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Talk by Nassim Nicholas Taleb at Stevens – Technology, Policy, Regulation & Ethics

THE STEVENS CENTER FOR TECHNOLOGY POLICY AND ETHICS AND THE CENTER FOR SCIENCE WRITINGS PRESENT:”ANTIFRAGILITY: Curbing the Harmful Effects of Finance, Technology, Medicine and Government.” A talk by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.Tuesday, January 24, 2012, 6-7:30. DeBaun Auditorium.Nassim Nicholas Taleb rocked the worlds of finance and government in 2007 with his runaway bestseller The Black Swan, which The Sunday Times ranked as one of the most influential books since World War II and Harvard historian Niall Ferguson called “idiosyncratically brilliant.” A polymath and professor of risk engineering at New York University, Taleb argued that conventional economics leaves us vulnerable to random, potentially catastrophic events, or “black swans,” that cannot be foreseen based on simple extrapolations from the past. Taleb, who is credited by New York Times columnist David Brooks with having predicted our current global recession, is visiting Stevens to discuss a work-in-progress, Anti-fragility, which lays out measures that can reduce the threat of black swans in the realms of technology, medicine, law and politics as well as finance. For more information  see the CSW website,

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NNT at RSA December 1, 2011

This is great! The RSA is good about posting their talks. I’ll make sure to have a link up as soon as I see it.

Next Thursday  in London, talking about Antifragility. Ignore formal title.

The Predictability of Unpredictability
(Dec 1, 2011) Keynote Nassim Nicholas Taleb is the brilliant and controversial author of The Black Swan, described in the Sunday Times as one of the twelve most influential books since World War 2. He came to wider public attention as one of the few prominent academics to correctly warn of catastrophe in the…

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Nassim Nicholas Forthcoming Seminars and Talks

Upcoming NNT talks.


McKinsey & Co, Workshop on Managing Black Swans, co-instructor (with Bent Flyvberg), McKinsey Alpine University, Kitzbühel, Austria, March 30-April 1 2012

Humbold University, Berlin, Department of Applied Statistics, Distinguished Lecture Series, January 28, 2012

Stevens Institute of Technology, Jan 24, 2012, First Public presentation of Antifragility. Open to the public.


Zurich Minds, Zurich, Dec 13, 2011

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[P.S. The Zurich Minds folks have the entire collection of videos from last years conference online!]