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A conversation between Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Stephen Wolfram at the Wolfram Summer School 2021 | Youtube

Audio only. Stephen Wolfram plays the role of Salonnière in this new, on-going series of intellectual explorations with special guests. Watch all of the conversations here:

Taking A Break!

Frankly, it’s just not very much fun anymore. So much vitriol and angst. And while many of the battles do seem to me to be worth fighting, I personally don’t have the stomach to follow along. Also, the math is lost on me. Archives back to 2007! It’s been a good run. Best, John P.S. […]

Danish Mask Study, Thanksgiving, Cut The Knot

Difference between two binomial random variables (the Danish Mask Study) Hypothesis Testing in the Presence of False Positives: the Flaws in the Danish Mask Study Maestro Bogomolny Foreword for Cut the Knot: Probability Riddles by Alexander B.   Nassim Taleb Interview with Massimo Sideri (2020) •Nov 15, 2020   Discussion with Yaneer Bar-Yam on the […]

Onassis, Localism, Testing, R0, Ioannidis, Walking, Dawkins, HERESIES, Borat = racist, Masks

Well, Twitter changed their code again and broke my scraper and it’s taking me a long time to find an alternative. Thing is, the reason I started collecting NNT’s tweets was because he initially was in the habit of deleting them every few months, which he has apparently stopped doing. Anyway, let’s have a look […]

Saudi Arabia, IQ, U.S. Academia, David Graeber, TRUE WEALTH, Harari, Nate Silver,@BallouxFrancois, #RWRI 14 | Twitter

Taleb, le penseur qui va changer votre vie (pdf)