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@nntaleb The average signatory’s Nobel y: 1997. Av. age at prize:~62. These are in their 80s, many 30-50y behind cutting edge   Permalink 3:33 PM – 1 Jul 2016 @food_democracy Breaking Let Freedom Ring! Vermont’s 1st in the Nation GMO Labeling bill has just gone into effect! Thanks Vermont! Permalink 9:04 PM – 30 Jun […]

Irish Beer, Red Meat, Gamma Functions, Gini, Life Expectancy, Kuala Lampur, Data There is a debate around the perceived toxicity of red meat and bacon. (Facebook) Regrettably few researchers get the point that you need to include *frequency of intake* in the testing rather than just the average intake (a point belabored in Antifragile). Everything nonlinear depends on second order effects. How often matters much more […]

Friends, any historian in the room?

Friends, any historian in the room? I read that a third of the knights in the battle of Agincourt were over 50 but I can’t verify the sources. This is critical because he have been confusing life expectancy at birth and conditional life expectancy another fallacy of average along with the nasty confusion of senescence […]