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Taleb Says World Is More Fragile Today Than in 2007 | Bloomberg

Published on Oct 31, 2018
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, scientific advisor at Universa Investments, discusses the factors causing global fragility, hidden liabilities in global markets, and what he sees as safe trades in the current market. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker on “Bloomberg Markets.”

Nassim Nicholas Taleb: The danger of debt | The Sunday Times Post


But in this instance, the government came in indiscriminately to bail out everyone. So let’s zoom out seven years later – is it seven years already? – and look at what’s happened.

Well, what has happened is nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing new. We did not learn. We have had some kind of pseudo-recovery, mostly fuelled by an increase of debt. So the pool of debt has increased, and at low interest rates from the Fed, which don’t seem to be effective.

Now you have to realise that debt is only to be judged when you pay it back. Life should not be a Ponzi scheme which collapses when you have to pay it back. Is there an element of Ponzi in debt? Well, there’s some element that’s not Ponzi in debt – that’s small – and there’s a Ponzi element. So we didn’t learn much from the crisis. If we look at the narrative in 2009, it was healthier then.

But the efforts of governments in making things cosmetically look good now have been bad.What we didn’t learn from the crisis is that debt and leverage is bad, and we didn’t learn that economists are full of baloney. I have busted them mathematically. Between 2009 and now, I’ve published 45 technical papers, and I have ten more under review by journals. I have found arguments of theirs that are not valid empirically, but no one seems to care.

Source: Nassim Nicholas Taleb: The danger of debt

As technology increases, misunderstanding of ruin by a very small number of people is sufficient to guarantee ruin




As technology increases, misunderstanding of ruin by a very small number of people is sufficient to guarantee ruin Greece: Neither those who made the decision to borrow nor those who made the decision to lend had skin in the game. “Other people’ money”.
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NYU’s Taleb Says Debt Raises Risk of `Catastrophe’ | Bloomberg Video


Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) — Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a professor at New York University and author of “The Black Swan” and “Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder,” talks about risks created by government debt and Federal Reserve monetary policy. He speaks with John Dawson on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up” on the sidelines of Barclays Asia Forum in Hong Kong. (Source: Bloomberg)

Tom Keene interviews Nassim Taleb on U.S. Economy, New Book – Video – Bloomberg

Nassim Taleb www.bloomberg.com-2010-12-20

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Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) — New York University professor Nassim Taleb talks about his new book “The Bed of Procrustes.”
Taleb, author of “The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable,” also discusses the U.S. economy and financial regulation. Taleb speaks with Tom Keene on Bloomberg Television’s “Surveillance Midday.” (Source: Bloomberg)