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Monthly Archives: October 2010

An interesting fellow:

An interesting fellow: – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaen.wikipedia.orgPosidonius (Greek: Ποσειδώνιος / Poseidonios, meaning “of Poseidon”) “of Apameia” (ὁ Ἀπαμεύς) or “of Rhodes” …

النسر ما بيلقط دبان

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The Eagle will not feed on flies.
‫النسر ما بيلقط دبان‬

Economic Sciences as Mostly a Procrustean Bed – 2010 – Events – Public events – Home

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NNT to launch his new book Dec.7 at this free public London School of Economics event. They say podcasts of the event should be available a few days later! You know where to find it.
STICERD public lecture

A Day in Heaven – NNT Visits Umberto Eco

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NNT with Umberto Eco, in the library. I see only a slight resemblance.
A Day in Heaven

Twenty-First Century Stoic — From Zen to Zeno: How I Became a Stoic – Boing Boing

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Have been interested in Stoicism since hearing NNT talk about it. This book might be a good way in.
On adopting Stoicism, I discovered how much the world has changed since the philosophy was first formulated. Back then, if you told s…