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Antifragile /

How does the barbell strategy apply to health?  A great example is combining occasional, high intensity weight lifting or interval training, alternating with long stretches of rest, recovery and  ”doing nothing”.  The intermittent stress of lifting an extreme weight pushes the body to overcompensate and prepare for an even greater future challenge, but the interlude […]

Video! Nassim Taleb Zurich Minds 2011

I must be slacking. I knew this event was scheduled but I hadn’t seen the video until today! ZURICH.MINDS 2011, Antifragility. Talk with Rolf Dobelli

By Nassim Nicholas Taleb | Response | 2012 Annual Question | Edge

Hormesis Is Redundancy Nature is the master statistician and probabilist. It follows a certain logic based on layers of redundancies, as a central risk-management approach. Nature builds with extra spare parts (two kidneys), and extra capacity in many, many things (say lungs, neural system, arterial apparatus, etc.), while design by humans tend to be spare, […]

Nassim Taleb at Names Not Numbers Symposium

Names Not Numbers Symposium An annual thought leadership symposium. Multimedia Fragility, Complexity & Society (mp3) Talk with Q&A Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Former Trader and Author of ‘The Black Swan’ Q&A moderated by Matthew Taylor, RSA