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Monthly Archives: June 2012

The more abundant and complex the statistical data…

The more abundant and complex the statistical data and methods used in support of a conclusion, the weaker the result. Just as in a detective novel where the person with the more elaborate alibi is most likely to be guilty. Hard results in science rest on minimal, if any, statistics. via The more abundant… | […]

In any activity…

In any activity, there is a thin line between breadth of diversification or exposure, and downright promiscuity. via In any activity,… | Facebook.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb | Profile at Edge

John Brockman’s is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in the cutting edge of science, technology or culture. NNT’s profile page includes a couple of videos you may not have seen. : People Nassim Nicholas Taleb Distinguished Professor of Risk Engineering, NYU-Poly; Author, The Black Swan NASSIM NICHOLAS TALEB is a former derivatives […]

People use words for small talk…

People use words for small talk and background noise; the big things they mostly express with silence. via People use words… | Facebook.

Nassim Taleb – Business News Network May 30, 2012

¬†Could the markets be setting up for another “Black Swan” event and can anti-fragility be brought into global financial systems? BNN asks Nassim Taleb, author of “The Black Swan.” Click link or photo to launch video. to Trevor!