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Nassim Nicholas Taleb: My Letter Addressing the Guardian’s Distortions (2009)

From 2009, revisited in context of recent Guardian reviews. I used to think that the US press was guilty of distortions. Recent events changed my mind, as UK anti-Cameron papers tried to cut and paste from my talk to weaken him by trying to demonize me. The problem is that they got my ideas backwards […]

Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb – digested read | Books | The Guardian

Forget everything you ever learned from Harvard drones and Nobel laureates, for in them lies no salvation. They think only in the sort of teleological heuristic iatrogenics that would appeal to a Seneca or a Nero. The world is really composed of Triads: the Fragile, the Robust and the Antifragile. Now abideth these three. And […]

Falkenblog: Taleb Mishandles Fragility

Christmas traditions have gone from stockings and exchanging gifts, to fruitcakes, bad sweaters, NBA games, and now Taleb books, a sign that perhaps the Mayan return isn’t so much an apocalypse but rather a mercy killing. Taleb is one of many best-selling authors I don’t enjoy (Tom Friedman, Robert Kiyosaki, Snooki), but as he is […]

Twitter / nntaleb: Yes He should put back whatever he had after disclaimer. Nothing wrong with parody.

There’s more to this, much of which may have been deleted, but a little shyte storm broke out this morning on Twitter around some ”favorite passages”, ostensibly from NNT’s new book, Antifragile (that was the context of the blog post) published by Joshua Brown at ‘the Reformed Broker’. The post has since been removed, probably […]

Antifragile: How to Live in a World We Don’t Understand by Nassim Nicholas Taleb – The Guardian

The author of The Black Swan has now written a baggy, dispiriting, antisocial mess of a book. By David Runciman If the idea is nice and neat, however, the book that houses it is just the opposite. It is a big, baggy, sprawling mess. Taleb seems to have decided not just to explain his idea […]