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Monthly Archives: March 2012


HOW OUR MINDS FIGHT THE LAST WAR, OUR BODIES THE NEXT WARI discovered this overshooting mechanism in the human body thanks to some interesting course of events. In the aftermath of the banking crisis, I received all manner of threats and the Wall Street Journal got wind of it as an article suggested that I […]


ANTIFRAGILE (rather than Antifragility). Plus of course a subtitle. via ANTIFRAGILE… | Facebook.

Friends, let’s put it to a vote.

Friends, let’s put it to the vote. Who votes in favor of, or against ANTIFRAGILITY as the title?Thanks! via Friends, let’s put… | Facebook.

SSRN Author Page for Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Just to remind you that NNT’s professional papers are also hosted at SSRN and are frequently revised.       How to Prevent Other Financial Crises | Show Abstract | Download | School of Advanced International Studies Review, Forthcoming Accepted Paper Series   Nassim Nicholas Taleb NYU-Poly George A. Martin affiliation not provided to SSRN […]

Naming Names… via Naming Names:… | Facebook.