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The Antifragile Diet | Dr Khandee Ahnaimugan

Not exactly but… Great to see NNT’s concepts making their way into the mainstream.
HatTip to Pradeep

But this lack of flexibility and the fact that every transgression is a strike against you, make dieting an unsustainable proposition for most people.

So what’s the alternative? Is there an antifragile way of losing weight?

The alternative approach is to focus on changing behaviour. The behavioural approach relies on analysing eating (with the help of a food diary) and then identifying those particular behaviours and triggers that contribute to your increasing weight.

If you can change the triggers and the behaviours (so that the new behaviours become a habit) you will start losing weight naturally. Because your habits have changed, the weight loss should be for the long-term.

The key with changing behaviour is that when things go wrong, it’s not a disaster. It actually provides vital information about triggers and behaviours that need to be changed.

via The Antifragile Diet | Dr Khandee Ahnaimugan.