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To relax from journalists…

To relax from journalists finished this paper on British Air: No, Small Probabilities Are Not “Attractive to Sell”: A Comment Comments welcome. via To relax from… | Facebook.

Twitter / nntaleb: @gregoliver_ @dgardner Precision …

Dan Gardner ‏@dgardnerIf you can identify a clear definition of “black swan,” that Taleb has consistently applied, I will give you a C-note.…Nassim N. Taleb ‏@nntaleb @gregoliver_ @dgardner Precision in scientific terms. to 400 pages of NNT’s technical papers.) via Twitter / nntaleb: @gregoliver_ @dgardner Precision ….

Nassim Taleb’s Technical Papers

Just a reminder that NNT publishes his technical papers and makes them available for download (for personal use) for free. and Backup Material for The Uncertainty Collection (Antifragile, The Black Swan, Fooled by Randomness,The Bed of Procrustes) -complete 300+ pp. book freely available (includes sections from doctoral thesis)

Technical Papers Update

NNT posted to his Twitter… Fixed Tech Collection (added 50 pages)