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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Saudi Barbaria, Stop-Loss, Olof Palme | Twitter

@nntaleb Saudi Barbaria will soon be bankrupt:its citizens will dress the same as everyone else &they will take orders from W   Permalink 11:07 AM – 28 Feb 2016 @GMWatch Difference between #Bernie and #Shillary Permalink 10:17 AM – 28 Feb 2016 @nntaleb The minute you have a stop-loss, the statistical properties of […]

Real World Risk Certificate, Borjana, Zari, Markowicz, Stoyan Stoyanov, Kolmogorov-Smirnov, Apple pen | Twitter

@nntaleb As if the rebels never killed civilians? What are you drinking? @janinedigi Permalink 3:34 PM – 26 Feb 2016 @LieraMarco “When you remove religion, people start believing in all kinds of bullshit, such as economics” @nntaleb #RWRI Permalink 12:34 PM – 26 Feb 2016 @nntaleb OK I just bought the Apple pen (and the […]

Umberto Eco , Squid Ink, Berbers, Liar Kevin, Think Tanks, Real World Risk Institute | Twitter

@nntaleb First lecture Permalink 11:24 AM – 22 Feb 2016 @nntaleb RWRI risk first lecture Permalink 11:22 AM – 22 Feb 2016 @nntaleb Real World Risk Institute first seminar, Robert Frey lecturing on cellular automata Permalink 11:21 AM – 22 Feb 2016 @GMWatch Tell Senator Roberts & #Monsanto where to shove the […]

Umberto Eco, Yiddish Proverbs, Citi, John Gray, Popper, Hayek, Bryan Appleyard, Flaneuring | Twitter

@nntaleb RIP, Umberto Eco Ad vitam aeternam Permalink 4:09 PM – 19 Feb 2016 @nntaleb The reason we decided to not respond to this idiot. @nickgillespie Permalink 2:45 PM – 19 Feb 2016 @nntaleb The Qatari/Saudi-funded BS promoted by Obamistic bureaucrats we hear about the Syrian opposition:   Permalink 1:27 PM – 19 […]

GMO Alarmist Nassim Taleb Backs Out of Debate. I Refute Him Anyway | Biotech Crops and the Alleged Risk of Human Extinction Taleb and his colleagues want to impose their supposedly non-naive version of the precautionary principle to forestall activities when “consequences can involve total irreversible ruin, such as the extinction of human beings or all life on the planet.” And GMOs, they feel, could result in […]