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Genes | Free Full-Text | Antifragility and Tinkering in Biology and in Business Flexibility Provides an Efficient Epigenetic Way to Manage Risk

Abstract: The notion of antifragility, an attribute of systems that makes them thrive under variable conditions, has recently been proposed by Nassim Taleb in a business context. This idea requires the ability of such systems to ‘tinker’, i.e., to creatively respond to changes in their environment. A fairly obvious example of this is natural selection-driven […]

Nassim Taleb – ManagemenTV

It’s much better to mistake a stone for a bear, than a bear for a stone.

India Today Conclave 2010

India Today ConclaveEvent CoverageDAY 1 March 12, ’10Story

Banking system still weak: Taleb

Nivedita Mukherjee