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Monthly Archives: March 2013

To check the fragility of a given activity…

To check the fragility of a given activity and position, check how it feels to have “former” attached to one’s name. Best to select identities that never have “former” in them. Your name is the only true “rigid designation”, one that cannot wash away. via To check the… | Facebook.

Big Data Caveats, Front and Center – Information Management Blogs Article

Given that backdrop, Taleb’s misgivings on big data and analytics aren’t at all surprising: “We’re more fooled by noise than ever before, and it’s because of a nasty phenomenon called “big data.” With big data, researchers have brought cherry-picking to an industrial level … Modernity provides too many variables, but too little data per variable. […]

“Antifragilität” von Nassim Taleb: Größenwahnsinnig und toll – Wirtschaft – Sü

Der Maniker, um den es geht, heißt Nassim Nicholas Taleb, und sein Opus Magnum mit dem Titel “Antifragilität” ist in diesen Tagen auf Deutsch erschienen. Es ist, ganz unbescheiden, eine Theorie von allem. Und doch keine Weltformel, weil die Welt ja unverständlich ist und daher auch Nassim Taleb nur weiß, dass er nichts weiß – […]

Life is about execution rather than purpose.

Life is about execution rather than purpose. via Life is about… | Facebook.

The U.S. Debt Through A Lens Concavely – Seeking Alpha

In his now cult classic book, “Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder”, iconoclastic thinker Nassim Taleb weighs in on such diverse topics as how the “losers” in history eventually prevail, why Thanksgiving turkeys should not make future predictions based strictly on the past and why an increase in theoretical understanding of medicine actually leads to […]