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Dan Gardner ‏@dgardner
If you can identify a clear definition of “black swan,” that Taleb has consistently applied, I will give you a C-note.

Nassim N. Taleb ‏@nntaleb @gregoliver_ @dgardner Precision in scientific terms.
(Links to 400 pages of NNT’s technical papers.)

via Twitter / nntaleb: @gregoliver_ @dgardner Precision ….

“Randomness” – 2008 IdeaFestival

“Randomness” by philosopher and scholar of randomness Nassim Nicholas Taleb at the 2008 IdeaFestival – proudly sponsored by the University of Kentucky a Presenting Sponsor of the international IdeaFestival.

Part one.

Part two.

Founded in 2000, the IdeaFestival is a world-class event that attracts diverse and leading thinkers from across the nation and around the globe to explore and celebrate innovation and cutting-edge ideas. It is a unique non-linear program designed to stretch people’s thinking, utilizing multiple venues to showcase and discuss important ideas in science, the arts, design, business, film, technology, education, etc. The Festival is designed to appeal to a broad cross-section of people – and presenters are selected for their ideas and accomplishments, and their ability to communicate to a wide-ranging audience.