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Antifragile Movement

Not an endorsement, just an observation. AboutAntifragile Movement educates people about the implementation of the concept of antifragility in our daily lives in order to become less fragile.MissionAntifragile Movement was founded by Rachid Tahri. It educates people about the implementation of the concept of antifragility, discovered by Nassim Nicolas Taleb, in our daily lives in […]

Beyond “Sissy” Resilience: On Becoming Antifragile | The Art of Manliness

Antifragile things have built-in redundancies. This point stuck out to me the most. Unlike fragile systems/organizations/people, antifragile things don’t make efficiency the primary goal. For the antifragile, thriving in randomness is the goal, which often requires being “inefficient” through layering redundancies. As Taleb notes: “Redundancy is ambiguous because it seems like a waste if nothing […]

Antifragile Libraries pt 2: Antifragile librarianship | It’s Not About the Books

In my last post we considered the idea of Antifragility and how libraries might consider making our collections more anti-fragile. Today I’d like to discuss how we take the antifragile concept further by considering an antifragile approach to discovery, as well as exploring librarianship as a tool for antifragilism. Arguably, the whole idea of libraries, […]

Antifragile Libraries pt 1: Antifragility and collections | It’s Not About the Books

I recently read Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s excellent book Antifragile: how to live in a world we don’t understand. It’s a rather sprawling, heavily footnoted opus – but with time to reflect I think Taleb has a great deal to teach librarians. Given the word count Taleb assigns to railing against bureaucrats, corporations, universities and government […]

The Antifragile Diet | Dr Khandee Ahnaimugan

Not exactly but… Great to see NNT’s concepts making their way into the mainstream.HatTip to Pradeep But this lack of flexibility and the fact that every transgression is a strike against you, make dieting an unsustainable proposition for most people. So what’s the alternative? Is there an antifragile way of losing weight? The alternative approach […]