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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Municipal Volatility (please ignore typos)

Municipal Volatility (please ignore typos)

When Antifragile Systems are Deprived of Volatility

When Antifragile Systems are Deprived of VolatilityWall Photos

Nassim Taleb | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

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World Business Forum, Buenos Aires, Hotel Hilton.Photo By (Flickr) morrissey

Black Swan Author Taleb: Greece is ‘Peanuts,’ the U.S. a ‘Time Bomb’ – MarketBeat – WSJ

“Greece’s economic ills are a trivial menace to the global economy compared with the much graver threat posed by a heavily-indebted and seemingly immobile U.S. government, author Nassim Taleb said Monday. ‘There is a serious problem in the U.S.,

Neomania & architecture

Neomania & architectureWall Photos