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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Tyler Cowen – Black Swans

Dave Lull sent this link in. I like Tyler Cowen. He’s a smart cookie. I know him from various interviews over at EconTalk. I always wondered what he looked like, as he has an oddish way of speaking.I would hazard to guess, based on this video, that he hasn’t spent a lot of time with […]


TO AGE IN REVERSE (time, fragility, etc.) Time to get more technical, so a distinction is helpful at this stage. Let us separate the perishable (humans, single items) from the nonperishable, the potentially perennial. The nonperishable is anything does not have an organic unavoidable expiration date. The perishable is typically an object, the nonperishable has […]

The pathology of Big Data

The pathology of Big Data: the more variables, the DISPROPORTIONATELY higher the number of spurious results that appear “statistically significant”. For a real-life application see this busted article in The N E Journal of Medicine via Wall Photos | Facebook.

Antifragility – Gaining from Disorder – Value Research: The Complete Guide to Mutual Funds

While we’ll have to wait for the release of the book to read about Antifragility in detail, Taleb’s prologue says something very interesting about the prevalence of fragility in the world today. Here’s what he writes: While in the past people of rank or status were those and only those who took risks, had the […]

On the Difference Between a Large Stone and a Thousand Pebbles

Just noticed this live pdf link on NNT’s homepage. Not sure if it’s new, but I didn’t have it.  As you know, these pdf links frequently disappear so… A simpler, more intuitive method of detection