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World’s tallest man hanging out with world’s smallest man | Boing Boing

The world’s shortest man, Chandra Bahadur Dangi, greets the tallest living man, Sultan Kosen, to mark the Guinness World Records Day in London November 13, 2014. via Photo: World’s tallest man hanging out with world’s smallest man – Boing Boing.

Nassim Taleb – ManagemenTV

It’s much better to mistake a stone for a bear, than a bear for a stone.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb Q&A 2. Excerpt of OWP 2010 Evening Session

Q&A, Excerpt of OWP 2010 Evening Session with Nassim Nicholas Taleb – Author of the international bestseller The Black Swan. We live in a complex system that delivers extreme deviations. Current risk management and economic analyses methods fail us in such a system because of low predictability. What should we do in such an environment? In this evening session, Taleb will present simple rules (lower leverage, less reliance on deficit spending, less mathematical risk management) for a black swan robust economic system.

EconTalk – Taleb on Black Swans (2007)

Don’t know how I missed having this in here. NNT lists this as one of his favorite interviews as well.From the highly addictive and always excellent (iTunes subsrciption link here. 2007 2008) Nassim Taleb talks about the challenges of coping with uncertainty, predicting events, and understanding history. This wide-ranging conversation looks at investment, health, […]

“Randomness” – 2008 IdeaFestival

“Randomness” by philosopher and scholar of randomness Nassim Nicholas Taleb at the 2008 IdeaFestival – proudly sponsored by the University of Kentucky a Presenting Sponsor of the international IdeaFestival. Part one. Part two. Founded in 2000, the IdeaFestival is a world-class event that attracts diverse and leading thinkers from across the nation and around the […]