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Category Archives: Antifragility

Exploring the Practice of Antifragility

Hello, Really appreciate . . . During 2015, as a group of practitioners who use “antifragility” we hosted a number of panel/webinar conversations regarding Antifragility (Practice Beyond the Rhetoric!) . . . To continue expanding the community as well as sharing/learning from one another, we have *just* published an Amazon Kindle eBook entitled […]


Applied Antifragility.

How to Read Antifragile | Patrick Geoghegan

It is important to read anti-fragile twice. Mostly, because it is all about the same thing. It is not a sequence, development or progression. The author defines his idea in the first section, but it only emerges out of repeated oscillations between more theoretical and technical descriptions, and real-world examples. Here’s a model I’ve used […]

Democracy makes India more robust than China, says Nassim Nicholas Taleb | Economic Times

You mentioned in a Foreign Policy article that Saudi Arabia is an easy call if oil falls by $30 a barrel. Now, it is more than $50. How do you see Saudi Arabia going forward? I know that Saudi Arabia is a very, very fragile country, probably the one that’s most fragile for a lot […]

Ai Weiwei is Living in Our Future — Hans de Zwart

How? An answer to that question would probably require another speech. But I’d like to point in what I think is the right direction. And for that, we need to start with Nassim Taleb, the ‘enfant terrible’ of the academic world. Nassim TalebTaleb has carefully cultivated the image of a bully for himself, somebody who […]