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Peer-Review, Revenge, Tetlock , Mandelbrot, Asness, BS Vendors, Science | Twitter

On 6/1/20 Twitter retired ‘old twitter’ and broke my amateurish code that scraped NNT’s tweets. Working on a new version. Tail risk of contagious diseases @nntaleb (A boring dispute w/academics; ignore) Thanks @HietanenPaavo for sending this. Turns out @PTetlock is lying, claiming I made a private dispute public. There was NO private dispute; he just […]

Prostitution, Shillary Clinton, Fragilistas, Monsanto, Mandelbrot | Twitter

@nntaleb Overt Prostitution is the only form of prostitution that doesn’t desecrate sacred values, unlike lobbying etc. @DavisMets @Scruton_Quotes Permalink 2:41 PM – 6 Mar 2016 @nntaleb When things that shdn’t be sold are for sale: opinion, science, lobby, Shillary Clinton, sacred values are violated.   Permalink 1:09 PM – 6 Mar 2016 @nntaleb […]

Genealogy of the Ideas in The Black Swan

Making clear the genealogy of the ideas in The Black Swan (and the INCERTO) and earlier research, philosophical and mathematical traditions: for instance, there is NO link between the philosophical idea of skepticism and the mathematics of fat tails (or even the concept of fat tails as seen in consequence space).Because of lack of erudition […]

Valuable advice from great people…

Valuable advice from great people, 2: Mark Kac told Benoit Mandelbrot: “Stop writing papers. You are confusing us more and more. Write a book!” (which was not considered a scientific contribution, in fact counted in reverse). Hence “The Fractal Geometry of Nature”. The Fractal Geometry of Nature Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not […]

Why we will be using email for at least another 50 years — GigaOM Pro

So, applying Taleb’s reasoning and Benoit Mandelbrot’s version of the Lindy effect, our modern social technologies — most of which haven’t been with us more than five years — can be guaranteed to be with us only an addition five years or so. And those pre- or proto-social technologies — like instant messaging and email […]