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Monthly Archives: April 2011

The only genuine scientist is the one who doesn't know he is a scientist.

The only genuine scientist is the one who doesn’t know he is a scientist.

Other people's kings, like other people's children, look ridiculous.

Other people’s kings, like other people’s children, look ridiculous.

Mercenary Trader » Cockroaches, Extinction Events and Anti-Fragility

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Post also quotes Rick Bookstaber who uses a biological metaphor – survival over time – in weighing investment strategies.
This train of thought was jogged by a Wharton discussion with Nassim Taleb on fragility and over-optimization (…

Above in Melbourne

Mark Blyth – The Black Swan of Cairo

Mark Blyth, the co-author of NNT’s recent Foreign Affairs article, was interviewed by Christopher Lydon on Radio Open Source. Mark Blyth, The Black Swan of Cairo.