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Nassim Nicholas Taleb: A thinker with an antifragile ego

Before The Black Swan was published, Taleb had been a prophet without honour in the United States. “I knew before the crash that the system was going to blow up. In 2003, I went to the New York Times and said, ‘Fannie Mae [the Federal National Mortgage Association] is sitting on dynamite with taxpayers’ money. These guys are going to blow up with my money because they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing risk-wise.’” But the “Gray Lady” didn’t listen. “I just had smear campaign after smear campaign.”

Taleb is currently engaged in a feud with the Times’s star columnist Thomas Friedman “He’s after me now”, whom he lambasts in the book for being a cheerleader for the Iraq war. Like the senior executives at the bailed-out banks, Friedman “paid no price for his mistakes”.

via Nassim Nicholas Taleb: A thinker with an antifragile ego.

New Yorker Video: Nassim Taleb on Risk and Robustness

For the inaugural video in the New Yorker Currents series, Nassim Nicholas Taleb talks with James Surowiecki about the causes of the 2008 financial crisis and the future of the economy.


Nassim Taleb Bloomberg 05/13/10

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NNT was also on CNBC yesterday. The interviewers get in the way somewhat but it’s worth watching.