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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Concentration In Equality Monstrously Increased In Obama Regime: Nassim Taleb | CNBC-TV18

#IRMA2017, Michael Spagat, Bielefeld, Monsanto, Nowruz, Nudging Class, #StopArmingTerrorists Act | Twitter

@nntaleb I bought your book BECAUSE of the fierceness of his negative review. @holland_tom Permalink 12:25 AM – 28 Mar 2017 @nntaleb .@holland_tom If true, this confirms he is an ethical asshole. He trashed you BECAUSE you preempted his thesis, not because you were wrong. Permalink 12:22 AM – 28 Mar 2017 @nntaleb “Der Intoleranteste […]

Of Black Swans and Intellectual Fallacies | ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival 2017

Published on Jan 22, 2017 Nassim Nicholas Taleb introduced by David McWilliams

The Facts are True, the News is Fake | Medium

The Facts are True, the News is Fake How to Disagree with Yourself The Ethics of Disagreement Now let us get deeper into the application of the Silver Rule in intellectual debates. You can criticize either what a person said or what the person meant. The former is more sensational, hence lends itself more readily […]

Only The Rich Are Poisoned: The Preference of Others | Medium

Only The Rich Are Poisoned: The Preference of Others The salesman is the boss — How to drink poison — Advertising and manipulation Very few people understand their own choices, and end up being manipulated by those who want to sell them something. In that sense, impoverishment might be something desirable. Looking at Saudi Arabia which should progressively revert to […]