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My Fear Is The Thing Degenerates Into Class Struggle

Link to Source (My notes) The banks have made 2.2 trillion over the last 2 years. Salary plus bonuses. It is a tax on citizens. Bailout scheme, since Reagan.You need something to break the bank cartel. Federal Reserve policy is there to help the banks. Last year they had record bonuses.The ONLY valuable information you […]

Malcolm Gladwell on Nassim Taleb Nov. 2009

Another C-Span video interview. This one should be embeddable, but it’s not. The link does, however load directly to the spot in the interview where Malcom Gladwell discusses Nassim Taleb. Q&A with Malcolm Gladwell Nov 30, 2009 C-SPAN | Q&A Malcolm Gladwell, best-selling author and writer for “The New Yorker” magazine, spoke about his writing […]

After Words with Nassim Taleb – C-SPAN Video Library 2007

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Two C-Span videos from 2007 just popped up. I haven’t seen either of them! I don’t seem to be able to embed the video. I’ll also look for audio downloads and post the links if I find them.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb talked about his book …

Human Accomplishment and The Black Swan – C-SPAN Video Library 2007

Charles Murray and Nassim Taleb discussed their research on interpretations of historical achievement and great human accomplishments, including the analysis of unexpected events throughout history. After their presentations they responded to audience …

Taleb 010311

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HatTip to Dave Lull.
says that Ronald Reagan started it.
is why I get along with Ralph Nader,” Taleb says. “Nader was the
first to say that the difference between Republicans and Democrats is cosmetic.”