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Monthly Archives: June 2012


…It was so obvious that Shaiy summarized it in the same breath. He actually believes that all real ideas can be distilled down to a central issue that the majority of people in a field, by dint of specialization and emptysuitedness, completely miss. Everything in religion come down to applications and interpretations of “don’t do […]


NOTEBOOK OPACITY, Note 149 Why Is Fragility in the NonlinearI- There have been works on the link between risk and nonlinearity initially by Arrow and Pratt, then followed by a collection of authors such as Rothchild, Stiglitz, Machina, and others. These fellows were not option traders; their work was mistakenly focused on nonlinearity of preferences […]

DE INCERTO Friends, now looking again for a title…

DE INCERTO Friends, now looking again for a title, as I am fusing all my books in a single opus (1,AF;3,FBR; 4,TBS;5,BoP) under the principle that the chapters in a given volume should relate to another in another volume as if they were part of the same book. And the collection could be accessed in […]

Philosophers make things complicated…

Philosophers make things complicated while claiming to be simplifying them; people in practice simplify things while claiming to make them more complicated. via Philosophers make… | Facebook.


Second principle of iatrogenics: it is not linear. I do not believe that we should take risks with near-healthy people; I also believe that we should take a lot, a lot more risks with those deemed in danger. Why do we need to focus treatment on more serious cases, not marginal ones? Take this example […]