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Nassim Taleb – CNBC 1/28/13

“If you cannot use randomness and disorder and variability and volatility as fuel, you won’t make it in the long run.” Nassim Taleb on Icahn/Ackman: ‘They’re Only Human’Monday, 28 January 2013 10:08 AM ETNassim Taleb, author of “Antifragile” and “The Black Swan,” shares his outlook for the U.S. economy, investment strategies and his thoughts on […]

Epiphanies from Nassim Nicholas Taleb | Foreign Policy

The European Union is a horrible, stupid project. The idea that unification would create an economy that could compete with China and be more like the United States is pure garbage. What ruined China, throughout history, is the top-down state. What made Europe great was the diversity: political and economic. Having the same currency, the […]

Squawk Box Europe Debt Slashing Only Solution: Nassim Taleb

  Airtime: Thurs. Jun. 10 2010 | :30:0 10 ET “We have no other solution but to slash debt,” Nassim Taleb, author of ‘The Black Swan’, told CNBC Thursday. He discusses the outlook for the global economy with Bob Long, CEO, Conversus Capital. Summary from Huffington Post: Author and New York University professor Nassim Taleb […]