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How to Read Antifragile | Patrick Geoghegan

It is important to read anti-fragile twice.

Mostly, because it is all about the same thing. It is not a sequence, development or progression. The author defines his idea in the first section, but it only emerges out of repeated oscillations between more theoretical and technical descriptions, and real-world examples. Here’s a model I’ve used before to show specificity:


It is self referential.

The book does not “move-on”, or develop an idea into something new. It only adds specificity. In doing so, it uses previous conclusions as starting points. It describes an example to identify a concept, then applies that concept to another example from which to draw a further point. Be ready to go back and forth, or

Write your own glossary.


via How to Read Antifragile | Patrick Geoghegan.
HatTip to Dave Lull

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