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Qatar/Saudi Barbaria, Iain McGilchrist, @Expedia, Peace, #NYT, Hammurabi’s Code, Policy Goons

@nntaleb 12 months @Jmanos195Manos Permalink 12:54 PM – 8 Dec 2016 @nntaleb Waited 12 m for this: Amsterdam has, for the nondietaryfatphobic, the best steak in the world (Holstein). Permalink 12:34 PM – 8 Dec 2016 @nntaleb Evidence @djrothkopf boss of Foreign Policy is for sale. Shameful that our foreign policy is manipulated by […]

Video! Nassim Taleb at Princeton April 10, 2012

Economic Recovery: Perils, Politics and Possibilities Click Video to watch larger version on YT. About Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs The Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University seeks to prepare its students for careers in public service, to provide them with the analytic tools and practical experience […]

My Fear Is The Thing Degenerates Into Class Struggle

Link to Source (My notes) The banks have made 2.2 trillion over the last 2 years. Salary plus bonuses. It is a tax on citizens. Bailout scheme, since Reagan.You need something to break the bank cartel. Federal Reserve policy is there to help the banks. Last year they had record bonuses.The ONLY valuable information you […]