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Re: NNT Princeton Event

Reader Jonc wrote with a report from the recent Princeton lecture. He graciously allowed me to reprint his letter here: Dear John I attended the event with South Jersey artist Nancy Jackson.. The audio visual gremlins normally present were not at this presentation of NNT’s concept of Antifragility… they were at both the Stevens and […]

Taleb at Princeton April 10, 2012

No sign of a recording as of yet. Will post as soon as one comes available.  Taleb opened his lecture with a question: “What is the opposite of fragile?” After a few attempted answers from the audience, Taleb explained that there is no antonym for fragile in common English. He introduced the term “antifragile” as […]

Famed Author, Nassim Taleb, Discusses His Best-Selling Book, “The Black Swan.” Book Sale and Signing Following Discussion | AllPrinceton

Woodrow Wilson School, Dodds Auditorium, Robertson HallWashington and Prospect StreetsPrinceton, NJ 08544Phone: 609-258-0157See map: Google Maps Best-selling author Nassim Nicholas Taleb will speak at the Woodrow Wilson School on Tuesday, April 10, 2012. Taleb’s talk is part of the School’s “Economic Recovery: Perils, Politics and Possibilities” thematic lecture series. A book sale and signing of […]