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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Extreme Value Theory: Fughetaboudit

Extreme Value Theory: Fughetaboudit via Extreme Value… | Facebook.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb Speaking in San Francisco Dec 11, 2012

Let the book tour begin! And you know that means lots of new audio coming as well.HatTip to Dave Lull Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder In his global bestseller The Black Swan, Nassim Nicholas Taleb argued that rare, unpredictable events (“black swans”) have the greatest impact on our lives – and that our blindness […]


AMAZON & THE TRUTHFULNESS of THE AMATEUR When The Black Swan came out, the first NYT reviewer Gregg Easterbrook, a professional journalist was clueless and had not read the book nor did he understand much of it… Same with other reviews by academics who skimmed the book and found some angle that links it to […]

The two most curious, awe-inspiring, and…

The two most curious, awe-inspiring, and prophetic people of last century: Charles De Gaulle and André Malraux –the two were collaborators. Both saw through the noise; both acted with a sense of grandeur, never engaged in small talk –Malraux talked about “transcendance” in literary salons when other writers gossiped or discussed royalty rates. Now both […] | Black Swans, the Brain, and Philosophy as a Way of Life : Pierre Hadot and Nassim Taleb on Ancient Scepticism | Michael Chase

One of the most interest books I’ve read recently which, while not “ about ” Scepticism,embodies and preaches a Sceptical world view, is Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s bestsellerThe Black Swan:the Impact of the Highly ImprobablePenguin 2007. Taleb, an economist andsecurities trader by profession, sets out to show the power of the unexpected in contemporarylife, particularly in […]