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@nntaleb Las Vegas: Explained fragility as concavity: Mix a $2,000 bottle of wine with a $10 one. The 2 bottles will be worth less than $1,005 each. Permalink 8:31 PM – 12 May 2016 @nntaleb Explained more technically why investors can’t get the alpha of the market   and on BBG TV   Permalink […]

First public debate with a trained debater.

First public debate with a trained debater. Nassim Taleb, Larry Summers fight it out over too-big-to-fail. #SALT2014″Black Swan” author Nassim Taleb and former Treasury secretary and White House adviser Larry Summers wage an epic battle over too-big-to-fail… via Facebook.

Taleb, Summers do battle over financial crisis | CNBC

The debate roared back and forth, with Summers pressing Taleb to go beyond enunciating what he thought was wrong and instead come up with a better solution than the one used to bring the financial system off the brink after Lehman Brothers failed. “I’m for more capital, I’m for more liquidity, I’m for more pressure […]

Too-big-to-fail battle between Larry Summers, Nassim Taleb – The Tell – MarketWatch

Summers told Taleb that he was for more capital, more liquidity, living wills for banks and procedures to wind them down. “What are you for?” he challenged. “I’m for punishment,” Taleb replied. Taleb outlined a system in which everyone would know which systemically important banks would be bailed out, but would presumably see strict oversight […]