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Bush/Saudis, BofE Seminar, Wolfram, Penrose, Scientism, Koura, Olive Oil | Twitter

@nntaleb When will Donaldo @realDonaldTrump discuss Classified links betw Bush dynasty & the Saudis (indirectly) behind 9/11?   Permalink 2:05 PM – 15 Feb 2016 @nntaleb PDF of slides (temporary) of my BofE Seminar   Permalink 1:56 PM – 15 Feb 2016 @nntaleb One should wait 10 y before reviewing a book. […]

Religion, Pasquale Cirillo, Costco, Olive Oil, Narcissism, Gene Editing, Clintons

@wcsoto “Religion isn’t so much about telling man that there is one God as about preventing man from thinking that he is God.” N. N. Taleb @nntaleb Permalink 8:44 AM – 13 May 2015 @nntaleb 2nd accepted paper this year w/Cirillo. We need a paper on statistical properties of squid ink to have a good […]