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Antifragile Medicine, Las Vegas, Real World Risk, Status, Beirut Madinati, Commons, Ethics | Facebook

Friends, this is technical but it maps the ideas of Antifragile to medicine in a formal way. : It is still a draft 5/22/16 —————————————- In Las Vegas at a conference, I explained fragility as nonlinearity: mix a $2,000 bottle of wine with a $10 one. The 2 bottles will be worth less than […]

Friends, comments are invited for this draft…

Friends, comments are invited for this draft on a philosophy paper w/ Constantine Sandis, “ETHICS AND ASYMMETRY: SKIN IN THE GAME AS A REQUIRED HEURISTIC FOR ACTING UNDER UNCERTAINTYC. Sandis & N.N. TalebAbstract: We propose a global and mandatory heuristic that anyone involved in an action that can possibly generate harm for others, even probabilistically, […]

Nassim Taleb – CNBC 1/28/13

“If you cannot use randomness and disorder and variability and volatility as fuel, you won’t make it in the long run.” Nassim Taleb on Icahn/Ackman: ‘They’re Only Human’Monday, 28 January 2013 10:08 AM ETNassim Taleb, author of “Antifragile” and “The Black Swan,” shares his outlook for the U.S. economy, investment strategies and his thoughts on […]


TELL THEM THEY ARE UNETHICAL – Telling social scientists and other journalists that they are *wrong* doesn’t bother them much -they sort of know that they are just playing a game. What makes them erupt and lose control is when one tells them that what they do is *immoral* -by harming others without bearing consequences. […]

Wouldn’t it be unethical for a thinker…

Wouldn’t it be unethical for a thinker or a scholar, or a philosopher to accept an award ? Doesn’t it imply the debasement of knowledge by turning it into competitive sports?(Friends, I would love to hear your opinions; I made up my mind so far but this is an interesting ethical question, and one that […]