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Monthly Archives: December 2016

(Gerd Gigerenzer &) Nassim Nicholas Taleb: The dichotomy of behavioural economics | RiskMinds

Published on Dec 7, 2016 A live recording of the viewpoints on behavioural economics by Gerd Gigerenzer and Nassim Nicholas Taleb at RiskMinds International, 2016. Find out more at

Nassim Nicholas Taleb: What are the key issues for risk management? | RiskMinds

Published on Dec 7, 2016 At RiskMinds International 2016 in Amsterdam, we speak to Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Former Trader, Essayist and Risk Engineer,NYU-Tandon School, talks about the status of risk management. Find out more at

Inequality vs Inequality | Medium

Inequality vs Inequality There is inequality and inequality. The first is the inequality people tolerate, such as one’s understanding compared to that of people deemed heroes, say Einstein, Michelangelo, or the recluse mathematician Grisha Perelman, in comparison to whom one has no difficulty acknowledging a large surplus. This applies to entrepreneurs, artists, soldiers, heroes, the […]

No, Jesus was not a “NonWhite” refugee who would have voted for … | Medium

No, Jesus was not a “NonWhite” refugee who would have voted for … The problem with identity politics is that they are fully ignorant of, among other things, history. And they must be as blind visually as they are intellectually. How did Judeans and Galileans look like at the time of Christ? Not according to […]

Gad Saad, SITG, SaudiBarbaria, Michael Flynn, Christmas in Aleppo, Salafascists, Linda Problem, Arthur De Vany | Twitter

@nntaleb Barack Hussain Obama: Created 10 Tr debt for ~11 m jobs Left us w/0000 more terrorists; he FUNDED AlQaeda. All talk. Permalink 6:43 PM – 27 Dec 2016 @nntaleb One of the 2 papers debunking measures of inequality   Permalink 2:52 PM – 27 Dec 2016 @nntaleb I just published “Inequality and […]