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NNT on Reason TV!

Treat! From Reason’s Nick Gillespie sat down with Taleb for a wide-ranging discussion about why debt leads to fragility (5:16); the importance of “skin in the game” to a properly functioning financial system (10:45); why large banks should be nationalized (21:47); why technology won’t rule the future (24:20); the value of studying the classics […]

Nassim Taleb – The Banker’s Scam – BBC Newsnight

BBC Newsnight invited NNT on to discuss the recent JP Morgan $3B investment loss fiasco. “Friends, thanks to Ktenneh’s help we have this statement of exasperation with the bankers’ scam.”

Video! Nassim Taleb Zurich Minds 2011

I must be slacking. I knew this event was scheduled but I hadn’t seen the video until today! ZURICH.MINDS 2011, Antifragility. Talk with Rolf Dobelli

Re: NNT Princeton Event

Reader Jonc wrote with a report from the recent Princeton lecture. He graciously allowed me to reprint his letter here: Dear John I attended the event with South Jersey artist Nancy Jackson.. The audio visual gremlins normally present were not at this presentation of NNT’s concept of Antifragility… they were at both the Stevens and […]

Nassim Taleb BBC 4 Analysis

Nassim Nicholas Taleb: Downing Street guru   Downing Street’s favourite intellectual is Nassim Nicolas Taleb, author of the best selling book The Black Swan. Janan Ganesh of The Economist investigates his appeal.Mon, 12 Mar 12Download: home: