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@RussianCarousel An economist is a mixture of 1) a businessman without common sense, 2) a physicist without brain, and 3) a speculator without balls @nntaleb   Permalink 11:26 AM – 29 Oct 2016 @TheBehaviourGuy @DanielJHannan I would forward anyone who thinks economists matter to @nntaleb   Permalink 11:19 AM – 29 Oct 2016 @nntaleb GMOs: […]

Is the Pope Atheist?

Is the Pope Atheist? — (Please do not divert the conversation away from the topic at hand, namely revelation of preferences. Thank you.) Source: Is the Pope Atheist?… – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

RELIGION vs ATHEISM: Religious people are largely atheists…

RELIGION vs ATHEISM: Religious people are largely atheists, depending on the domain & why the discussion is largely flawed. — Some philosophy now. One brilliant contribution by economists is the concept of “cheap talk”, or the difference between “stated preferences” (what you say) and “revealed preferences” (from actions). Actions are louder than words: what people […]

Overweening Generalist: Promiscuous Neurotheologist: The Atheologies of Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Robert Anton Wilson

NNT thinks that if religion has survived for millennia we shouldn’t uproot it unless we can be damned well sure we can replace it with something less damaging. But we cannot be sure, right? Like the late Robert Bellah and Robert Anton Wilson, NNT thought religion was not about “belief” but about action, and it […]