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Interviews with Russ Roberts @ EconTalk and Ralph Nader Radio Hour

Nassim Nicholas Taleb on Rationality, Risk, and Skin in the Game
EconTalk Episode with Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Hosted by Russ Roberts

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of Skin in the Game, talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the ideas in the book. This is the third episode of EconTalk with Taleb related to the general topic of skin in the game and how it affects decision-making and policy in an uncertain world. This episode focuses on rationality, religion, and the challenge of thinking about probability and risk correctly in a dynamic world.


Ralph Nader Radio Hour – Skin in the Game


Fat Tony, Revenge, #Soulinthegame, Saudi Barbaria, Virtue, Yo Pinker, Aramaic | Twitter


@nntaleb The definition of a home: you are happy when you leave and you are also happy when you return. Permalink 2:57 PM – 12 Mar 2018

@nntaleb He has a surprise at the end! #Skininthegame   Permalink 2:43 PM – 12 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Yet they let into the UK the Clown Prince of Saudi Barbaria.   Permalink 2:29 PM – 12 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Friends, the NYT visibly reads this and CARES about SoschialMeedya as they CHANGED the book description in response to my online criticism… (Thet don’t like to be called idiots). Permalink 12:44 PM – 12 Mar 2018

@RalphNader Ralph interviews Nassim Nicholas Taleb (@nntaleb) about his new book, ‘Skin in the Game,” about the role risk and reward plays not only in politics, but also our daily lives   Permalink 10:18 AM – 12 Mar 2018

@DrCirillo Another preview of the forthcoming work with @nntaleb. Take the number of conflicts in 1800-2000 with 500k+ casualties, using actual (rescaled by coeval population) data. 1800-1850: 5 (14) 1851-1900: 8 (20) 1901-1950: 14 (25) 1951-2000: 16 (20) Increase, decrease, the same? Test? Permalink 9:01 AM – 12 Mar 2018

@schotz Had someone come up to me and ask if I was Nassim Taleb. Found him on twitter (@nntaleb). Definitely my twitter Doppelganger. And he’s a stats guy! Permalink 7:05 AM – 12 Mar 2018

@nntaleb I will be presenting: 1)   2) Something from the Fat tails project w/@DrCirillo   Permalink 7:01 AM – 12 Mar 2018

@ggreenwald There is now reportedly “doubt” about whether Mohammad bin Salman, in attacking other Saudi royals, was genuinely motivated by “a transparent, legal anti-corruption effort.” Did anyone other than Tom Friedman & David Ignatius not doubt this? Permalink 5:08 AM – 12 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 3) Doggedly determined revenge, particularly when delayed (and unexpected), is not a tit-for-tat to prevent repetition; it is to show others what to expect. Mediterraneans like revenge to be “a dish you try to only eat when cold”. Permalink 1:03 PM – 11 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Now @realDonaldTrump why are you ignoring very valuable and realistic economic advice from @JustinWolfers who makes a living from … charitable contributions? #Skininthegame   Permalink 12:40 PM – 11 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Sorry, correction for typo: “long after he has forgotten about it” shoud be “long after he fuhgodaboudit” Permalink 10:32 AM – 11 Mar 2018

@nntaleb “Start by being warm, pleasant, & generous w/every person you meet; but if someone tries to exercise power over you, exercise power over him; & if he messes w/you, remember to keep messing w/him long after he has forgotten about it”. Silver Rule of Fat Tony in #SkinInTheGame Permalink 10:30 AM – 11 Mar 2018

@danielnyari the contention about campus free speech activism was always about the minority mob, not whether it’s widespread. straw-man. The question is whether the minority rule matters in influencing the majority. I think @nntaleb has answered that quite eloquently.   Permalink 8:57 AM – 11 Mar 2018

@jw_excel Graduate confirms @nntaleb’s view of business degrees by suing her university for £60,000 over her ‘Mickey Mouse’ degree in international business strategy.   Permalink 5:58 AM – 11 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 1) THREAD I am reading B****t Jobs by @davidgraeber. Effectively if you have the soul of an artisan (cabinet maker), working as paper shuffler will make you miserable. Note that 10% of Americans are self employed, numbers dropping w/modernity. #Soulinthegame = artisan. Permalink 5:54 AM – 11 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Imbecile, 1) how do you know it is “ripping the book apart” if you read the review NOT the book? 2) Replace “war” with “violence” as this is the context. 3) Pleaaaaaaaase do NOT read my book as you are not fit to read books. Permalink 4:54 AM – 11 Mar 2018

@GKeferstein I am a doctor. Same in field of medicine. Currently it’s 30% practice and 70% academia. Should be 80% practice and 20% academia. Medicine is a craft. Education should be treated as such. There should be doctors and medical scientist. Different fields. Different paths. Permalink 4:28 PM – 10 Mar 2018

@zeinshami11 @nntaleb They’ve been reading antifragile in Europe   Permalink 3:57 PM – 10 Mar 2018

@nntaleb How Permalink 3:00 PM – 10 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Imagine that someone else than @realDonaldTrump were elected & did EXACTLY the same things he did —except that the statements & tweets were speechwritten by Obama. What would have MSM reacted? #Skininthegame = observe actions not tawk Permalink 2:58 PM – 10 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Why is it that academics and people who tawk and never do have trouble with the notion of #Skininthegame? They mistake incentives for … evolution.   All: @CFCamerer, @PTetlock, @R_Thaler @decision_spark klueeeeless. Permalink 10:48 AM – 10 Mar 2018

@nntaleb This propaganda from Saudi Barbaria won’t work. We have BRONZE AGE genes, current genes and no match in DNA to this BS. @PZalloua   Permalink 8:56 AM – 10 Mar 2018

@nntaleb @shahanSean Permalink 8:39 AM – 10 Mar 2018

@nntaleb We know from DNA that this map of “Arab tribes” is a fabrication. Complete fabrication.   Permalink 8:38 AM – 10 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Maybe the @FT’s @johngapper should have done his homework and spoken to judges (I did). Or read comments on judges on the book. Or perhaps just read the book.   Permalink 8:23 AM – 10 Mar 2018

@SJosephBurns “Traders, when they make profits, have short communications; when they lose they drown you in details, theories, and charts.” – @nntaleb Permalink 8:20 AM – 10 Mar 2018

@nntaleb “The Skin in the Game Derangement Syndrome” (RENAMED)   Permalink 7:07 AM – 10 Mar 2018

@nntaleb The New Testament was written in what Nietzsche calls the “bad Greek” of Syria, in Antioch Permalink 4:01 AM – 10 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Christianity was born in Syria. Remember.   Permalink 3:36 AM – 10 Mar 2018

@financequant Another example that dealing with fat tails requires a different set of tools than those taught in “standard” probability and statistics. Many decisions, particularly in governments and in quasi-government NGOs, are based on deeply flawed interpretations of the data.   Permalink 2:53 PM – 9 Mar 2018

@nntaleb   Permalink 12:00 PM – 9 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Who is this Boss, @desertnaut?   Permalink 10:06 AM – 9 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Mr Giligan, @tomgilligan, director of @HooverInst can you confirm whether you support scientific fraud/misconduct by your fellow Henry I. Miller @henryImiller? (see thread) Permalink 8:50 AM – 9 Mar 2018

@haghadi “The curse of modernity is that we are increasingly populated by a class of people who are better at explaining than understanding.” ~ @nntaleb #skininthegame Permalink 6:34 AM – 9 Mar 2018

@nntaleb These women took risk. Virtue resides in risk taking, not in signaling/tawking. #skininthegame   Permalink 4:50 AM – 9 Mar 2018

@nntaleb The Fat Tails Estimators Project has been very active. w/@DrCirillo Permalink 4:41 AM – 9 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Interestingly, the word “frata” in Lebanese comes from the Phoenician root, as p’rot = break into small change. It is a mystery how Jastrow knew so much about Phoenician. Permalink 5:55 PM – 8 Mar 2018

@nntaleb My dream is for @realDonaldTrump to stop in Teheran on the way back, just to save on fuel.   Permalink 5:38 PM – 8 Mar 2018

@nntaleb The first round we showed that @sapinker had NO evidence to make his claims (like saying: this moved by 1/20th of a standard deviation, let’s write a book!) The second time we may hint that the opposite of what he is saying is true. cc:@BillGates Permalink 4:53 PM – 8 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Yo Pinker, @sapinker, get prepared for a second round. Cc:@BillGates   Permalink 3:35 PM – 8 Mar 2018

@EconTalker From this week’s EconTalk: Listen to @nntaleb explain why skin in the game is not about incentives for him, but filtering:   Permalink 3:33 PM – 8 Mar 2018

@nntaleb The problem is that even Hebrew philologists think תעריף comes from Arabic (it is tariff in Heb.), mistaking the root 3RF (knowledge) for the Phoenician (YRF) “sharing a piece of the merchandise”. cc:@KarlreMarks Permalink 2:21 PM – 8 Mar 2018

@nntaleb The origin is actually a Phoenician Mercantile term. The Arabs shamelessly claim other people’s discoveries as their own; abetted by the erudition-free IQ-free Arabists. Bravo @GeorgeJNasr for getting it. Permalink 2:07 PM – 8 Mar 2018

@CutTheKnotMath I love Markov chains. Simple and unifying Permalink 1:48 PM – 8 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Was fixed. Permalink 10:58 AM – 8 Mar 2018

@georgeeaton Nassim Nicholas Taleb: “Unless warmongers are more exposed to dying than others it’s the equivalent of reckless drivers being isolated from the risks of reckless driving.”   Permalink 9:48 AM – 8 Mar 2018

@turlevnon Leš meš l’leğa l’lebnéniyé leğa rasmiyé l’lebnén? #SûalJarî. Permalink 9:21 AM – 8 Mar 2018

@nntaleb This is my point of discussion with @bryan_caplan Hobbysists -> Technology -> Science not reverse arrow.   Permalink 9:15 AM – 8 Mar 2018

@nntaleb GPA is a test that flunks reality. Wittgenstein’s ruler: you use the ruler to measure the table; can also use the table to measure the ruler. When results are far from the measurement, it is the measurement that’s wrong. GPA may work w/salarypeople, academics & other captives.   Permalink 8:51 AM – 8 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Delenda Goldman Sachs   Permalink 7:56 AM – 8 Mar 2018

@CutTheKnotMath Probability of No Two-Tail Runs   #FigureThat #math #probability ” target=”_blank”>”> Permalink 7:02 AM – 8 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Mistake: max deadlift was ~400 not 330. Permalink 4:01 AM – 8 Mar 2018

@nntaleb “I hope for Goldman Sachs’ bankruptcy”: Nassim Nicholas Taleb on Skin in the Game   Permalink 3:50 AM – 8 Mar 2018

@nntaleb As usual, the origin is Aramaic. Cc:@KarlreMarks   Permalink 6:07 PM – 7 Mar 2018

@nntaleb THE END OF THE MEDIA So Skin in the Game made the NYT Bestseller’s List without a single US book review, with a single book lecktchur in NY. All thanks to my twitter friends (and enemies). Characteristically, these NYT idiots still managed to mis-describe the book. Permalink 2:24 PM – 7 Mar 2018

@DrCirillo It is extremely fascinating: you can increase or decrease the time span, and the distribution stays the same. Permalink 12:38 PM – 7 Mar 2018

@DrCirillo Now, focusing on 20th century, using a more complete data set we are working on, we observe the same distribution, in a purely fractal pattern. Apparently no finite mean, extreme fat-tailedness. The long peace?! Really? Permalink 12:26 PM – 7 Mar 2018

@CutTheKnotMath Probability of crossing a bridge   #FigureThat #math #probability ” target=”_blank”>”> Permalink 8:08 AM – 7 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Correkshion: It was not @davidpapineau but another philosopher. All these philosophers have weird foreign names! Permalink 7:05 AM – 7 Mar 2018

@nntaleb There is this BS in this “disagreebleness” scale used by psychologists, unconditional of domain. Like most psych categorizations, BS. Many are socially gentle but intellectually rigorous & no-nonsense: others nasty in person but appear gentle in public . BS! cc:@KlingBlog Permalink 5:47 AM – 7 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Does “PHILOSOPHY” have a problem? The Massimo Pigliuci (“Klueless Massimo”) problem: dissertation from twitter comments, even “philosopher” @davidpapineau comments without knowing what the subject is about.   Permalink 4:39 AM – 7 Mar 2018

@GhassanDahhan And it has cost a lot of Yemeni lives.   Permalink 4:38 AM – 7 Mar 2018

@financequant “I am, at the Fed level, libertarian; at the state level, Republican; at the local level, Democrat; and at the family and friends level, a socialist.”–Geoff and Vince Graham (quoted by @nntaleb, Skin in the Game) Permalink 8:10 PM – 6 Mar 2018

@GeertNoels The lack of good governance of the Trump Administration gets more attention in the EU media than the lack of good governance of the EU. The #Selmayr case should get a lot more attention and disapproval.   Permalink 10:42 AM – 6 Mar 2018

@yaneerbaryam Here is a list of false claims about GMOs Permalink 8:17 AM – 6 Mar 2018

@normonics Permalink 7:57 AM – 6 Mar 2018

@thinkingnuggets Part Two – The Biggest Takeaways from Nassim Taleb’s (@nntaleb) Book “Skin In The Game”   Permalink 7:49 AM – 6 Mar 2018

@yaneerbaryam Here is one illustration of the difference between breeding and transgenics (GMOs) Permalink 7:44 AM – 6 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 5) I am also FED UP seeing an ad for Pinker’s book pop up on @amazon every time I am buying stuff. Permalink 7:42 AM – 6 Mar 2018

@nntaleb The @guardian retracted on an Op-Ed style article explaining my own side of Skin in the Game after seeing the below. (Republished on Medium) Unethical journalism doesn’t work in the age of social media.   Permalink 6:52 AM – 6 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Donaldo, @realDonaldTrump, what are you doooooooooooooing?   Permalink 6:27 AM – 6 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 4) Note the same typical @sapinker conflations: a) 2 classes of AI (busted by @elonmusk ) b) 2 classes of probability (thin tails and fat tails) c) 2 classes of breeding (slow vs transgenic): jumping from the 34th floor window not the same risk class as taking the stairs. etc. Permalink 5:54 AM – 6 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 3) Our precautionary principle.   Note the recent trumpeted GMO meta-analysis of 6000 papers had only… 50 per study, and NO tail risk. Note that none of the “Nobels” were into tail risk. Includes literature etc. Permalink 5:29 AM – 6 Mar 2018

@GuruAnaerobic My friend attended the #RWRI seminar in Feb – just for the last day (he had been at a 3-day med conf in Barcelona). He’s been involved in the Stent industry for over ten yrs. Just one day blew apart the statistical concepts he’d learnt in the medical field.   Permalink 5:20 AM – 6 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 2) Replace Pinker’s book w/ 75 informative graphs by @MaxCRoser who should publish book without words. Preferably in color. But remember that data gathering is not data *science*. Permalink 5:17 AM – 6 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 1) Was not aiming to read @sapinker’s book, saw this on GMOs: he is as klueless about komplexity & nonlinearity as he is about elementary statistical significance. The text is full of BS (to him science=scientism), it doesn’t match the pics. Permalink 5:17 AM – 6 Mar 2018

@nntaleb My argument about convexity is here:   Permalink 4:50 AM – 6 Mar 2018

@nntaleb We are doing RWRI 8 on May 28 (5 days) in NYC   Scholarships are open. (And please don’t offer to improve the website. It is what it is.) Permalink 4:47 AM – 6 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Excellent argument by Bryan Caplan @bryan_caplan, but missed something central: convexity of trial-and-error & heuristic learning. I sort of wrote Antifragile using Kealy’s argument & transcending it. Would love a diskushshun/debate @tylercowen.   Permalink 4:34 AM – 6 Mar 2018

@goorha Just read @nntaleb in his new book #skininthegame. It’s the only book I have read while clapping, laughing and nodding all at the same time. Permalink 4:28 PM – 5 Mar 2018

@MrPeterEsho NNT is back @nntaleb   Permalink 2:01 PM – 5 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Isocrates’ Rule of Symmetry: Treat other Nations the Way you Want to be Treated! #SkinintheGame   Permalink 1:17 PM – 5 Mar 2018

@nntaleb The “good” journalist marker: someone who goes against the grain, goes against lobbies: Gary Taubes @garytaubes, Laura Rosen, @dannyhakim … and is ostracized by others for it. Some are heroes. Permalink 12:24 PM – 5 Mar 2018

@TheStalwart Since I believe in having #SkinInTheGame, I decided to confront @nntaleb, rather than just get into a dispute behind keyboards Permalink 10:37 AM – 5 Mar 2018

@nntaleb I get every day the confirmation that the only people who don’t despise journalists are journalists and (some of) their mothers. Permalink 10:06 AM – 5 Mar 2018

@FriedrichHayek This conversation between @nntaleb and @EconTalker may be the best Econtalk ever — Taleb and Russ flesh out important themes first introduced by Armen Alchian, inspired in part by Hayek,_Evolution,_and_Economic_Theory   Permalink 7:09 AM – 5 Mar 2018

@nntaleb I got tonnnnnnns of messages from authors thanking me for making journos accountable for their book reviews. In other words, putting back some symmetry with their #SkinInTheGame   Permalink 7:07 AM – 5 Mar 2018

@jeetsidhu_ “Skin in the Game” really hitting home right now! @nntaleb Permalink 6:30 AM – 5 Mar 2018

@CutTheKnotMath Two Coins: One Fair, one Biased   #FigureThat #math #probability ” target=”_blank”>”> Permalink 5:09 AM – 5 Mar 2018

@nntaleb I just published “What do I mean by Skin in the Game? My Own Version”   Permalink 5:06 AM – 5 Mar 2018

@ericozkan1 @nntaleb Permalink 4:29 AM – 5 Mar 2018

@georgeeaton Corbyn has “skin in the game”. How Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s new book helps explain his appeal.   ” target=”_blank”>″> Permalink 4:14 AM – 5 Mar 2018

What do I mean by Skin in the Game? My Own Version | Medium

When selecting a surgeon for your next brain procedure, should you pick a surgeon who looks like a butcher or one who looks like a surgeon? The logic of skin in the game implies you need to select the one who (while credentialed) looks the least like what you would expect from a surgeon, or, rather, the Hollywood version of a surgeon.

What do I mean by Skin in the Game? My Own Version at Medium

Skin In The Game, Pinker, Lecktchurs, Gad Saad, journos | Twitter

Audio Only (Right Click to Download): My Chat With Nassim Taleb

@jacoporomei Squid ink in Italy is squid ink. Ciao a tutti. @nntaleb you know what you’re missing here. ;-) Permalink 11:54 AM – 4 Mar 2018

@MaxAbrahms It’s crucial for the public to understand how foreign governments pay US-based think tanks to provide most of the expert commentary for the media, leading to factually inaccurate, dangerous foreign policy advocacy.   Permalink 11:15 AM – 4 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Finalmente! Et complevit libri itinere! No more lecktchurs! Nunc autem scribo a reliquis duobus annis. Ego igitur studere “Probability puzzles” (aenigmata) , legere libros in linguam Latinam, et non et non errare, ut in textu hic. —so I don’t make mistakes as the ones here. Permalink 9:43 AM – 4 Mar 2018

@EmmaRoseHurst Something isn’t quite right about this placement @nntaleb #books #skininthegame Permalink 7:27 AM – 4 Mar 2018

@CutTheKnotMath Illustrated Sum of Cubes – All in a Plane   #FigureThat #math #algebra #arithmetic ” target=”_blank”>”> Permalink 5:59 AM – 4 Mar 2018

@reformthinktank ‘Skin in the game in public services’ – new blog from @AlexJHitchcock after the publication of @nntaleb’s book & its implications of accountability in decision-making for the UK Government:   #reform #accountability #decisionmaking ” target=”_blank”>”> Permalink 1:45 AM – 4 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Is @AUB_Lebanon bowing to Saudi pressures? If shown to be true, I will be obligated to return my honorary doctorate.   Permalink 6:27 AM – 3 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Revenge book reviews no longer work: journos now have skin in the game. @nntaleb   Permalink 5:55 AM – 3 Mar 2018

@paulorrj “The more humans try to be half-gods, the more they become half-monsters.”   Permalink 4:20 AM – 3 Mar 2018

@trishankkarthik The courageous Alan Dershowitz: “In 50 years of teaching at Harvard, Stanford, NYU … you name it, I have never met a group of less courageous people in my whole life than tenured … professors.”   Permalink 9:41 PM – 2 Mar 2018

@giladmp “If you have an audience and you are not going against something bigger, more powerful than yourself – you are a bullsh*t vendor.” -@nntaleb I have tried really hard to come up with exceptions. I couldn’t find any. Permalink 6:39 PM – 2 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 3) Here is Pinker’s spinning like a BS vendor to answer technical points. Charlatan. Permalink 3:23 PM – 2 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Destroy Lobbies. The cancer of democracies.   Permalink 12:05 PM – 2 Mar 2018

@semperfidem2004 @rolandvstewart @UxbEconomist07 @paulrey99 @New_Westphalian @GrahamGords1001 @HadjMDahou must watch. Terrific discussion. Taleb’s short comparison between spread of Wahabi Islam (roughly half way through) nails it   Permalink 10:23 AM – 2 Mar 2018

@nntaleb The Biggest Takeaways from Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Book “Skin In The Game” – Part One   Permalink 7:53 AM – 2 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Actually a very hostile interviewer   Permalink 7:35 AM – 2 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Interview with @TheEconomist @annemcelvoy   Permalink 7:15 AM – 2 Mar 2018

@gllowin Made my day to hear @nntaleb discuss #skininthegame yesterday. But sir – next time in a gym (deadlifts only), to test body as well as mind? Permalink 6:03 AM – 2 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Someone before the lecktchur introduced himself to me as “Ex-Muslim”. So I introduced myself in return as “Ex-Intellectual” (also spelled Ex-Intellecktchual).   Permalink 5:09 AM – 2 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Policy implications from Skin in the Game   Permalink 4:59 AM – 2 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 2) Actually, Steven Pinker @sapinker is MISREPRESENTING the exchange. I merely asked for his email and the chance to discuss something by mail about his MS. He gave it to me and NO discussion of specifics took place. No wonder he has some difficulties with the truth. Permalink 11:39 AM – 1 Mar 2018

@nntaleb Yes, I know it is complicated… Permalink 9:25 AM – 1 Mar 2018

@nntaleb This explains why I went into my library in 2009 & left the circuit.   Permalink 8:01 AM – 1 Mar 2018

@nntaleb 2) Announcement: Does anyone know the Haplogroup of the Jandalis of Homs? Do you know any Jandali who did his DNA?   Permalink 6:49 AM – 1 Mar 2018

@thackerpd Corporate funded organizations are actively trying to obscure #FOIA importance and rebrand it as “harassment” In this email, Jon Entine of the Genetic Literacy Project and Rebecca Goldin of STATS work with Keith Kloor to gin up this narrative   Permalink 6:45 AM – 1 Mar 2018

@nntaleb IRONY of History: Where you discover that Alan Dershowitz @AlanDersh and the Hashemites of Mecca and Jordan share a common great…great…grandfather. J1e is the Arab subclade. To get the exact degree we need the subclades/haplotypes. Permalink 6:36 AM – 1 Mar 2018

@nntaleb More evidence that Pinker @sapinker is a charlatan. I pointed out technical flaw: responds by shifting focus/demonizing the messenger. So far Pinker NEVER answered our querry. He turned down an invitation by the Nobel Foundation to respond. Charlatan!   Permalink 6:08 AM – 1 Mar 2018

@nntaleb A discussion with his Gadness @GadSaad about Skin in the Game. Gad understands costly signaling & ecological rationality & doesn’t dumb down. My best video discussions ever, one of the two best discussions (other coming Monday with @econtalk (econtawk)   Permalink 3:53 AM – 1 Mar 2018

@chandrarsrikant .@nntaleb on entrepreneurs who ‘cash out’: “This form of entrepreneurship is the equivalent of bringing great-looking and marketable children into the world with the sole aim of selling them at age four” #skininthegame Permalink 10:55 PM – 28 Feb 2018

@nntaleb We now suspect this to be false. Genetics are like paternity tests. Marsa BTW means “harbor” in Phoenician? Ramatuelle-> hill of God   Permalink 5:12 PM – 28 Feb 2018

@nntaleb With @GadSaad : One Hebraio-Phoenician debates a Greco-Phoenician   Permalink 1:02 PM – 28 Feb 2018

@nntaleb 5) Was wondering if Zoe Williams @zoesqwilliams was a lunatic to review a book (Skin in TG, see above) w/0 getting anything right & not realizing she could be caught. Turns out she is indeed a lunatic: she invents facts. Guardian retracted piece below.   Permalink 12:30 PM – 28 Feb 2018

@GadSaad My Chat with @nntaleb (THE SAAD TRUTH_597):  . Enjoy, share, and consider supporting my efforts via @patreon and/or @paypal. Permalink 9:18 AM – 28 Feb 2018

@GadSaad I just finished my chat with The Merciful Greco-Phoenician Grand Emperor @nntaleb. We could have gone on for another five hours. Get ready. It’s a good one! Permalink 8:10 AM – 28 Feb 2018

@tallcoachcd @nntaleb THE book arrived yesterday and we read the introduction this morning. Then my wife turned the book over and was reading the quotes, and on the back cover: “For my wife and me, Antifragile is an annual read.” Colle from Richmond, Virginia (Twitter) Permalink 6:54 AM – 28 Feb 2018

@turlevnon Rax Ellak Mamnunak bel leğğa l’lebnéniyé yalli ent betxebba Nexna mnekbar fik Malfonô Tawdi Sagi @nntaleb #Skin_in_the_game Permalink 5:39 AM – 28 Feb 2018

@nntaleb Which is why I refuse honorary degrees & awards. They give you an award, then they own you.   Permalink 7:12 PM – 27 Feb 2018

@nisfrome Studied the Talmud for 12 years in Yeshiva but learned more about applying its lessons to the real world in first chapter of @nntaleb #SkinInTheGame Permalink 4:53 PM – 27 Feb 2018

@nntaleb My NYU lecktchur today: Lindy effect, use chalk and blackboard. Permalink 2:51 PM – 27 Feb 2018

@nntaleb Where I discover via Twitter that I am a confirmed participant at the Complex System Uber-Conference!   Permalink 11:47 AM – 27 Feb 2018

@GadSaad OK folks. Greco-Roman Emperor @nntaleb and I will be chatting tomorrow at 10:00 am EST (taped). It will be one of many short chats (series) that we’ll be holding. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride. May Darwin be with me! Permalink 9:40 AM – 27 Feb 2018

@nntaleb GUESSING GAME: The @FT Book Review above by @johngapper has the following # of errors in reading comprehension: Permalink 9:24 AM – 27 Feb 2018

@IbnKhaldune In the past, it was impossible to fight against bullies who bought ink by the truckload. Twitter has allowed you to now have your own “printing press” and to fight back just as hard. It’s glorious to watch them squirm. Permalink 7:02 AM – 27 Feb 2018

@Praxicle You are the authentic SITG entrepreneur of this generation. Thank you for everything I’ve learned from your books, distilled from courage via action & insight. A big fan of all your work, the only symmetry I can payback is in having taught my kids about SITG and then living it.   Permalink 7:01 AM – 27 Feb 2018

@nntaleb 4) I am standing ALONE against half of Fleet Street, with millions or readers, and a vicious mob-lynching mentality, ALONE against an army of journos, and f*** idiot call me a “bully”?   Permalink 5:48 AM – 27 Feb 2018

@nntaleb 3) EERIE: journos making, 11 years later, the SAME mistakes about the same points… Permalink 5:41 AM – 27 Feb 2018

@nntaleb For instance 11 years from now their comments will still be part of a manual exposing their mistakes for case studies for students in journalism. 11 years ago, this imbecile @EasterbrookG reviewed The Black Swan. Permalink 5:35 AM – 27 Feb 2018

@nntaleb Journalists are used to people being terrorized by them, particularly those “powerful yet slaves”; they feel entitled to viciously smear those they can smear. They aren’t used to someone defiant & crazy enought to hound them back one by one. One by one, doggedly.   Permalink 5:29 AM – 27 Feb 2018

@nntaleb This also explains the failure of mean-field in the Selfish Gene derivations: a function of an average is not an average of functions. cc:@yaneerbaryam   via @YouTube Permalink 5:21 AM – 27 Feb 2018

@nntaleb Lkbir ma bi-zaghghér w l zghir ma bi-kabbér   Permalink 4:38 AM – 27 Feb 2018

@nntaleb Philology, Musing Du jour: Both Ar. Sahar (vigil, wake, evening gathering, moonlighting) and Shahr (month), seem to come from the same Phoenician-Hebrew-Aramaic סהר = Moon, Crescent. Shhr (reputation) could be another root. Is it Persian (شهر => )? Permalink 4:32 AM – 27 Feb 2018

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@nntaleb Henry I Miller has feen fired from Forbes & Project Syndicate (& his articles removed) after the discovery that Monsato was writing his articles. Some sites, s.a. @NRO and @statnews resist firing him. Is it evidence these sites are also Monsanto funded/fronts? Permalink 8:16 AM – 26 Feb 2018

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Explaining both the XIV trade and why forecasting is BS | Youtube

N N Taleb’s Probability Moocs
Published on Feb 10, 2018
Antifragile explains why understanding x is different from f(x) the payoff or exposure from x. Most of the harm/gains come from f(x) being convex or concave not understanding x. Forecasting is off an average, and average is for academics and other morons.

This video illustrates the point with XIV that went bust while being correct about volatility –and why people who make money are usually wrong.