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Monthly Archives: January 2013

For a free person, the optimal…

For a free person, the optimal – most opportunistic – route between two points should never be the shortest one. via For a free person,… | Facebook.

Handle Without Care: TJ Strydom Reviews Antifragile by Nassim Taleb | Books LIVE

By TJ Strydom for The Times Many people wish Lebanese-born American thinker Nassim Taleb would redesign the world economy, rebooting it like a computer, making it more durable to shocks, panic and unforeseen tragedies. In his new book, Antifragile, he makes it clear that he won’t, and that no one should even try. He distinguishes […]

No, Small Probabilities are Not ‘Attractive to Sell’: A Comment by Nassim Taleb :: SSRN

No, Small Probabilities are Not ‘Attractive to Sell’: A Comment (revised)Nassim Nicholas TalebNYU-PolyJanuary 5, 2013Financial Analysts Journal, ForthcomingAbstract: Owing to the convexity of the payoff of out-of-the money options, an extremely small probability of a large deviation unseen in past data justifies rationally buying them, or at least justifies excessive caution in not being exposed […]

Nassim Taleb Jewish Community Center of San Francisco 12/11/12

It was published Jan. 9, 2013 In his global bestseller The Black Swan, Nassim Nicholas Taleb argued that rare, unpredictable events have the greatest impact on our lives—and that our blindness to these random events has a price. Now he returns with Antifragile, a bold book explaining how and why we should embrace uncertainty, randomness, […]

Would you rather be an honorable person…

Would you rather be an honorable person perceived to be a fraudster, or a fraudster mistaken for an honorable person? The answer can help you understand why otherwise good people do devious things to avoid standing up against prevailing beliefs. via Would you rather be… | Facebook.