cases. pic.twitter.com/Z2ScOIajt0 Permalink 5:49 AM – 24 Apr 2019

@nntaleb What to study in college? What doesn’t bore you. (but the waist is still too thin) https://twitter.com/black_swan_man/status/1121029802792714240   Permalink 5:48 AM – 24 Apr 2019

@black_swan_man #blackswanman #theblackswanman #college #guidance #counselor pic.twitter.com/6QVhXWpFaj Permalink 5:35 AM – 24 Apr 2019

@TheBondFreak @nntaleb, seems she’s getting it right. https://twitter.com/tulsigabbard/status/1121025866501279744   Permalink 5:28 AM – 24 Apr 2019

@nntaleb Psychologists and Probability Why there is no “overestimation” of small probabilities (in most cases) and psychologists misunderstood the real distributions. PARANOIA pays! pic.twitter.com/ZyZ2eMIp2i Permalink 5:05 AM – 24 Apr 2019

@InvestorSwedish @nntaleb thanks a million for your Incerto series! It’s been great for questioning much that I’ve previously been taking for granted – for investing, and life in general, too. Here’s my humble contribution to your paradigm-challenging series: https://youtu.be/Av7kpPJqac0   via @YouTube Permalink 3:55 AM – 24 Apr 2019

@nntaleb Delenda Saudi Barbaria https://twitter.com/marwa__osman/status/1120871400263356417   Permalink 3:33 AM – 24 Apr 2019

@focusontheb This is one of @nntaleb’s points that seems hard for a lot of people (me too!) to grasp: if something works, it can’t really be considered dumb. “Oh Mike! You misspelled that word!” “Oh Mike! How do you get so much engagement?” Same person Permalink 2:38 AM – 24 Apr 2019

@Steve_Sailer In the Current Year, do any lectures on “Whiteness” not consist of racist hate speech? Perhaps the keynote address at a convention of laundry detergent chemists? @wmarybeard https://twitter.com/wmarybeard/status/1112309521702178817   Permalink 3:47 PM – 23 Apr 2019

Bureaucracy, Cliff Asness, Dictator, Monsanto, Boltan, Wolfram, Tillerson, Genealogy, Pi Day, Pompeo | Twitter

@nntaleb On a long flight to Tbilisi, a new book that opens the new science. pic.twitter.com/BUOcIL2tTA Permalink 12:16 PM – 28 Mar 2018

@LorenzTrader “Bureaucracy is a construction by which a person is conveniently separated from the consequences of his/her actions.” @nntaleb #SkinInTheGame pic.twitter.com/oOp9ZCpY14 Permalink 11:38 AM – 28 Mar 2018

@thackerpd I took exact measures of that depth here: Flacking for #GMOs How the Biotech Industry Cultivates Positive Media—and Discourages Criticism http://progressive.org/magazine/how-the-biotech-industry-cultivates-positive-media/   One of the reporters, @savortooth, has since inserted his nose even further up academic tuchus Permalink 7:14 AM – 28 Mar 2018

@nntaleb L’7ayét wa2fét 3izz Permalink 7:11 AM – 28 Mar 2018

@nntaleb On a scale of 0 to 100, paternity tests count as 99.99 and written/oral history count for .01. Apply that to populations. That’s plain stat/probability. We are seeing science in action. @iosif_lazaridishttps://twitter.com/iosif_lazaridis/status/978982852514770944   Permalink 6:18 AM – 28 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Book reviewers now have skin in the game: they are now unaware that their review can be turned into a test of reading comprehension –SAT style. For instance you can gauge @EasterbrookG’s reading comprehension level from this.https://twitter.com/nntaleb/status/944284554168291330   Permalink 5:13 AM – 28 Mar 2018

@nntaleb It is the opposite of: religions avoiding to pronounce some holy words spelled out in full on the page. There is a demarcation between the holy and the profane, or the more or less holy and the profane. Permalink 4:33 AM – 28 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Aesthetics. I don’t like to see bulls**t fully spelled on a page, though I don’t mind seeing it on a screen.https://twitter.com/Javermas/status/978866618523639808   Permalink 3:43 AM – 28 Mar 2018

@axgry .@nntaleb is this what you mean by “skin in the game” ?https://twitter.com/BIUK/status/978587443069767680   Permalink 2:26 PM – 27 Mar 2018

@sharbatanu A packed hall listened to Mikhail Gromov quote Nassim Nicholas Taleb as “If you hear a ‘prominent’ economist using the word ‘equilibrium’ or ‘normal distribution’, just put a rat down his shirt” pic.twitter.com/YD4JV3QWts Permalink 10:38 AM – 27 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 5) There is this great theorem by Dubins and Savage, but I owe the much simpler games example to Cliff Asness @CliffordAsness who mentioned it in 1999 at lunch in NYC.https://www.amazon.com/How-Gamble-You-Must-Inequalities/dp/0486780643   Permalink 2:06 PM – 26 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 4) This is another example where pathologizing mental accounting by the Uberklueless and Verbiagiastic Richard Thaler @r_thaler fails: his model considers such path dependent strategies irrational. Permalink 2:01 PM – 26 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 3) The general principle #Antifragile is that when the payoff is bigger or you have your back to the wall you go for maximum variance (convexity). When the downside is bigger you go for minimum variance. Why explains why winning teams mark time and losing teams take risks. Permalink 1:50 PM – 26 Mar 2018

@mgpolitis Could be a variant of the theme “Η ημιμάθεια είναι χειρότερη από την αμάθεια”https://twitter.com/nntaleb/status/977895229733916673   Permalink 12:43 PM – 26 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 2) Here is my solution, will generalize showing results across all regimes. Convexity (optionality) beats skills. Any time. #Antifragile @CutTheKnotMath pic.twitter.com/C1rBKtmIHW Permalink 12:14 PM – 26 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 1) This is a grrrrreat case study by Maestro Bogomolny @CutTheKnotMath showing OPTIONALITY matters more than skills: You can have >53% chance of winning when odds are against you is you have the option of switching between 2 (strategies, both of which have odds against you).https://twitter.com/CutTheKnotMath/status/975844094374285312   Permalink 12:11 PM – 26 Mar 2018

@MaxMakz #incerto change lives. Thank you / Danke / Спасибо @nntaleb pic.twitter.com/ldqEWW0KkD Permalink 11:15 AM – 26 Mar 2018

@ShapsterD the times and @nntaleb on the same page for once? pic.twitter.com/dMH7xvkTkX Permalink 9:57 AM – 26 Mar 2018

@Cernovich Paging @nntaleb for his excellent article, “The Most Intolerant Wins: The Dictatorship of the Small Minority” https://medium.com/incerto/the-most-intolerant-wins-the-dictatorship-of-the-small-minority-3f1f83ce4e15  https://twitter.com/sainsburys/status/976872173523623936   Permalink 9:32 AM – 26 Mar 2018

@nntaleb The opposite of education isn’t ignorance but miseducation. Permalink 6:09 AM – 25 Mar 2018

@nntaleb That pill has to potential to transforming any regular person into an economist.https://twitter.com/clairlemon/status/977641234192777216   Permalink 5:00 AM – 25 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Soul in the game. He died for the sake of others. RIP, with our prayers and greatest respect.https://twitter.com/Gendarmerie/status/977438206550474754   Permalink 3:50 PM – 24 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Where revealing that you have skin in the game violates the principle that one should not market virtue (except when taking risk, by taking risk).https://twitter.com/NicGeaman/status/977653272835223553   Permalink 2:12 PM – 24 Mar 2018

@CutTheKnotMath A simple (some say “nasty”) integral https://www.cut-the-knot.org/proofs/YetAnotherSimpleIntegral.shtml   #FigureThat #math #calculus ” target=”_blank”>http://pic.twitter.com/TvFl0Ix20P”>  pic.twitter.com/TvFl0Ix20P Permalink 11:14 AM – 24 Mar 2018

@GMWatch Stop #Monsanto’s Secretary of State! Mexican corn products widely contaminated with GMOs & #glyphosate. And other news! https://mailchi.mp/2ee5e230eedd/daily-digest-351849   #gmo ” target=”_blank”>http://pic.twitter.com/kq5cN71V39″>  pic.twitter.com/kq5cN71V39 Permalink 10:45 AM – 24 Mar 2018

@nntaleb I’ve never met a Spanish grammar specialist.https://twitter.com/vinates/status/977569730860142594   Permalink 8:54 AM – 24 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Nothing wrong abt dismissing someone as a fool or a bulls***ter, i.e., not solid, not reliable in reasoning & conversation. But when someone’s viewpoint escapes a psychologist’s logic, he will impart some psychological cause to the divergence. Permalink 8:52 AM – 24 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Someone at dinner just asked me to define a “dictator”. Someone who doesn’t buy weapons from your government. Permalink 6:05 PM – 23 Mar 2018

@greekhistorypod Sicily – Land of the Phoenicians, via @GillianHovellhttps://muddyarchaeologistcouk.wordpress.com/2018/03/21/sicily-land-of-the-phoenicians/   Permalink 2:00 PM – 23 Mar 2018

@LorenzoWVilla In linea con quanto sostiene @nntalebhttps://twitter.com/istbrunoleoni/status/977186224426422272   Permalink 12:02 PM – 23 Mar 2018

@nntaleb I am not involved. BTW the technical SILENT RISK shows the plumbing behind The Black Swan. http://www.fooledbyrandomness.com/FatTails.html  https://twitter.com/dd_ann_61/status/976885542586667010   Permalink 8:00 AM – 23 Mar 2018

@SyrianLionesss Mothers day mass earlier this week in #Aleppo #Syria pic.twitter.com/ZxCGMV50OZ Permalink 7:54 AM – 23 Mar 2018

@chris_walker_ Inspired by @nntaleb, I tried cuttlefish ink pasta in Venice. I think it was the real thing! pic.twitter.com/zaln6IzAyP Permalink 7:14 AM – 23 Mar 2018

@thackerpd Spinning Science & Silencing Scientists: A Case Study in How the Chemical Industry Attempts to Influence Science https://democrats-science.house.gov/sites/democrats.science.house.gov/files/documents/02.06.18%20-%20Spinning%20Science%20and%20Silencing%20Scientists_0.pdf   Missed this House Report on disinformation created by #Monsanto operatives cc: @MariahCBlake @fastlerner Permalink 5:56 AM – 23 Mar 2018

@BrankoMilan My review of @nntaleb tetralogy http://glineq.blogspot.com/2018/01/the-importance-of-talebs-system-from.html   Permalink 7:13 PM – 22 Mar 2018

@nntaleb One thing that struck me at NASA-JPL: these were scientists, many PhDs, but were not academics. It hit me that they were BS-free: from contact w/real world, w/results in the micro world. It takes a certain mindset to send a robot to Mars AND make it actually get there.https://twitter.com/nntaleb/status/976577262202966017   Permalink 6:37 PM – 22 Mar 2018

@nntaleb No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/976948306927607810   Permalink 4:11 PM – 22 Mar 2018

@JulianAssange 811 WikiLeaks files on John Boltan: https://search.wikileaks.org/?query=%22john+bolton%22+-sweep&exact_phrase=&any_of=&exclude_words=&document_date_start=&document_date_end=&released_date_start=&released_date_end=&include_external_sources=True&new_search=True&order_by=most_relevant#results   Permalink 3:58 PM – 22 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Out understanding of history would be much, much improved if “North Africa” was called “South Med” instead. Too many people think in words. Permalink 1:04 PM – 22 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Witness.https://twitter.com/ss_strength/status/976864370973134848   Permalink 9:59 AM – 22 Mar 2018

@noemie_issan Les honnêtes hommes, ça lit Montaigne et le Talmud. Un petit commentaire sur un narratif talmudique dans le dernier livre de @nntaleb “Jouer sa peau” https://twitter.com/noemie_issan/status/976833003837165569   Permalink 9:32 AM – 22 Mar 2018

@Jevaughn_Brown He ties ancient wisdom to modern insights with mathematical/scientific rigor while making it all accessible to the non-technical AND hilarious at the same time. Just incredible. Permalink 8:22 AM – 22 Mar 2018

@nntaleb BS vendors usually write popular science/philosophy books, those that tell people what they want to hear. Non BS vendors write anti-popular science/philosophy, those that disturb the maximum number of people. Permalink 6:14 PM – 21 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Unpopular book here means the book should disturb a certain number of people. Permalink 6:07 PM – 21 Mar 2018

@nntaleb The point is not that Sarkozy took money from Gadhafi. The problem is the ingratitude: he tried to eliminate him right after. Ingratitude is the worst trait in a human being.https://twitter.com/AFP/status/976498827459997696   Permalink 6:04 PM – 21 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Ramp is the generator of konveksity. Permalink 2:56 PM – 21 Mar 2018

@nntaleb BS vendors usually write popular science/philosophy books. Non BS vendors write unpopular science/philosophy. Permalink 2:54 PM – 21 Mar 2018

@nntaleb JPL lecktchur on Antifragility and Konveksity, in 9 min. pic.twitter.com/E9tU0C17iK Permalink 2:52 PM – 21 Mar 2018

@DaliaGlickman Interjecting as his daughter – my father and Nassim were business colleagues and friends. My father just mentioned Nassim last week and cherished their conversations about all things financial and philosophical. Permalink 7:21 AM – 21 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Ended up hiking with @stephen_wolfram (& others at Bezos’ #Mars2018), in the snow on a steep mountain wearing flaneuring shoes (Italian moccasins without socks). pic.twitter.com/6OkwKrS3e2 Permalink 5:47 PM – 20 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 6) look at this idiot @marcgunther who fell for ithttps://twitter.com/marcgunther/status/976174470644805634?s=21   Permalink 1:35 PM – 20 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 2) You cannot get the open butterfly with sum of sigmoidal functions (they are closed at the ends), but you can with ramp functions. In other words, neural nets can now capture tails of distributions! Permalink 8:31 AM – 20 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 1) Some thoughts from the Bezos #MARS2018 conference. Why Machine learning methods are very intuitive for option traders. Captures functions better than sigmoids (binaries). pic.twitter.com/OVUYfLH235 Permalink 7:47 AM – 20 Mar 2018

@embracethetrend Few men who have a handshake worth trusting. I agree with @nntaleb on the importance of honourhttps://twitter.com/voteboudreau/status/975884957993271297   Permalink 7:27 AM – 20 Mar 2018

@The_Cyrenian I am Syrian. In Syria. The “rebels” you and @nikkihaley support have killed many of my friends, and six of my family members – the youngest being two-years-old. Both of you have done nothing but bring death and destruction to us – especially to my community – Syria’s Christians.https://twitter.com/statedeptspox/status/976090852241166336   Permalink 7:26 AM – 20 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Sorely missed. Permalink 6:44 AM – 20 Mar 2018

@nntaleb RIP Rabbi Tony Glickman, who said “life is long gamma”. You will be missed.https://twitter.com/YUNews/status/975913856605310976   Permalink 6:40 AM – 20 Mar 2018

@TheStoicEmperor Steve Jobs had a very good understanding of @nntaleb’s crucial concept of “skin in the game.” pic.twitter.com/gybIDPWEPC Permalink 11:26 PM – 19 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Wolfram is a mathematician with skin in the game!https://twitter.com/nntaleb/status/975902401382170624   Permalink 6:12 PM – 19 Mar 2018

@lawrennd Very lucky to spend time with @stephen_wolfram and @nntaleb .. we’re talking about you @matthewsyed pic.twitter.com/FJOdg2HCZq Permalink 6:08 PM – 19 Mar 2018

@mvachhar Sadly this won’t be the last time this happens. No #skininthegame (@nntaleb) means that bad actors are not removed from the ecosystem, leading to bad outcomes over and over again. Permalink 11:22 AM – 19 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Advice given to any young person: “I can’t tell you what to do. I can tell who what I’ve done. I’ve instinctively never gotten into a zero-sum business, such as academia, sports, bureaucracy, etc. The mark of a zero-sum business is hierarchy.” (Academia is a quarter position.) Permalink 7:57 AM – 19 Mar 2018

@kunalb11 “Men destroy each other during war, themselves during peacetime.” ― @nntaleb Permalink 3:26 AM – 19 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Trading prices are minority rules, not average of opinions. If there is wisdom, it’s the wisdom of the minority.https://twitter.com/St011M1/status/975449942603988992   Permalink 12:14 PM – 18 Mar 2018

@nntaleb I agree, but social media makes it easy to counter mob with mob. Eventually neutralizes.https://twitter.com/naval/status/975438767283515392   Permalink 11:33 AM – 18 Mar 2018

@nntaleb I know how to select co-authors.https://twitter.com/drcirillo/status/975395548797767686   Permalink 9:45 AM – 18 Mar 2018

@LouisLebbos A few more examples of Beirut architecture from my trip last month pic.twitter.com/Do2HJZ8AOD Permalink 7:40 AM – 18 Mar 2018

@CutTheKnotMath Random Numbers And Obtuse Triangle https://www.cut-the-knot.org/Probability/ObtuseTriangleInSquare.shtml   #FigureThat #math #probability ” target=”_blank”>http://pic.twitter.com/eSNkofIVp1″>  pic.twitter.com/eSNkofIVp1 Permalink 6:42 AM – 18 Mar 2018

@Extrachelle #Beirut balconies. pic.twitter.com/7AqTEUZZzR Permalink 3:26 AM – 18 Mar 2018

@nntaleb For instance, for a linear payoff, if you predict an event priced at 1% probability, you can be wrong 99% of the time. For the same probability w/ a convex payoff, you can be wrong 999 times out of 1000 and still do very well. Permalink 2:47 AM – 18 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 2) In other words, the predictions that matter are those with a large payoff and little costs. If you predict what other people are predicting, you get nothing (but a nice paper track record). Monoculture works for blabbering academics, not traders & people in the real world. Permalink 12:50 AM – 18 Mar 2018

@HarryDCrane Forecasting is anti-fragile among IYIs. Bad forecasts lead to reverse engineering on how forecasts can be improved for next time — most discussion after election focused on improving for next time, instead of stopping w prediction snake oilhttps://medium.com/@HarryCrane/the-modern-day-snake-oil-salesman-2ca934cc2ab   Permalink 8:35 PM – 17 Mar 2018

@nntaleb A prediction is wrong only if it costs you something. A prediction is right only if it makes you something. The rest is tawk. #skininthegame. Permalink 6:31 PM – 17 Mar 2018

@TimTravis2 Just finished reading the chapter in Skin in the Game about the michelin star restaurant versus just getting a pizza and was laughing hysterically because it is so true. Loving the book by the way. One of your best. Permalink 6:26 PM – 17 Mar 2018

@nntaleb This was with spelt. Works. Permalink 5:49 PM – 17 Mar 2018

@ArcheRomaion Kinds of Greeks: Alexandrians Cosmopolitan, inquisitive, affluent. At the crossroads of civilizations, the flux only began with the founding of the city in 331 BC. Producing philosophers, scientists, theologians & industrialists, most were expelled to #Greece by Nasser in 1956. pic.twitter.com/fjuyCv1JdZ Permalink 5:04 PM – 17 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Squid ink. pic.twitter.com/dA9Wi9Ii8P Permalink 5:02 PM – 17 Mar 2018

@orestistsinalis Fantastic interview of @nntaleb with @RalphNader on #SkinInTheGame. It’s so good it makes you think deeper about the book. https://shar.es/1Lj8Dj   Permalink 1:08 PM – 17 Mar 2018

@nntaleb No chi vuole la mamma carezza la bambina (sorry for the spelling, z3leni)https://twitter.com/z3leni/status/974999881633947648   Permalink 6:51 AM – 17 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 5) Effectively the “Monsanto troll army” is a shadow of its former self; either funding dropped or they got more careful. I am scheduled to talk to the German press abt Monsanto & meeting members of the board of Bayer in conjunction w/SITG pub in German. Permalink 6:34 AM – 17 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Debunk fake news, ESPECIALLY if they are on the side of your political opinions. It is the hardest thing to do. And make sure your correction of fake news is as vigorous as the inital annoucement. I dislike Gina Haspel & everything she stands for. But I put TRUTH first. Permalink 6:18 AM – 17 Mar 2018

@Sundaresaganesh @nntaleb a perfect Skin in the game – the last shot pic.twitter.com/h8qKPvzZF4 Permalink 4:07 AM – 17 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Armenians running for elections in Beirut. Wherever they go, Armenians give more than they take. pic.twitter.com/G0DnZGzAph Permalink 4:02 AM – 17 Mar 2018

@AlainPannetier pic.twitter.com/PXFfzI0FCR Permalink 1:11 AM – 17 Mar 2018

@nntaleb The man was destroying the IYI den of the state department. For the first time they had adult supervision.https://twitter.com/amconmag/status/974797462157316097   Permalink 5:33 PM – 16 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Here is an example of the Monsanto army.https://twitter.com/normonics/status/974737398277005313   Permalink 1:55 PM – 16 Mar 2018

@nntaleb I am aware of that, which is why I have been waiting before exposing Monsanto shills such as @keithkloor and @tamarhaspel when they are defenseless after the Bayer integration. Permalink 1:51 PM – 16 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 3) So far I’ve made lemonade out of lemons with my problem with Monsanto. The idea is to use their shills to sell more books. Remember it is typically rejects that become smear campaigners for Monsanto .http://gmwatch.org/en/news/latest-news/16581   Permalink 1:07 PM – 16 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 2) Monsanto has a policy of leaving nothing unanswered. There are stuff in the court papers.https://www.rt.com/usa/386858-monsanto-hired-trolls-court/   Permalink 1:00 PM – 16 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 1) As expected, looks like Monsanto Shills are retaliating against my stance ag Monsanto in #SkinIntheGame by gaming Amazon Reviews while claiming they are not shills. https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R2S10CFLW3AP3Y/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=042528462X   Permalink 12:57 PM – 16 Mar 2018

@nntaleb After the Pompeo disaster, is there a possible way to stop Bolton from getting the White House position? Permalink 12:43 PM – 16 Mar 2018

@vonLichtenfeld At jump school, the guys who folded our parachutes had to take one of them at random each week and use it for their own jump. Given +50 jumps was improbable based on physical req.s, this is the definition of SitG Permalink 12:18 PM – 16 Mar 2018

@MattPirkowski Couldn’t script a clearer example of @nntaleb’s concept of Skin in the Game. In fact, he’s mentioned the architectural responsibility codes of Hammurabi many times. This would mean death for the architects in question. Fewer bridges would collapse.https://twitter.com/nytimes/status/974644470674112512   Permalink 10:41 AM – 16 Mar 2018

@nntaleb It was obvious Assad had NO GAIN from using gas. Now they are getting it with SOME delay.http://www.newsweek.com/now-mattis-admits-there-was-no-evidence-assad-using-poison-gas-his-people-801542   Permalink 5:53 AM – 16 Mar 2018

@nntaleb The risk-based skeptical empirical approach to CLIMATE is here. pic.twitter.com/RupOpb3BUY Permalink 5:32 AM – 16 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Indeed, @clairlemon, you are undoing centuries of skeptical empiricism. One can approach our climate tragedy without SCIENTISM See our http://www.fooledbyrandomness.com/climateletter.pdf  https://twitter.com/crISIS_mule/status/974617925549199360   Permalink 5:13 AM – 16 Mar 2018

@skiales He @nntaleb either has impecable timing ..! Or is a tails type of a guy..! Bring the engineers at spot where the dead bodies got collapsed by the bridge & well … #hamurabi the SOB’s RITE WHERE THEY committed the. heinous sin of a #skinlessgame #skininthegamehttps://twitter.com/moniqueomadan/status/974478688346693632   Permalink 3:34 AM – 16 Mar 2018

@RonPaul ‘Skin In The Game’ – With Special Guest Nassim Nicholas Taleb (@nntaleb)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIi0eO_oN9U   Permalink 3:00 PM – 15 Mar 2018

@Sapere_vivere Reading the brilliant Skin In The Game by @nntaleb. Four little words that should be in the forefront of your mind when you think about human existence. Permalink 2:49 PM – 15 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 6) Mr @ImaraWaTijara, let me say it in one sentence” One single DNA test offsets 12 hours of b***ting. Gabish? Permalink 2:32 PM – 15 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 5) We have known since Ruffié and Taleb (1965) [my father’s hobby was scientific genealogy via blood markers] that Koura valley was heavily Macedonian/Western Cypriot & we can see it through DNA. Historians are convinved they can contest paternity tests with tons of verbal BS Permalink 12:05 PM – 15 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 4) As an example of how fabrications work: a Low-IQ Arabist below, @ImaraWaTijara is responding by inventing origins FOR ME and the Greek-Orthodox of the Koura Valley using bogus oral history, when DNA shows no Hawran stock in Koura & in MY OWN DNA (J2b).https://twitter.com/ImaraWaTijara/status/974295061683941377   Permalink 11:59 AM – 15 Mar 2018

@TMFStoffel While doing some research into our piece, I found this gem from @nntaleb in the @nytimes Note that it was written…… in 2003! http://www.nytimes.com/2003/08/07/business/fannie-mae-s-loss-risk-is-larger-computer-models-show.html   ” target=”_blank”>http://pic.twitter.com/PC1mPY7jP6″>  pic.twitter.com/PC1mPY7jP6 Permalink 11:38 AM – 15 Mar 2018

@TMFStoffel Here’s one for all of us to chew on from @nntaleb: “every time you open your mouth in a public forum and you say something: * that is not risky or * is meant to improve your image and reputation, every time you do that you are COMPROMISING YOUR ETHICS.” Permalink 10:47 AM – 15 Mar 2018

@nntaleb You can’t be an author without attitude; write on your own terms.https://twitter.com/johndurant/status/974167721045671936   Permalink 9:55 AM – 15 Mar 2018

@RonPaul Grab your seat belts! Today’s Liberty Report is joined by @nntaleb to discuss @nytimes bestselling book #skininthegame — and the “interventionists” braying for war! Live @ noon ET on http://youtube.com/ronpaullibertyreport   ” target=”_blank”>http://pic.twitter.com/Wdx0mKmVkt”>  pic.twitter.com/Wdx0mKmVkt Permalink 8:20 AM – 15 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 3) The other interesting “hard science” discovery is that a) Modern Greeks are the same as ancient Greeks, b) Greeks are largely Anatolian, c) Canaanites are largely Anatolian. Minority rule chapter in #skininthegame : languages travel, genes not so much. Permalink 6:52 AM – 15 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Never argue with someone with the aim of changing his or her mind; focus instead on changing the much less invested minds of the audience. Permalink 6:47 AM – 15 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 2) @PZalloua (Reich collab) showed Leb Shiites were of Phoenician ancestry, caused a shock, but now slowing building a Canaanite identity. I found from his databse that there is ~3% Arab genes in Lebanon & West. Syria. Arabist Historians s.a. Salibi are largely fabricators. Permalink 6:02 AM – 15 Mar 2018

@nntaleb A Lebanese proverb: “If you give a fool a weapon, he will hurt himself”.https://twitter.com/zerohedge/status/974255026020519936   Permalink 5:13 AM – 15 Mar 2018

@nntaleb THREAD 1) We are facing a complete and *sudden* rewriting of history using DNA, like paternity tests, disturbs linguists, historians, (recall the Mary Beard affair), archeologists, and Arabists.https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2018/03/ancient-dna-history/554798/?utm_source=twb   Permalink 4:40 AM – 15 Mar 2018

@jordanbpeterson Did you notice, @JustinTrudeau, that a law-abiding Canadian citizen has been DENIED ENTRY by the UK? Do you think she’s more dangerous than the former ISIS fighters you rolled out the welcome mat for in Canada?https://youtu.be/odGiYJdFtE0   Permalink 11:07 PM – 14 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Happy Pi day –and, in the bargain, via Euler’s Identity. “The shortest path between two truths in the real domain passes through the complex domain.” ~ Jacques Hadamardhttps://twitter.com/nntaleb/status/974019574088830976   Permalink 5:32 PM – 14 Mar 2018

@EmPee78 @nntaleb thank you for writing books that are meaningful pic.twitter.com/tSmzT7eOnp Permalink 3:01 PM – 14 Mar 2018

@RonPaul We are REALLY looking forward to having @nytimes multiple-time bestselling author @nntaleb joining us tomorrow Thursday live on the Liberty Report @noon ET on http://Youtube.com/RonPaulLibertyReport   Be there!!!https://twitter.com/nntaleb/status/974029403482189824   Permalink 2:11 PM – 14 Mar 2018

@nntaleb I will be discussing the point and inveighing against these depraved interventionistas w/o #skininthegame with @RonPaul and @DanielLMcAdams on Ron Paul’s channel tomorrow at noon. @RonPaulInstituthttps://twitter.com/RandPaul/status/973955597728088067   Permalink 2:08 PM – 14 Mar 2018

@HarryDCrane Data != information Data = information only if you understand it. Collecting more of something you don’t understand only leads to more confusion. Permalink 12:31 PM – 14 Mar 2018

@CutTheKnotMath A Trigonometric Identity for the Pi Day https://www.cut-the-knot.org/triangle/TrigonometricIdentityForAPiDay.shtml   #FigureThat #math #geometry #algebra ” target=”_blank”>http://pic.twitter.com/1VvPF4rtZk”>  pic.twitter.com/1VvPF4rtZk Permalink 11:30 AM – 14 Mar 2018

@JulianAssange My article on new US Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeohttps://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/julian-assange-the-cia-director-is-waging-war-on-truth-tellers-like-wikileaks/2017/04/25/b8aa5cfc-29c7-11e7-a616-d7c8a68c1a66_story.html?utm_term=.d32c33ee90fd   Permalink 10:09 AM – 14 Mar 2018

@rjboyle Someone anonymously gifted me a copy of latest book from @nntaleb. Thanks to whomever it may be! pic.twitter.com/UreVQHFIz1 Permalink 9:36 AM – 14 Mar 2018

@nntaleb https://medium.com/east-med-project-history-philology-and-genetics/when-did-lebanese-christians-start-speaking-french-771603969932   Permalink 7:23 AM – 14 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Those in “Colonialism” a la Ed. Said/Arabism studies are Fabricators. The French spent 22 years in Lebanon as military mandate (Italo-French was Christians’ education) The Ottomans spent ~501y The Mamluks spent ~220 y The Arabs spent ~250-350 y WTF is this Euro “colonialism”? Permalink 6:03 AM – 14 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Achrafieh, Taleb Family 1923-1972 pic.twitter.com/Cbx4oqPesh Permalink 5:49 AM – 14 Mar 2018

@nntaleb MACHINE LEARNING & FORECASTING Announcement: the M4 competition (Makridakis) is open. We will finally figure out how the various machine learning methods fare with time series, without the currently prevailing cherry-picking. https://www.m4.unic.ac.cy   ” target=”_blank”>http://pic.twitter.com/yjo9MJ987m”>  pic.twitter.com/yjo9MJ987m Permalink 4:09 AM – 14 Mar 2018

@WeAreLebanon Fascinating buildings in #Beirut By @elmaalouf #WeAreLebanon pic.twitter.com/9cRyEYKdGS Permalink 4:02 AM – 14 Mar 2018

@Confusezeus “Foregone Conclusionism” explained – deserves a hashtag: spot the #foregoneconclusionismhttps://twitter.com/neontaster/status/973630518246957056   Permalink 4:37 PM – 13 Mar 2018

@DShaywitz Also from @nntaleb Antifragile: skeptical about Baconian model academia -> applied science&tech ->practice; favors tinkering model, see below (includes contrast w/his take on model 1). cc @JamesBessen pic.twitter.com/uccpgz6MxL Permalink 10:28 AM – 13 Mar 2018

@normonics 2 things about Pompeo evidenced by DARK act I very much DO NOT like 1) D act was about denying states the ability to determine their own law. centralizer. what is the point of electing a republican if a centralizer?might as well be a dem. 2) D act was a favor to MON-corporatist Permalink 9:14 AM – 13 Mar 2018

@nntaleb This is a disaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaster.https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/973540316656623616   Permalink 6:32 AM – 13 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Decorators are not users. #skininthegamehttps://twitter.com/StephenFleming/status/973401515934195712   Permalink 6:23 AM – 13 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Our Page on GMOs http://www.fooledbyrandomness.com/PrecautionaryPrinciple.html   Permalink 4:34 AM – 13 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Monsanto’s fraudulent claims. Show me papers on tail risks of GMOs. Show me.https://twitter.com/Preschel/status/973508207208431616   Permalink 4:17 AM – 13 Mar 2018

@TMFStoffel Love this. @RalphNader ‘s host: “@nntaleb sounds a little…Republican.” @RalphNader: “You CANNOT pigeonhole him!!” Permalink 6:04 PM – 12 Mar 2018

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@nntaleb Is it possible to find anyone in the State Department w/ minimal reasoning abilities, in other words not brain dead?https://twitter.com/LinaArabii/status/869691250261315584   Permalink 3:15 PM – 1 Jun 2017

@nntaleb Sleep deprivation leads to random sign inversions! Found even sharper bounds Yan et al (2014, 2017) https://journalofinequalitiesandapplications.springeropen.com/articles/10.1186/s13660-017-1372-5   ” target=”_blank”>http://pic.twitter.com/eqBMmKr0jM”>  pic.twitter.com/eqBMmKr0jM Permalink 7:29 AM – 1 Jun 2017

@garyruskin The #MonsantoPapers on the front page of @LeMondefr in France. http://lemde.fr/2rtEAAK   http://bit.ly/2mJSyvq   ” target=”_blank”>http://pic.twitter.com/HVjYof76bE”>  pic.twitter.com/HVjYof76bE Permalink 7:04 AM – 1 Jun 2017

@nntaleb Jumping from 15th floor is just the same thing as taking the stairs, “just a bit quicker”? GMOs NOT same category as progressive tinkering Permalink 4:46 AM – 1 Jun 2017

@nntaleb Note that there has be NO Risk study for GMOs, NOT ONE. All Monsanto did instead was smear critics via shills. http://www.fooledbyrandomness.com/PrecautionaryPrinciple.html   Permalink 3:57 AM – 1 Jun 2017

@nntaleb Genetics work for populations given linearity of descent (haplo) But saying which genes => diseases/traits, NONONO.https://medium.com/incerto/where-you-cannot-generalize-from-knowledge-of-parts-continuation-to-the-minority-rule-ce96ca3c5739   Permalink 2:24 PM – 31 May 2017

@nntaleb Dietwald Clauss is hired by a PR firm to counter every comment on GMOs, demonize skeptics. He tried to infiltrate a picnic. Just Block. Permalink 12:10 PM – 31 May 2017

@NonMeek .@nntaleb The 2. and final strip on the topic of “misattributed causality” … still inspired by #Antifragile & #FooledByRandomness pic.twitter.com/VCDhkdISqG Permalink 10:37 AM – 31 May 2017

@nntaleb No pic.twitter.com/iW2tUeKPH5 Permalink 3:41 AM – 31 May 2017

@nntaleb …and if you don’t take risks there is absolutely nothing that can make you big.https://twitter.com/NaviStarLegal/status/869861523837026305   Permalink 3:26 AM – 31 May 2017

@nntaleb This solves the puzzle: French connection isn’t from crusaders (cross-entropy mito<haplo) but Neolithic/Bronze Age Eurasian migration pic.twitter.com/atrlLCdEoQ Permalink 3:25 AM – 31 May 2017

@M_Gauche Ummm, has @nntaleb seen this article yet? Figure he’d have done a victory lap by now:https://www.theverge.com/2017/5/30/15713536/ancient-egyptian-mummies-dna-genome-sequencing-near-east   Permalink 2:13 PM – 30 May 2017

@nntaleb Q: Why is differential entropy not used in genetic distance when it is the most natural way, as DNA IS Information? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross_entropy   Permalink 11:56 AM – 30 May 2017

@nntaleb Also it looks like the Levant was settled with Northerners before Akkadian invasion (few men), hence diff mito-haplo, even for Muslims. Permalink 8:45 AM – 30 May 2017

@nntaleb The French link is from the Crusades. As to Cyprus, it is closer on the Y chromosomes. Permalink 7:56 AM – 30 May 2017

@nntaleb We need Iran and Turkey Permalink 7:25 AM – 30 May 2017

@nntaleb Genetic distance for Lebanese using differential entropy on mitocondrial DNA using @PZalloua ‘s data. GoodPlaneride pic.twitter.com/4VCeTxksos Permalink 7:23 AM – 30 May 2017

@nntaleb It doesn’t mean that these at the top have 50% of the wealth (about 100 million for 50%) but that they have more than the bottom 50% Permalink 10:20 AM – 29 May 2017

@nntaleb Found something interesting attributed to drawdowns, from the works of @financequant Robert Frey modelled PTV & found no change historically pic.twitter.com/1Bp5uqGiiN Permalink 7:09 AM – 29 May 2017

@nntaleb Heading straight from airport so might be jetlagged. follow up tp https://arxiv.org/pdf/1609.02369.pdf   making the tails even worse. Permalink 6:57 AM – 29 May 2017

@nntaleb My BBQ minitalk tom. in NY (frm plane) on why it is error to use historical returns w/o extrapolating beyond maxima e.g.@WGoetzmann et al. pic.twitter.com/wLMndmzzux Permalink 6:51 AM – 29 May 2017

@nntaleb Antifragile: Things that Gain from Disorder v/s Messy: The Power of Disorder to Transform Our Lives @TimHarford (w/o attribution) Permalink 12:54 AM – 29 May 2017

@nntaleb They show concentration of of wealth among a few: as if these TOOK away from others rather than ADDED to the pot Wealth ≠ Rent Seeking !https://twitter.com/amazingmap/status/844508707849302016   Permalink 11:11 PM – 28 May 2017

@nntaleb Does Boulder have a resort/vacation feel to it? Permalink 10:57 PM – 28 May 2017

@nntaleb Saddest thing abt the Weinstein affair: he has to specify that he is “on the left”, as if it were a requirement to express an opinion. Permalink 10:46 PM – 28 May 2017

@nntaleb Most “humanities” profs have minimal erudition; they spent their time studying THEORIES made by other profs. Universities killed humanities Permalink 2:09 PM – 28 May 2017

@nntaleb “Study the classics” and “study the classics under academics” selected via “papers” are two different things. Permalink 12:02 PM – 28 May 2017

@nntaleb Most humanities as taught in colleges are BS. My only academic association is with an engineering school. Permalink 12:00 PM – 28 May 2017

@nntaleb The university system is on its way to go bust. It will regroup as separate technical schools devoid of “gender” & other BS studies.https://twitter.com/primalpoly/status/868894401229094912   Permalink 11:39 AM – 28 May 2017

@IndiTrades Examples of misattribution of discoveries/developments &/or cornering of credit by “Intellectuals” via @normonics @nntaleb pic.twitter.com/PXV9coVkey Permalink 7:38 AM – 28 May 2017

@nntaleb A quantitative comparison of spread of BS vs. NonBS Tweets by the same person.https://twitter.com/FrankLuntz/status/868596817251803138   Permalink 5:22 AM – 28 May 2017

@nntaleb The UK would have been a better place with Steve running 10 Downing St.https://twitter.com/stevehiltonx/status/868541930639982593   Permalink 12:32 PM – 27 May 2017

@NonMeek .@nntaleb “Mistaking the merely associative with the causal.” another great lesson from #Antifragile and #FooledByRandomness pic.twitter.com/XG4kpQJQ4b Permalink 10:58 AM – 27 May 2017

@nntaleb Friends, a question. What’s the most representative vacation place in Colorado for hiking/flaneuring/eating? Permalink 6:31 AM – 27 May 2017

@nntaleb I just published “The Merchandising of Virtue”https://medium.com/p/the-merchandising-of-virtue-b548762658f0   Permalink 3:19 AM – 27 May 2017

@nntaleb Finally, thanks, the new Intro for a few hours. Only info needed is “smoothness” for many ideas to squeeze in it. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50282823/SkinExcerpts.pdf   Permalink 6:55 PM – 26 May 2017

@nntaleb See Yaneer @yaneerbaryam work: better fences make better neighbors. Permalink 6:14 PM – 26 May 2017

@nntaleb When @Nigel_Farage told EuroMPs: “None of you had a proper job”, they didn’t get it. To get it, you need to have to make a P/L, not a salary Permalink 4:30 PM – 26 May 2017

@nntaleb The only solution for the Copts is a self-governing enclave. Other Egyptians call that “sectarian”. F*** them. Mabiḣikkak illa ḋufrak,https://twitter.com/MaxAbrahms/status/868234076037238789   Permalink 4:00 PM – 26 May 2017

@nntaleb With @sez_dss in a pastry store in Amioun. Owner told us that I looked like the Black Swan author who lives in America. “Maybe a little bit” Permalink 5:51 AM – 26 May 2017

@nntaleb “Never give weapons to a fool. You may harm him and harm others.” Permalink 2:33 AM – 26 May 2017

@nntaleb Esseleḣ bi’id elḱara byijraḣ (about arm sales) Permalink 2:32 AM – 26 May 2017

@nntaleb …rather “because” ‘body slamming’ journalisthttps://twitter.com/anon_eu/status/867995624225910784   Permalink 1:32 AM – 26 May 2017

@nntaleb The gist: If you have the courage to put your intellectual integrity before your reputation, nothing can break you.https://medium.com/@nntaleb/commencement-address-american-university-in-beirut-2016-a5c6d57984b   Permalink 3:14 PM – 25 May 2017

@nntaleb If you want to make your children feel better, much better after losing a game of chess, show them Kasparov’s geopolitical tweets.https://twitter.com/Kasparov63/status/867822092762402816   Permalink 12:40 PM – 25 May 2017

@nntaleb Interventionistas: Nothing worse than dogs playing wolves pic.twitter.com/NvuKTtqdkO Permalink 6:58 AM – 25 May 2017

@nntaleb There is nothing more bewildering than dogs claiming to be wolves. pic.twitter.com/gzEtnyqpxi Permalink 5:32 AM – 25 May 2017

@nntaleb Thanks for the comments: I smoothed out the Prologue. Reposting for 3-4 hours. Ignore typos: interest is smoothness. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50282823/SITG-Excerpts2.pdf   Permalink 4:40 AM – 25 May 2017

@nntaleb I’ve spent most of my life explaining/proving that Eastern Med != Middle East. Near East perhaps. Trump is right from intuition.https://twitter.com/yashar/status/866757128501035008   Permalink 6:23 PM – 24 May 2017

@nntaleb So he defines “elderly” as a category that is old, but not… old? Find a person between 2 thresholds: old but not old, poor but not poor. Permalink 6:01 PM – 24 May 2017

@nntaleb A “poor” “elderly” person has Medicaid & Medicare, for which we pay > 1.2 Trillion. If this fellow fooling himself?https://twitter.com/SteveRattner/status/867515245836857345   Permalink 5:55 PM – 24 May 2017

@nntaleb In Lebanon, everyone I meet is thrilled abt @realDonaldTrump “stripping” the Saudis & asking me “why didn’t he make a stop in Qatar”? Permalink 5:39 PM – 24 May 2017

@nntaleb Can someone answer his question? Eventually when you support Al Qaeda in Syria, it will come back to visit you in Manchester & … Foolshttps://twitter.com/ShehabiFares/status/867434742458839041   Permalink 5:24 PM – 24 May 2017

@EricRWeinstein SJWs targeting my brother Prof. @BretWeinstein pulled 1 video of their bullying as it went viral. So here’s another: https://www.facebook.com/blakub/videos/10212714974211358/  https://twitter.com/EricRWeinstein/status/867432790588923905   Permalink 2:39 PM – 24 May 2017

@bostoncakepan In “Antifragile,” @nntaleb shows that, empirically, university research is a terrible investment. Tinkerers discover things, not researchershttps://twitter.com/JunkScience/status/867378576030650373   Permalink 6:59 AM – 24 May 2017

@nntaleb Note 1: What I am bring: languages follow a minority rule, genes a majority rule. (Linguists dont’ get it.)https://medium.com/incerto/the-most-intolerant-wins-the-dictatorship-of-the-small-minority-3f1f83ce4e15   Permalink 6:04 AM – 24 May 2017

@nntaleb 6 Maronites are indigenous of Mount Leb, religion migrated not pple (investigating oth groups) 7 Languages travel independent of genes Permalink 5:59 AM – 24 May 2017

@nntaleb 4 Arabs did not settle in the coastal Levant 5 Data shows distinction between Canaanites & Hebrews, doesn’t contradict Biblical claims Permalink 5:53 AM – 24 May 2017

@nntaleb 1 Phoenicians aren’t the “pple of the sea” 2 North Levant genetics heavily Greco-Iranian 3 Myth of Europa backed by Levant-Greek migrations Permalink 5:44 AM – 24 May 2017

@nntaleb Science gives us a real map of roots, better than BS laden history (Salibi) or the fake-science called linguistics. 7 Myths abt Levant Permalink 5:40 AM – 24 May 2017

@nntaleb Zalloua has 12K DNA samples, largest DB for Phoenicia. He just hired me as his data scientist for the Levant Project (unaware of my temper). pic.twitter.com/9pG7C5FpUV Permalink 5:34 AM – 24 May 2017

@nntaleb BTW Fooled by Randomness was self-edited. Permalink 5:19 AM – 24 May 2017

@nntaleb Don’t tell my publisher. I am posting the first 50 pages of SITG for 3-4 hours, for comment on readability/clarity. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50282823/introSITG.pdf   Permalink 6:44 PM – 23 May 2017

@nntaleb If you want more evidence that finance academics still don’t know that they are unfit.https://twitter.com/gkaram/status/867183614034890753   Permalink 6:02 PM – 23 May 2017

@nntaleb An academic, even like Bernanke, lecturing about markets is like an assistant nail salon technician lecturing on brain surgery.https://twitter.com/zerohedge/status/867179616724807680   Permalink 5:51 PM – 23 May 2017

@nntaleb The argument for federalism pic.twitter.com/8AkBClYZAi Permalink 5:40 PM – 23 May 2017

@nntaleb Dershowitz is a liberal who thinks; immune ag the Trump Logical Hallucination Syndrome. http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/05/20/alan-dershowitz-pulverizes-liberal-anti-trump-russia-theories-and-nearly-leaves-carlson-speechless/   via @chrisenloe @theblaze Permalink 5:15 PM – 23 May 2017

@EHSANI22 3-Law & Order has returned. Government services are back. #Aleppo residents now joke that the place looks like Switzerland in comparison Permalink 4:17 PM – 23 May 2017

@nntaleb Evidence from Koura shows that genes of Christians are Greco-Anatolian. More TK Also Phoenicians & Assyrians were not “Semitic” by DNA, pic.twitter.com/4C6NL4vvLq Permalink 4:10 PM – 23 May 2017

@nntaleb Here is the derivation for a,b,c>1, thanks to a plane ride to Northern Phoenicia pic.twitter.com/edB6S67N5G Permalink 3:23 PM – 23 May 2017

@GuruAnaerobic Suicide bombers: “Putting the skin on terrorists” from 6th May. @nntaleb @TRobinsonNewErahttps://medium.com/incerto/the-skin-of-others-in-your-game-3f51d8ccc3fb   Permalink 12:44 AM – 23 May 2017

@nntaleb Hopefully it will help convince the administration it’s not Putin-Assad-Iran-Catherine the Great but Wahhabi grown stuff. Permalink 4:36 PM – 22 May 2017

@nntaleb You can bet it’s not the Iranians just accused of suporting “terrorism”, but grown in some Saudi sponsored madrassah.https://twitter.com/zerohedge/status/866796747045179393   Permalink 4:28 PM – 22 May 2017

@nntaleb No no no no nohttps://medium.com/incerto/where-you-cannot-generalize-from-knowledge-of-parts-continuation-to-the-minority-rule-ce96ca3c5739?source=linkShare-f138bf5466fe-1495482249   Permalink 12:44 PM – 22 May 2017

@nntaleb On my way to Northern Phoenicia to work on final draft of #SkinInTheGame Planted ~300 olive trees. pic.twitter.com/UxS2RmlNAJ Permalink 11:56 AM – 22 May 2017

@nntaleb Maltese has been successful in separating from Arabic. https://mt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lingwa_Maltija   Fawwato filmet franjieh xa liġton w bye7ko mitl ma byektbo Permalink 6:27 AM – 22 May 2017

@nntaleb La’anno fi kilmet bil ṫ w bil ż w bil ḋ ma bitbayyin maxkun bi tari’tkun. Bass nazzel el font w bitcuf cu ahyan Permalink 6:22 AM – 22 May 2017

@nntaleb Isocrates’ Dynamic #SkinInTheGame Conduct yourself toward your parents as you would have your children conduct themselves toward you Permalink 6:19 AM – 22 May 2017

@nntaleb xam jarreb estaxmel hayda la’ktub liġitna xa tari’ LLL (cuf ‘llink taḣt wl fonts) Fi ‘lwaḣad ye’ra ceġle hayk? http://www.lebaneselanguage.org/lll-system/lebanese-latin-letters/   Permalink 6:38 PM – 21 May 2017

@RonPaul Many thanks to @zerohedge for picking up our Liberty Report interview with @nntaleb Nassim Nicholas Taleb: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-05-21/taleb-state-department-interventionistas-face-zero-risk-their-bad-decisions   ” target=”_blank”>http://pic.twitter.com/HrxAsh9hCz”>  pic.twitter.com/HrxAsh9hCz Permalink 3:48 PM – 21 May 2017

@nntaleb By the same fake-generalization, BS vendors try to portray the public as being “anti-expert” instead of being anti BS vendors. Permalink 3:04 PM – 21 May 2017

@nntaleb Where the pseudo left prove that: they hate Trump more than they love Saudi Arabia. (Revelation of preferences)https://twitter.com/KenRoth/status/866001274700955649   Permalink 12:56 PM – 21 May 2017

@nntaleb As I just said:https://twitter.com/KenRoth/status/866001274700955649   Permalink 12:17 PM – 21 May 2017

@nntaleb Every time I bust a BS vendor his reaction is that I call “everyone else” an idiot. No, sorry Mr Nichols: BS vendor is BS vendor.https://twitter.com/RadioFreeTom/status/866355195168555008   Permalink 11:39 AM – 21 May 2017

@JohnMinehan1 Now, Let us re-tweet “Ceterum censeo Wahabistanem esse delendam.”https://twitter.com/nntaleb/status/866299308014010368   Permalink 7:59 AM – 21 May 2017

@nntaleb But the main accomplishment of @realDonaldTrump’s trip is to rally his detractors against Saudi Barbaria. Now recite: “Delenda Wahabistan”. Permalink 7:27 AM – 21 May 2017

@nntaleb Citing @davidgraeber on how Goldman Sachs is communist from within pic.twitter.com/9oflQxZwao Permalink 5:48 AM – 21 May 2017

@nntaleb Expain to me why I shd read an “expert analysis” on “WHY TRUMP WON” by pple who thought it was impossible. #2ndOrder http://resources.hoover.org/why-trump-won/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_content=look1&utm_campaign=whytrumpwon   Permalink 5:03 AM – 21 May 2017

@nntaleb The Saudis make @realDonaldTrump feel he is a king, while Washington & West make him feel he doesn’t belong. He now owes them something. Permalink 4:00 PM – 20 May 2017

@nntaleb What @realDonaldTrump is doing: sucking in the last $100 billion before the bankruptcy of SaudiBarbaria. If anything, cruel to the Saudis.https://twitter.com/OAmKorAr/status/865974737910079488   Permalink 10:21 AM – 20 May 2017

@nntaleb Interesting reading by Mercier and Sperber. “Smart”, i.e. SocietHarvardified pple are just better at explaining their hallucinations. pic.twitter.com/5JUYHvtjeY Permalink 7:16 AM – 20 May 2017

@nntaleb Cherrypicked analogies as hallucination aid. I wrote an entire book, Fooled by Randomness, 2001, on seeing mosques in the clouds.https://twitter.com/BeschlossDC/status/865660847670018048   Permalink 6:39 AM – 20 May 2017

@nntaleb I find puzzling that one needs to run & pay for, a study to figure out that journos become journos BECAUSE they have severe deficits.https://twitter.com/MDiPaolaMD/status/865728365617197056   Permalink 5:45 PM – 19 May 2017

@Cernovich They are gonna hate you anyway, @realDonaldTrump. Now is the time for boldness. Pardon Julian Assange / @wikileaks. #PardonJulian Permalink 2:28 PM – 19 May 2017

Bush/Saudis, BofE Seminar, Wolfram, Penrose, Scientism, Koura, Olive Oil | Twitter

@nntaleb When will Donaldo @realDonaldTrump discuss Classified links betw Bush dynasty & the Saudis (indirectly) behind 9/11? https://twitter.com/maxkeiser/status/699353190882537473   Permalink 2:05 PM – 15 Feb 2016

@nntaleb PDF of slides (temporary) of my BofE Seminar
http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/research/Pages/seminars/180216.aspx   Permalink 1:56 PM – 15 Feb 2016

@nntaleb One should wait 10 y before reviewing a book. Just started appreciating
1) New Kind of Science (Wolfram)
2) The Road to Reality (Penrose) Permalink 1:20 PM – 15 Feb 2016

@nntaleb Being openly “pro-scientism” is equivalent of being openly “pro-charlatanism”. @RupertRead Permalink 7:09 AM – 15 Feb 2016

@nntaleb The summary of talk on Fragility at B of E
https://twitter.com/bankofengland/status/699193965795373058   pic.twitter.com/WbR4w48VRU Permalink 5:20 AM – 15 Feb 2016

@nntaleb In Lebanon, the Koura district (χωριά) (my home) produces olive oil, but the high quality is NEVER sold commercially. @ntbay @StopponiMario Permalink 3:55 AM – 15 Feb 2016

@nntaleb Happy that both Bernie Sanders & Donaldo @realDonaldTrump find absurd interventionist policy/support for Saudi Barbaria& rebels in Syria. Permalink 3:30 AM – 15 Feb 2016

@nntaleb LEcture will be webcast here