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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Tail Risk Measurement Heuristics

Tail Risk Measurement Heuristics by Nassim Nicholas Taleb One Bank Flagship Seminar Published on Jan 17, 2017

Left, Received Ideas, Minority Rule, Naive Interventionism, Flamboyance

@nntaleb Statistically, the terrorists who killed the largest number of Americans were from Saudi Barbaria. Just a reminder. Permalink 12:41 PM – 25 Jan 2017 @nntaleb Who’s coming to my Cambridge tawk? We can sample potential topic. Permalink 3:32 AM – 25 Jan 2017 @nntaleb Genes and languages don’t line up necessarily! See Turkey, Cyprus, […]

Extreme Events and How to Live with Them | Cambridge College 1/27/17

Extreme Events and How to Live with Them Professor Nassim Nicholas Taleb, New York ClockFriday 27 January 2017, 17:30-18:30 HouseLMH, Lady Mitchell Hall.

An Expert Called Lindy | Medium

An Expert Called Lindy Lindy is a deli in New York, now a tourist trap, that proudly claims to be famous for its cheesecake, but in fact has been known for the fifty or so years of interpretation by physicists and mathematicians of the heuristic that developed there. Actors who hung out there gossiping about […]

Of Black Swans And Intellectual Fallacies 1/19/17 Jaipur

Join @nntaleb as he discusses his multi-volume essay on uncertainty with writer & economist @davidmcw at Cox & Kings Charbagh at #ZEEJLF. — ZEE Jaipur Lit Fest (@ZEEJLF) January 4, 2017 Registration: