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Taking A Break!

Frankly, it’s just not very much fun anymore. So much vitriol and angst. And while many of the battles do seem to me to be worth fighting, I personally don’t have the stomach to follow along.
Also, the math is lost on me.
Archives back to 2007!
It’s been a good run.

India’s Post COVID Opportunity | Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Sanjeev Sanyal | India Economic Conclave 202

Taleb only audio.

COVID, Lindy, Correlation

Lindy as a Distance from an Absorbing Barrier (Chapter from SILENT RISK) (You may need to log in or create an account).

Fooled by Correlation: Common Misinterpretations in Social “Science”

More from NNT at Academia


Danish Mask Study, Thanksgiving, Cut The Knot

Difference between two binomial random variables (the Danish Mask Study)

Hypothesis Testing in the Presence of False Positives: the Flaws in the Danish Mask Study

Maestro Bogomolny
Foreword for Cut the Knot: Probability Riddles by Alexander B.


Nassim Taleb Interview with Massimo Sideri (2020)
•Nov 15, 2020


Discussion with Yaneer Bar-Yam on the Danish Study on Face Masks
•Premiered Nov 24, 2020

Onassis, Localism, Testing, R0, Ioannidis, Walking, Dawkins, HERESIES, Borat = racist, Masks

Well, Twitter changed their code again and broke my scraper and it’s taking me a long time to find an alternative. Thing is, the reason I started collecting NNT’s tweets was because he initially was in the habit of deleting them every few months, which he has apparently stopped doing. Anyway, let’s have a look at what NNT’s been up to since mid September… Let me guess… math, and squid ink.

Expected Shortfall Estimation for Apparently Infinite-Mean Models of Operational Risk

. 2020 Oct 20
doi: 10.1016/j.ijforecast.2020.08.008 [Epub ahead of print]


Religion, Violence, Tolerance & Progress: Nothing to do with Theology

Corporations: the world of work in the new normal (20 OCT) V.O. | #enlightED Streamed live on Oct 20, 2020


How to Price an Election: A Martingale Approach- Discussion with Dhruv Madeka Oct 9, 2020

Fake Regression by psychologists Premiered Oct 2, 2020

‘Black Swan’ Investor Nassim Taleb on Covid Misconceptions, Fed Policy, Inflation Sep 22, 2020

Nassim Nicholas Taleb ou la vertu de l’incertitude