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Nassim Taleb BBC 4 Analysis

Nassim Nicholas Taleb: Downing Street guru   Downing Street’s favourite intellectual is Nassim Nicolas Taleb, author of the best selling book The Black Swan. Janan Ganesh of The Economist investigates his appeal.Mon, 12 Mar 12Download: home:

nntaleb: Finished My Central Paper

nntaleb: Finished My Central Paper Nassim Nicholas Taleb: The “Fragility” Crisis is Just Begun

Christopher Lydon / Nassim Taleb telephone interview. Link to source and synopsis. 3. On bailouts: My analogy is to the gambler who is now gambling with the trust fund of his unborn great-great-granchildren… Prudence should be the first thing on the agenda of governments, not speculation. Stimulus packages are speculation… We are gambling on […]

Nassim Taleb Issues for Investment Officers Now

HatTip to Dave Lull.   [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=] ai5000 interviews Nassim TalebThis is a link to the streaming video (which wasn’t  playing very well the day I discovered it. Just added the YouTube links). So I made an audio recording of it. You’ll hear a few skips and pops and the last few […]

Nassim Taleb Bloomberg 05/13/10

HatTip to EG! [youtube=] NNT was also on CNBC yesterday. The interviewers get in the way somewhat but it’s worth watching.