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@nntaleb What people aren’t getting about Trump. (updated)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKW0LbeiWio   Permalink 7:51 AM – 19 May 2017

@nntaleb Follow today @CutTheKnotMath if you are remotely into math. Permalink 7:47 AM – 19 May 2017

@nntaleb Nothing like a visual solution to a seemingly intractable problem. pic.twitter.com/evkzTAdVgR Permalink 7:43 AM – 19 May 2017

@nntaleb How most people cannot figure out Trump https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2017-05-18/taleb-sees-worse-tail-risks-than-in-2007-video   via @markets Permalink 1:44 PM – 18 May 2017

@nntaleb Bloomberg TV in Vegas… their camera makes me gain weight! https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2017-05-18/taleb-sees-worse-tail-risks-than-in-2007-video   via @markets Permalink 12:22 PM – 18 May 2017

@nntaleb I am in Las Vegas. I am told that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Now does that apply to calories? (My friends are asking.) Permalink 9:43 AM – 18 May 2017

@nntaleb Next weekhttps://twitter.com/extrachelle/status/865233458049806336   Permalink 8:56 AM – 18 May 2017

@nntaleb The problem with pple without skin in the game: they genuinely EQUATE intelligence, culture, & ethics with being on the left.https://twitter.com/normonics/status/865219581266325504   Permalink 8:43 AM – 18 May 2017

@Cernovich Fox News wanted to go “mainstream,” all that happened is they lost viewers. Murdoch sons are beta males.http://money.cnn.com/2017/05/17/media/fox-news-msnbc-cnn-trump-ratings/index.html   Permalink 8:19 PM – 17 May 2017

@nntaleb A twist for Holder’s Ineq. pic.twitter.com/EZZzFJLj5q Permalink 5:44 PM – 17 May 2017

@nntaleb Las Vegas: mostly prediabetic men in shorts. (#3) Permalink 4:17 PM – 17 May 2017

@nntaleb No. https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2876315   @dottorpaxhttps://twitter.com/sapinker/status/864854207622512642   Permalink 9:34 AM – 17 May 2017

@nntaleb Voilahttps://twitter.com/julianassange/status/864687052452921344   Permalink 6:08 AM – 17 May 2017

@nntaleb What do you prefer, to be a BS Vendor but Bill Gates think you are solid (@sapinker), or be solid but Bill Gates think you are a BS vendor?https://twitter.com/berniewidmer/status/864518712770146304   Permalink 11:12 AM – 16 May 2017

@nntaleb How do I know that Gardner coauthor of @PTetlock is total charlatan? Charlatans engage in BS & strawman arguments. We considered homicide pic.twitter.com/50rR6GFl9X Permalink 8:22 AM – 16 May 2017

@nntaleb If you are not worried about the minority rule under globalization, you don’t understand globalization nor anything.https://medium.com/incerto/the-most-intolerant-wins-the-dictatorship-of-the-small-minority-3f1f83ce4e15   Permalink 7:01 AM – 16 May 2017

@nntaleb The “blasphemy” was mere interpretation of rights. Soon in a place near you…http://thefederalist.com/2017/05/16/islamists-just-threw-christian-politician-jail-blasphemy-quran/#.WRsE5BANqwg.twitter   Permalink 6:57 AM – 16 May 2017

@nntaleb Great map for someone exactly half Greek half Phoenician!https://twitter.com/holland_tom/status/864468793992597504   Permalink 6:44 AM – 16 May 2017

@nntaleb Note that this charlatan Gardner doesn’t know that statistically homicide+violence frm war= violence frm war: thintail + fattail= fattail. Permalink 6:05 AM – 16 May 2017

@nntaleb Note that this charlatan Gardner doesn’t know that statistically homicide+violence frm war= violence frm war: thintail + fattail= fattail. Permalink 6:05 AM – 16 May 2017

@nntaleb Simple method showing SP500 is incompatible with anything but powerlaw tail. Left tail exponent between 2.2 and 2.8 pic.twitter.com/Gsy4rSUGV6 Permalink 5:33 AM – 16 May 2017

@nntaleb Not me!https://twitter.com/dermot_lyons/status/864238543169650688   Permalink 3:15 PM – 15 May 2017

@nntaleb For those interested, here is our work w/@DrCirillo on violence.Process is VERY fat tailed,nearly Levy distribution https://arxiv.org/pdf/1505.04722.pdf   Permalink 1:31 PM – 15 May 2017

@nntaleb I wrote history jumps (FatTails), not continuous (Wiener) process. Charlatan Gardner cherrypicks to crime rate at 1 scale,not total violence Permalink 1:16 PM – 15 May 2017

@nntaleb This book is not a book, but a monument. I have been reading rules from it for 10 years.https://twitter.com/stephen_wolfram/status/863976243481513988   Permalink 11:59 AM – 15 May 2017

@nntaleb I knew from his books @dgardner was ignorant. Didn’t realize so much. 1-violence fat tailed 2-Prob dist assc w/ time scale/granularity.https://twitter.com/dgardner/status/864166026249949188   Permalink 11:49 AM – 15 May 2017

@nntaleb Some write so they can remember thing, I write to forget. in Bed of Procrusteshttps://twitter.com/dottorpax/status/864100932354797568   Permalink 6:06 AM – 15 May 2017

@nntaleb Freedom is never free. It requires risk taking. #Skininthegame pic.twitter.com/Zg5H73ptxW Permalink 5:16 AM – 15 May 2017

@nntaleb Mr Kloor, I’m sure that Dan Drezner wouldn’t be excited to discover he associated w/an unethical shill w/Monsanto agenda just to spite me. Permalink 4:29 AM – 15 May 2017

@nntaleb Fixed some errors pic.twitter.com/I9TZvstQbQ Permalink 4:22 PM – 14 May 2017

@nntaleb One can use option algebra to prove Hlawka’s inequality. A note after a problem by Maestro Bogomolny (@CutTheKnotMath) pic.twitter.com/MIJKK6IUkW Permalink 4:15 PM – 14 May 2017

@nntaleb 2) Drezner boy you have never done science so stay in your WP world and don’t lecture on stat procedures. Permalink 2:01 PM – 14 May 2017

@nntaleb Drezner boy before you usual BS outside your field, ask. We want to have data AUDITED but not by someone both ignorant & in bad faith. Permalink 2:00 PM – 14 May 2017

@nntaleb Just did some flaneuring there… But forgot about this passagehttps://twitter.com/JSuchJ/status/863809557478477825   Permalink 10:41 AM – 14 May 2017

@nntaleb The best argument against aIgorithmic decision making.https://twitter.com/Cyberlibris/status/863805681522102272   Permalink 10:22 AM – 14 May 2017

@nntaleb Most convincing argument is the “zero-intelligence trading” experiments by which markets separate from participants https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero-intelligence_trader   Permalink 10:09 AM – 14 May 2017

@RonPaul The marketplace is the natural government of man http://www.ronpaullibertyreport.com/archives/the-marketplace-is-the-natural-government-of-man   ” target=”_blank”>http://pic.twitter.com/IGUjZ3cDIh”>  pic.twitter.com/IGUjZ3cDIh Permalink 9:23 AM – 14 May 2017

@nntaleb Fake virtue, how socialits tend to not have skin in their game, how Hillary abuses household staff, etc. pic.twitter.com/eUQav4opeN Permalink 7:33 AM – 14 May 2017

@nntaleb What I define as “an assistant” is someone not hired for a specific task (say a plumber, a typesetter), but more general one. Kapish? Permalink 5:45 AM – 14 May 2017

@nntaleb Nothing in the foundations of RATIONAL decision th prevents you from walking away fr0m monetary gains Binmore’s book https://www.amazon.com/review/R28375834E3FQE/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=0691130744   Permalink 3:27 PM – 13 May 2017

@nntaleb Revenge isn’t just revenge. It’s a deterrent. Permalink 2:45 PM – 13 May 2017

@nntaleb In debate btw @MaxAbrahms and @JulianRoepcke, Max proves clarity of mind & logic, Roepcke all bad traits of thinktank propaganda/BSvending.https://twitter.com/JulianRoepcke/status/863421610799370242   Permalink 9:31 AM – 13 May 2017

@nntaleb In debate btw @MaxAbrahms and @JulianRoepcke, Max proves clarity of mind & logic, Roepcke all bad traits of thinktank propaganda/BSvending. https://twitter.com/JulianRoepcke/status/863421610799370242   Permalink 9:31 AM – 13 May 2017

@nntaleb Resisting Globalization, it turns out, is NOT against economic theory/decision making. Just look at the axioms/foundations. pic.twitter.com/SDTgy4iMuF Permalink 6:39 AM – 13 May 2017

@nntaleb Grrrrreat advice I got: have no assistant. pic.twitter.com/yPcNoraAzn Permalink 5:00 AM – 13 May 2017

@nntaleb “H ratio” minimizes variance of citations across publications. It institutionalizes mediocrity. Better max citations from little work. Permalink 4:30 AM – 13 May 2017

@nntaleb In the presence of conflicting narratives, I resort to @RonPaul as there is not one fake bone in his body. Permalink 4:57 AM – 12 May 2017

@Cernovich “How To Fight The Establishment Propaganda Machine And Win” — Caitlin Johnstone https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/how-to-fight-the-establishment-propaganda-machine-and-win-449f94e1d40b#—119-233   ” target=”_blank”>http://pic.twitter.com/lPFwldB0KN”>  pic.twitter.com/lPFwldB0KN Permalink 3:01 PM – 11 May 2017

@nntaleb BS Alert: The sentence “underlining a growing credibility crisis for the administration” can be put on anything any time. I despise journos. Permalink 2:55 PM – 11 May 2017

Lindy, Noah Smith, Sufis, Trump, Greenwald, Pinker, France, Tversky | Twitter

@CCavafy We the Alexandrians, the Antiochians, the Selefkians, the countless other Greeks of Egypt & Syria, & those in Media, Persia, & all the rest. Permalink 5:23 PM – 19 Feb 2017

@nntaleb The smell of mathematical inequality on Sunday evening. @CutTheKnotMath pic.twitter.com/pKbrczGMII Permalink 5:05 PM – 19 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Other elementary thing *Former Belgian PM* doesn’t get is Pax Americana in W. Europe, Pax Russiana in E. Not his EU ShmEU bureaucratoBS Permalink 4:46 PM – 19 Feb 2017

@nntaleb For those who can’t see it, here is the link between fat tails and weightliftinghttps://medium.com/@nntaleb/strength-training-is-learning-from-tail-events-7aa2c074569d#.qoo5lopoe   Permalink 8:07 AM – 19 Feb 2017

@nntaleb He came to take my risk/probability class, and look what happened.https://twitter.com/trishankkarthik/status/833339540630822913   Permalink 8:03 AM – 19 Feb 2017

@nntaleb The point is that you NEVER NEVER gauge wars by FREQUENCY but by INTENSITY. Kapish? Permalink 5:03 AM – 19 Feb 2017

@nntaleb What I mean by Lindy: she and only she is the real expert.https://medium.com/incerto/an-expert-called-lindy-fdb30f146eaf#.l8mhx964p   Permalink 4:24 AM – 19 Feb 2017

@nntaleb The Lindy effect is Lindy compatible. “Use laws that are old & food that is fresh”. Thanks Constantine @ctheofilopoulos pic.twitter.com/q1Lg5MVK4m Permalink 4:15 AM – 19 Feb 2017

@nntaleb The beauty of mathematical visualization early in the morning @CutTheKnotMath pic.twitter.com/nkf7gs9qQB Permalink 2:50 AM – 19 Feb 2017

@nntaleb The hundred years war killed between 2K and 22K per year. Kapish? @surfnm Permalink 2:28 AM – 19 Feb 2017

@nntaleb This former PM of Belgium doesn’t get that this is, simply, wrong. “Wars” used to be small squirmishes. https://arxiv.org/pdf/1505.04722.pdf  https://twitter.com/GuyVerhofstadt/status/832877334260768770   Permalink 2:06 AM – 19 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Anyone who reads Noah Smith has a problem http://www.fooledbyrandomness.com/SmithBSVendor.html   @DominikLeusder @Noahpinion Permalink 5:36 PM – 18 Feb 2017

@nntaleb I was expecting that Trump would reset the tax code, foreign relations, etc. But I never expected that he would reset the media. Permalink 5:28 PM – 18 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Particularizing from the general; vastly worse @Debradelai Permalink 1:34 PM – 18 Feb 2017

@nntaleb 2) For Salafis, Islam is immutable law, incompatible w/state. For Sufis, it is ~spirituality, compatible with secular state. @DalrympleWill Permalink 10:05 AM – 18 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Sufis are the future. Unfortunately 1 generation of Saudi Money in Turkey, Syria, etc. eradicated them. Luckily surviving in Central Asia.https://twitter.com/DalrympleWill/status/833004673749626880   Permalink 9:48 AM – 18 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Imbeciles think in words! A universal principle that holds AT ALL SCALES is rigorous. Think before tweeting. @IvarsNeiders @mikeharrisNY Permalink 8:00 AM – 18 Feb 2017

@nntaleb 3) Humanities academics are rejects w/no common sense substituting thinking w/universal slogans, destroying student’s discernment, reasoning Permalink 7:15 AM – 18 Feb 2017

@nntaleb 2) Love of humanity doesn’t force you to open your living room to ALL passers by. But you may invite a few. Complex systems are stratified. Permalink 7:02 AM – 18 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Education & intellectualization make people think in Universal terms for local problems, with no awareness of Scalability. #SkinInTheGame Permalink 6:32 AM – 18 Feb 2017

@nntaleb At starbucks drinking “ethical water”.https://twitter.com/sahouraxo/status/832639141720551424   Permalink 8:01 PM – 17 Feb 2017

@john_f_hamer @nntaleb “We love imperfection, the right kind of imperfection”—Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Bed of Procrustes (revised 2016 edition) pic.twitter.com/mOxAgid9lJ Permalink 1:48 PM – 17 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Friday squid ink and mathematics with @a_lesniewski pic.twitter.com/pb181J3xD7 Permalink 10:23 AM – 17 Feb 2017

@nntaleb For Math lovers, #FF Follow Friday: @CutTheKnotMath who makes you work very hard. pic.twitter.com/m0ANxGxwq1 Permalink 8:52 AM – 17 Feb 2017

@nntaleb I watched the press conference. Trump played the press like a violin. Calling this “Meltdown” proves that Huff Post is low-IQ propaganda.https://twitter.com/BraddJaffy/status/832334242843615232   Permalink 5:25 AM – 17 Feb 2017

@nntaleb The unnoticed fact revealed in the press conference: The @realDonaldTrump is heavily lawyered & has lawyered up even more post-Flynn. Permalink 4:49 AM – 17 Feb 2017

@AssalehAmer heuristic: when @nntaleb describe something to be bullshit the odds are overwhelmingly it’s bullshithttps://twitter.com/nntaleb/status/832257892900282369   Permalink 8:33 PM – 16 Feb 2017

@john_f_hamer “People reveal much more about themselves while lying than when they tell the truth.”—Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Bed of Procrustes (2016) pic.twitter.com/C8vkkOMqVO Permalink 1:02 PM – 16 Feb 2017

@nntaleb I blocked Louise Mensch for 1) mental incapacity/instability, 2) playing cheap games of sensationalism. @morningj @LouiseMensch @ABarnardNYT Permalink 12:25 PM – 16 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Journos & other idiots are confused as hell by the Donald Trump; don’t get that he may be the *only* recent leader who never had a boss. Permalink 10:52 AM – 16 Feb 2017

@nntaleb 3) And Saying let’s not fight terrorism because past incidence is low is like saying let’s remove pilots since planes don’t crash @foxjust Permalink 7:28 AM – 16 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Here is the difference between terrorism & falls from ladders seen from Extreme Value Theory @foxjusthttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dKiLclupUM   Permalink 6:36 AM – 16 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Nice reference to my work @foxjust but Fishhoff NEVER made the distinction Thin/Fat tails, used Extreme Value Theory, mixes tails & variancehttps://twitter.com/BV/status/832201138082574336   Permalink 6:25 AM – 16 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Maybe I should attend the class and make random arguments about what the aphorism meant.https://twitter.com/john_f_hamer/status/832066353167212544   Permalink 5:26 AM – 16 Feb 2017

@john_f_hamer “Anyone who likes meetings should be banned from attending meetings.”—Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Bed of Procrustes (revised 2016 edition) pic.twitter.com/mrs4mDYWR8 Permalink 5:36 PM – 15 Feb 2017

@nntaleb …imitating the choice of the most overweight male at the table…https://twitter.com/SlimScribbles/status/832000324327976961   Permalink 3:08 PM – 15 Feb 2017

@nntaleb True left (Greenwald) is vastly more rigorous than pseudo-left (NYT, Monsantoistic journos). You can agree or at least disagree with them.https://twitter.com/ggreenwald/status/831838190541631488   Permalink 4:57 AM – 15 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Virtue signaling is the information age’s rediscovery of simony . Permalink 1:42 PM – 14 Feb 2017

@john_f_hamer “If you want strangers to help you, smile. For those close to you, cry.”—Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Bed of Procrustes (revised 2016 edition) Permalink 12:45 PM – 14 Feb 2017

@nntaleb pseudo-left pseudo-intellectual pseudo-lib pseudo-science pseudo-feminism pseudo-Dionysius the Aeropagite.https://twitter.com/GuruAnaerobic/status/831594603950272517   Permalink 12:25 PM – 14 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Mystery of why past planned cities worked: Alexandria, Antioch, Constantinople (semi-planned), Kairaouan, Fustat/Cairo. Where they planned?https://twitter.com/JohnDCook/status/831592910319677440   Permalink 12:18 PM – 14 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Minority rule and asymmetry of demand!https://twitter.com/careygillam/status/831550005274148864   Permalink 9:20 AM – 14 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Naive empiricism, terrorism & Ebola. Please don’t read the NYT. https://youtu.be/9dKiLclupUM   via @YouTube Permalink 8:42 AM – 14 Feb 2017

@mns yo @nytimes @nytopinion @NickKristof your thinking is faulty, cc @nntaleb pic.twitter.com/UDN5wfuHvB Permalink 11:57 PM – 13 Feb 2017

@nntaleb We think alike. From Silent Risk (this was 2014) http://www.fooledbyrandomness.com/FatTails.html   @ProbFact ” target=”_blank”>http://pic.twitter.com/Z5EuNrH90Y”>  pic.twitter.com/Z5EuNrH90Y Permalink 10:28 AM – 13 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Knows how to handle the difference between evidence of absence and absence of evidence within probability theory.https://twitter.com/gmax1mum/status/831169908440338432   Permalink 8:01 AM – 13 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Interesting story but it doesn’t seem to show in the DNA. They must have converted to Islam. Hitti, Salibi, etc. were fiction writers.https://twitter.com/ByzantineLegacy/status/831012601052135424   Permalink 3:44 AM – 13 Feb 2017

@nntaleb in 2016, Obama accepted ~11000 Sunni refugees and ~72 Christians frm Syria. Mr @ali_w_ali I am blocking you next to avoid twitter pollution. Permalink 9:06 AM – 12 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Please vote on this tweet (twitter polls don’t allow pictures). Thanks Permalink 8:50 AM – 12 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Nigel is spot on. True refugees are *persecuted* minorities, the ones Obama blocked (he accepted 20x more Sunnis in relation to ratios.)https://twitter.com/Nigel_Farage/status/830820042736562176   Permalink 8:47 AM – 12 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Friends, question for our Fat Tails book with @DrCirillo. Which graph is nicer, top or bottom? pic.twitter.com/wpbWTP6u1B Permalink 7:41 AM – 12 Feb 2017

@nntaleb This book represents FooledbyRandomness & bullshit vending at its best: Pinker boy misrepresents/did not even understand his OWN data.https://twitter.com/sapinker/status/829745377431674880   Permalink 6:59 AM – 12 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Genetics is a dream for bullshitphobic historians. Looks like Phoenicians & Assyrians (not Babylonians) were “Indo-Europeans”. @PZalloua pic.twitter.com/ddwyWy1NlC Permalink 5:10 AM – 12 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Now, you have to choose between 2 competing chief executives. Which one should you pick? The one who looks “professional”? Permalink 5:04 AM – 12 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Baal invented sushi so people can pay a lot of money for a meal without gaining weight. Permalink 5:07 PM – 11 Feb 2017

@nntaleb You have to choose between 2 surgeons in a hospital. Which one should you pick? The one who *looks like* a surgeon or the other? @jamessaft Permalink 12:45 PM – 11 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Economist hit a point: when you compare them in effectiveness to stamp collectors, philatelists get angry.https://twitter.com/punkphilatelist/status/830412558779588608   Permalink 5:54 AM – 11 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Mr @HalSinger after so much economics you need to relearn elementary properties of binary relations, such as symmetry many toddlers know. pic.twitter.com/IL9RvuZ2zY Permalink 4:09 AM – 11 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Mr @HalSinger, if someone who has “apocalyptic worldview” likes my book, does it make it apocalyptic? If a prisoners reads my book… #IYI Permalink 3:55 AM – 11 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Squid ink and Pugliese wine to rest after REWRI 4 pic.twitter.com/qxRQZkhkDJ Permalink 5:44 PM – 10 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Is this true? How do we compute iatrogenics?https://twitter.com/piktograf_mrlol/status/830207020498354176   Permalink 4:23 PM – 10 Feb 2017

@nntaleb REWRI Day 5: “All markets are illiquid when you really, really need them”. Permalink 10:58 AM – 10 Feb 2017

@KS1729 @nntaleb thought of you when I saw this. complexity of the world vs successive generations of “risk management” pic.twitter.com/bwnySwnN4D Permalink 10:29 AM – 10 Feb 2017

@nntaleb 3 instructors at the same time.https://twitter.com/JamesMarsh79/status/829731053300486144   Permalink 10:23 AM – 10 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Managing the economy without economists is like managing a war without stamp collectors.https://twitter.com/CNBCTopStories/status/830067141525204992   Permalink 10:21 AM – 10 Feb 2017

@nntaleb .@poetmorgan1 Expressing yourself in words doesn’t mean you thought “in words”. Kapish? And stop tweeting for Baal’s sake. Permalink 9:40 AM – 10 Feb 2017

@nntaleb BTW I never say that mathematicians think in “numbers” but in axioms, objects, and inequalities: pic.twitter.com/ov57yBnS4v Permalink 4:33 AM – 10 Feb 2017

@nntaleb 2) Hence low risks of violence/ unrest. In spite of academics barkings, risk of fighting is much lower under Trump than it was under Obama.https://twitter.com/nntaleb/status/829669736560599044   Permalink 5:01 AM – 9 Feb 2017

@nntaleb 1)Cond. Prob. Conditional on having voted Trump, odds of owning gun is, say 30%. Conditional on owning a gun, odds of voting Trump is >90% Permalink 4:34 AM – 9 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Indeed.https://twitter.com/zerohedge/status/829517127979823104   Permalink 6:42 PM – 8 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Real World Risk-4, 50 pple: 1) 8 weightlifters (max DL 470), 2) 6 pple who returned, 3) 4 Italians, 4) 1 Canadian and …. 5) no vegetarianhttps://twitter.com/DyedraJust/status/828755748586938368   Permalink 12:55 PM – 8 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Never expected that Antifragile would end up being influential in the White House. But I hoped for it.http://politi.co/2jUtPVp   Permalink 8:37 AM – 8 Feb 2017

@ScottAdamsSays Everything Taleb says is smarter than whatever you were thinking on your own. Especially if you are a word-thinker.https://twitter.com/nntaleb/status/829028834578202624   Permalink 11:31 AM – 7 Feb 2017

@nntaleb “There’s A Global Riot Against Pseudo-Experts” Nassim Taleb Exclaims “This Is Not About Fascism” | Zero Hedge http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-02-07/not-fascism-nassim-taleb-warns-theres-global-riot-against-psuedo-experts   Permalink 10:07 AM – 7 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Which is why I never read and after a mistake never write for @prosynhttps://twitter.com/stan_yurin/status/828947314014302208   Permalink 5:06 AM – 7 Feb 2017

@nntaleb There is currently a global reaction against the pseudo-expert. Who is the real expert? Lindy.https://medium.com/incerto/an-expert-called-lindy-fdb30f146eaf#.ks4e2m2bj   Permalink 2:35 AM – 7 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Fooled by Randomness *precedes* Drunkards walk @investomedico . Kapish?https://twitter.com/investormedico/status/828591148696473600   Permalink 5:13 AM – 6 Feb 2017

@nntaleb I systematically decline invitations to conf. discussing “populism” as if it were some type of pathology. Mere term “populism” misframes pic.twitter.com/IGzbnorPDu Permalink 7:51 AM – 5 Feb 2017

@nntaleb By indiscriminately attacking Trump, even when he does the right thing, the pseudoleft is elevating him & self-destructing. #Antifragilehttps://twitter.com/StephensWSJ/status/828047211762155520   Permalink 3:44 AM – 5 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Remember.https://twitter.com/alphamelville/status/738640536521867264   Permalink 1:52 AM – 5 Feb 2017

@nntaleb One of my yet unfulfilled predictions is to see the true left fight the pseudo-left over Trump’s foreign policy.https://twitter.com/MaxBlumenthal/status/828052045701722113   Permalink 6:21 PM – 4 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Syriacs are high J2 and very little J1, meaning Northern Mesopotamians had no intermixing w/Semites. Only language. @zaliin @PZalloua Permalink 6:11 PM – 4 Feb 2017

@BBassem7 This is an amazing exchange. Very courageous of Trump. #FoxNews pic.twitter.com/f0ulhYwoj0 Permalink 6:09 PM – 4 Feb 2017

@nntaleb If an American entrepreneur is stupid enough to relocate to France, good news. It would improve the average of both counties.https://twitter.com/SopanDeb/status/827958432955260937   Permalink 11:27 AM – 4 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Greek mytho has Europa from Tyre to Crete, Arcadia frm Ugaritic pple (Arwada). Bible has Canaan son of Ham not Shem. @wunderbearer @PZalloua pic.twitter.com/pxL0YH6sOm Permalink 10:52 AM – 4 Feb 2017

@nntaleb 2) In other words the claims by Jews that they are different tribe from Cannaanites even if lang same appears true. @wunderbearer @PZalloua Permalink 10:42 AM – 4 Feb 2017

@nntaleb 1) Looks like the notion “Canaanites as Semites” is bogus empirically. Both Torah & Greek mythology say they aren’t. @wunderbearer @PZalloua Permalink 10:41 AM – 4 Feb 2017

@nntaleb More interestingly, the probability of Koura people being of Arab origin is less than 1 in 1,000,000 @PZalloua Permalink 9:42 AM – 4 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Distribution of Genes of Greek-Orthodox in Koura (Amioun) appears *identical* to Greek Islands/Crete @PZalloua Confirms Byzantine theory pic.twitter.com/SmvKRBCfp5 Permalink 9:29 AM – 4 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Artificial stupidity comes w/ overriding the Lindy-compatible in favor of some bias invented by some ignorant nerd like @r_thaler Permalink 8:57 AM – 4 Feb 2017

@nntaleb A. Tversky once said he didn’t care about *artificial intelligence*,he studied *natural stupidity*. I prefer to study *artificial stupidy*. Permalink 8:26 AM – 4 Feb 2017

@nntaleb 1)Historical Intrigue du jour: Phoenicians & Assyrians likely not of “Semitic” ancestry, yet spoke Semitic lang. @PZalloua will have more. pic.twitter.com/Igw0rq9BtT Permalink 5:18 AM – 4 Feb 2017

@BBassem7 #Saudi tweep refers to the terrorist that attacked the Louvre as a “hero” Saudis are not covered by the Trump’s ban. pic.twitter.com/Em28c4M0OY Permalink 2:45 PM – 3 Feb 2017

@normonics Demonstrating the IYI allergy to discontinuities. Tiny changes often beget qualitative shift.https://twitter.com/R_Thaler/status/826840804660436993   Permalink 9:30 AM – 3 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Actually, they would call it… “the left”.https://twitter.com/nntaleb/status/827503519305519104   Permalink 5:30 AM – 3 Feb 2017

@nntaleb I wonder what the Enlightenment people would call a “Left” that’s authoritarian, repressive, disciplinarian, & despotically normative. Permalink 5:06 AM – 3 Feb 2017

@nntaleb . @arbedout Before tweeting, think in 2nd order of why I made such statement. Check amazon, it’s #1. Permalink 4:57 AM – 3 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Milo’s book is the highest selling book in America, 2 month before pub! #Antifragilehttps://twitter.com/MarkEGreene/status/827491494068117504   Permalink 4:48 AM – 3 Feb 2017

@nntaleb 1) Peace: Top or Bottom? Morrocan gov pro-Israel, but popul. hostile. Iran gov hostile, but not Iranians. Which peace is easier? Think Long Permalink 4:46 AM – 3 Feb 2017

@nntaleb Antifragilehttps://twitter.com/CDOCubed/status/827413609877757952   Permalink 3:07 AM – 3 Feb 2017

Trump makes sense to a grocery store owner | The Hindu

Full article: Trump makes sense to a grocery store owner

Where do you see the world moving now? Further right, or will it revert to the centre?

I don’t think it will go left or right, and I don’t know about the short term. But I think in the long term, the world can only survive if it lives like nature does. Many smaller units of governance, and a collection of super islands with some separation, quick decision-making, and visible implementation. Lots of Switzerlands, that’s what we need. What we need is not leaders, we don’t need them. We just need someone at the top who doesn’t mess the system up.