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TECHNICAL INCERTO, Dawkins, Haass, Friedman, Zakaria, Alexander Bogomolny, GMOs, Ron Paul, Soccer | Twitter

So the TECHNICAL INCERTO is online: VOL1- The Statistical Consequences of Fat Tails VOL2- Convexity, Risk, and Fragility (in progress) — Nassim Nicholas Taleb (@nntaleb) July 19, 2018 @nntaleb talks with the @TheLikevillePod about why scale matters, why localism is better than globalism, why journalists get on his nerves, how intellectual-yet-idiots get us into […]

Lessons to Sepp Blatter

Lessons to Sepp Blatter. When you run a criminal organization, 1) avoid publicity at all costs, 2) surround yourself with people who don’t talk when caught (omerta), 3) consider that your enemies know more about you than you know about them, 4) leave no footprint, 5) do not irritate the US prosecutors by insulting them, […]

I don’t watch soccer games…

I don’t watch soccer games; it will be more thrilling instead to watch how FIFA, a vast criminal organization, will be brought to its knees. —- PS- Sepp Blatter is far easier to get than Gotti. Why? First, no omerta. These people are amateurs with nothing bonding them. Second, the internet. Times have changed. Source: […]