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Sorry to distract you with this [removable] post. But watch the smear campaign against me in response to the PP paper by Monsanto and incompetent Ketchum copywriter: It did not hit them that I AM a cancer survivor, and changed “despise those who boast” to despise cancer survivors”. Also look at the fake student evaluations… […]

Why you should address the smallest number of smear campaigners?

Why you should address the smallest number of smear campaigners ? smear via Why you should address the smallest number of… – Nassim Nicholas Taleb. HatTip to Vince

Is Nassim Taleb a “dangerous imbecile” or just on the pay of the anti-GMO mafia? | Genetic Literacy Project

Taleb is known for his disagreeable personality–as Keith Kloor at Discover noted, the economist Noah Smith has called Taleb a “vulgar bombastic windbag”, adding, “and I like him a lot”–and he has a right to flaunt an ego bigger than the Goodyear blimp. But that doesn’t make his argument any more persuasive. The crux of […]

Watch Nassim Taleb debate Twitter’s greatest tech jargon parody account.

What the world needs now is a Twitter fight among Nassim Taleb (the pretentious author of The Black Swan), Prof Jeff Jarvis (the parody of new media evangelists staged by Rurik Bradbury), and the real Jeff Jarvis (the Web guru who proves how far you can get with lots of jargon and few results). What […]


Not everything Nassim N. Taleb says is rubbish. For someone writing about so many different things (people call him ‘eclectic’, although he prefers to be called a thinker), it would be quite a feat never to say anything interesting. His criticism of financial forecasters is undoubtedly warranted – for the most part. He’s also right […]