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Inequality vs Inequality | Medium

Inequality vs Inequality There is inequality and inequality. The first is the inequality people tolerate, such as one’s understanding compared to that of people deemed heroes, say Einstein, Michelangelo, or the recluse mathematician Grisha Perelman, in comparison to whom one has no difficulty acknowledging a large surplus. This applies to entrepreneurs, artists, soldiers, heroes, the […]

Nice/Nasty, Inequality, SITG, P-Hacking, Easter, Syria, Palmyra, Shillary, Trump, Saunders | Twitter

@nntaleb My rule: when people are nice, I am twice as nice to them. When nasty, a thousand times nastier. @lakens @sothisispietro Permalink 11:44 AM – 28 Mar 2016 @nntaleb Friends, need to find errors in this paper before posting on ArXiv. Busts current measurement of inequality   Permalink 7:49 AM – 28 Mar […]

Paper on the measurement of inequality almost done…

Paper on the measurement of inequality almost done. How people mismeasure it and flaws in Piketty’s approach. — Please make no comments on whether inequality is good or bad, etc. or engage in the politics of envy. This is a technical discussion about a technical *nonpolitical* problem. via Paper on the measurement of inequality […]