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Nassim Nicholas Taleb Speaking in San Francisco Dec 11, 2012

Let the book tour begin! And you know that means lots of new audio coming as well.
HatTip to Dave Lull

Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder

In his global bestseller The Black Swan, Nassim Nicholas Taleb argued that rare, unpredictable events (“black swans”) have the greatest impact on our lives – and that our blindness to these random events has a price. Now he returns with Antifragile, a bold book explaining how and why we should embrace uncertainty, randomness, and error as an antidote to our fragile way of life, instead of trying to avoid mistakes and collapsing when catastrophe strikes (see 2008). It may just change our lives.

“The hottest thinker in the world.”
London Times

Standard:    $25 | Members $20 | Students $15
Premium*:  $45 | Members $40
*A copy of Antifragile is included in Premium ticket price.

Tuesday, Dec 11

Starts at: 7:00 pm

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