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(cont) IN CHAPTER 5, Why to stay out of the recognition game:

(cont)IN CHAPTER 5, Why to stay out of the recognition game:

There is another dimension to the need to focus on actions and avoid words: the health-eroding dependence on external recognition. People are cruel and unfair in the way they devolve recognition, so it is best to stay out of that game. Stay robust to the treatment by others. Nero at some stage befriended a scientist of legendary status, a giant for whom he had an immense respect. Although the fellow was about as prominent as one could get in his field (in the eye of others), he spent his time focused on what status he had that week in the scientific community. He would get enraged at authors “who did not cite” him or at some committee granting a medal he never received to someone else judged inferior, that impostor!

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Wouldn’t it be unethical for a thinker…

Wouldn’t it be unethical for a thinker or a scholar, or a philosopher to accept an award ? Doesn’t it imply the debasement of knowledge by turning it into competitive sports?
(Friends, I would love to hear your opinions; I made up my mind so far but this is an interesting ethical question, and one that would determine all my future decisions. )

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My PRINCIPLES 1 skin in the game

My PRINCIPLES 1 skin in the game 2 anti-interventionism by Fragilistas, 3 anti-militarism, 4 Decentralization size effects, 5 Avoiding bureaucrats and empty suits having too much power over citizens, 6 anti-deficits coming from bureaucrats, 7 some SCRUTINY of the Fed and its ability to play with money for the benefit of bankers, 8 Liberty.IN SHORT: an anti-fragile system.

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One should support…

One should support candidates according to one’s belief and sense of honor; not opportunistically by standing for the one most likely to win.
For those of you who can make it to California Tuesday night.

TUESDAY, MAY 1, 2012 AYRES HOTEL MANHATTAN BEACH/HAWTHORNE Hosted by Mark Spitznagel with Dr. Nassim Taleb

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