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Friends, my collaborator Spyros Makridakis…

Friends, my collaborator Spyros Makridakis (the debunker of statistical myths) has a piece on hypertension. This is open for discussion: via Friends, my… | Facebook.

OVERTREATMENT as short volatility…

OVERTREATMENT as short volatility: Huge vindication of the argument of Chapters 21 and 22 on the convexity of iatrogenics (only treat the VERY ill): Mortality is convex to blood pressure. Spyros Makridakis found this graph from the Farmingham study. The implication is obvious: only treat the seriously ill (and overtreat them!). But for every person […]


Second principle of iatrogenics: it is not linear. I do not believe that we should take risks with near-healthy people; I also believe that we should take a lot, a lot more risks with those deemed in danger. Why do we need to focus treatment on more serious cases, not marginal ones? Take this example […]

We now have a name…

We now have a name, iatrogenics, for when someone (say a doctor) causes harm while trying to help. But there is still no word for the situation of someone who ends up helping while trying to cause harm. via We now have a name,… | Facebook.

Video! Nassim Taleb at Princeton April 10, 2012

Economic Recovery: Perils, Politics and Possibilities Click Video to watch larger version on YT. About Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs The Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University seeks to prepare its students for careers in public service, to provide them with the analytic tools and practical experience […]